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Saturn Transit Result for Libra Sign

Saturn is transiting 3rd house of your horoscope that governs aspects like siblings, short trips, neighbors, communication, mental intellect and courage. Saturn would remain in this cosmic space throughout 2018. Saturn here occupies Sagittarius and Jupiter, which is the ruling planet of this sign. Until 26th October 2017, Saturn was transiting Scorpio in your 2nd house so Saturn has now moved from an enemy sign into a neutral sign. Until October 2017, it was affecting your speech and expression but now that it has moved out of the 2nd house into the 3rd house, you would see improvement in your speech. At the same time, your level of courage, confidence and strength would also increase. At large, you would feel relaxed and at ease than the last year. Growth opportunities would come to you in abundance.

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Saturn is the “Yoga karaka” for Libra and thus auspicious. However, Saturn in 3rd house may affect your relationship with siblings, colleagues, neighbors etc. Some misunderstandings and anger issues may spoil how you connect with people around, especially in your immediate environment. Domestic atmosphere may also suffer to some extent. If you have any short trips planned, expect some delay.

Despite improvement in speech, your communication and correspondence may not be as effective. You may feel somewhat shy in expressing your opinions. A sudden health issue may also crop up and halt your speed towards achieving the goals. Some new challenges would come up but you have the right amount of courage to fight them off now. Your fearless attitude would help you get through the tough times. Your valor and powers would increase due to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is also a good time to learn a new course or improve/upgrade your skills. As long as you take your responsibilities seriously, this year shall pass without much damage.

Saturn is the lord of 4th house in your chart and is placed 12th from its sign. This indicates that you might incur expenses on your mother and material comforts. Spending on the domestic front would increase this year. You may accumulate and spend on acquiring new luxuries and assets.  Health of mother could be a cause of concern this year.

Saturn is also the lord of 5th house from where it is placed 11th. Saturn has aspect over 5th house. Students seeking higher education would gain new opportunities and improve performance. This is also a favorable placement for children and progeny prospects. You may also perform well in competitive activities due to this placement. While you may not get immediate returns of speculative activities, yet you could expect positive results in share market investments and trading. Saturn however may not impact your love life much positively and you are in for some disappointments.  

Saturn is aspecting 9th house as well. Naturally, destiny would not be as active for you and there would be delay and dejections in your undertakings. Spiritual travel and long distance journeys may not turn out to be fruitful this year. There would be obstructions to some extent.  

Its aspect over 12th house indicates that you would become calculated and economical when it comes to spending. This is likely to keep your expenses under control. It is quite possible that you may have a self-centric approach when it comes to money and it is unlikely for you to indulge in charitable activities. Saturn may also cause frustrations in terms of enjoying physical pleasures. Overall, Saturn in 2018 would bring mixed results for you.

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