Rahu Transit for Aries

Rahu Transit for Aries


Rahu is a shadow planet which strongly influences events of your life as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. Rahu stays in a house for a long period of 18 months. It imparts special messages to individuals as per the house it inhabits in their natal chart. Rahu, the north node of the Moon will transit in the 3rd house of Aries natives in the Gemini sign from 23rd March 2019 and will stay there till 19th September 2020.

Effects of 2019 Rahu Transit on Aries zodiac sign

Rahu is considered as the strongest among the nine planets. It is a ‘natural malefic’ planet and deals with worldly desires and foreign lands. In 2019, Rahu will transit the 3rd house in Gemini sign of Aries natives. 3rd house is house of communication and writing as well as it manages relationship with siblings for Aries moon. As Rahu is posited in the Upachaya house, thus your inner desires will be fulfilled slowly & gradually only.

Placement of Rahu in the third house is likely to bring favorable results for Aries. You will be well informed & acquainted with important facts in 2019. You would get success in your workplace. Enroll yourself to learn some new foreign language or courses related to media & online marketing. This will increase your awareness as well as sources of income. Success in career related to abstract arts & which require use of imagination is certain for you.

  • Rahu will transit through the “Punarvasu” and “Ardra” constellation. Both of these constellation fall under the Gemini zodiac sign through which Rahu will pass in its 2019 transit.
  • “Punarvasu” is the constellation of Jupiter. Aries natives will acquire immense knowledge while learning new languages. This will improve your skills and arts.
  • You are likely to become little argumentative during this transit but this won’t affect you as you would be able to back your arguments with reason & logic. You have prospects of a positive switch in profession. Some of you might also get a constructive appraisal from your boss.
  • “Ardra” the constellation of Rahu is likely to improve your bonds with siblings during the transit.

The transit of Rahu in the Gemini has chances to give some health issues to your father, so take good care of him. Luck will favor you if you start the work with the suggestions of the elder siblings.

Rahu’s transit in Gemini will give financial gain through enhancement of communication skills. You should hone your skills and learn different foreign languages to get good opportunities in your career.

During this transit Rahu will also give you luxurious communication devices or expenses related to electronic gadgets.

Sun will be in close conjunction with Rahu from 15th June to 17th July. Try to be cautious while driving during this period. Obtain comprehensive & correct information before replying through mails or communicating your thoughts to others.