Ketu Transit for Libra

Ketu Transit

Ketu will transit in the 3rd house of Virgo moon in Sagittarius zodiac sign during its 2019 transit. Our communication and writings are controlled & influenced by the 3rd house of our natal chart. It is the house of siblings, inner desires, expression of inner emotions, etc. This is also associated with one of the Desire house and Upachaya house which amplify the things gradually.

2019 Ketu transit is likely to create a communication barrier between you and your dear ones. A sense of aloofness and detachment from what is happening in your friend circle can distance you from everyone.

  • During Ketu 2019 transit, Ketu will trek through the Uttara-Asadha and Purva-Asadha constellation while transiting the Sagittarius zodiac sign in the New Year.
  • Ketu will transit in the “Uttara-Asadha” constellation of Sun, so this has chances to affect your health. There is probability of hand injuries but with some care your health will improve easily.
  • Ketu will pass through the “Purva-Asadha” constellation of Venus which can cause some relationship problem. Try to avoid argument with siblings because it has potency to affect the relations for good.

Stay alert as there are prospects of some hurdle in short distance travelling. Your inner desires would get fulfilled but have patience because Ketu will be in conjunction of Saturn which usually causes delay in desired result.

You will learn the skill of managing finances. Be careful while driving. Conjunction of Sun & Ketu will make you spiritually inclined. You may even start writing to propagate the teaching of your religion. This period is opportune to grow & succeed in spiritual field.

Final Word: Avoid arguments with boss or father. Maintain cordial relations with your brother from 15th June to 17th July, otherwise there are chances of fissures in relationship.