When Mercury transits into the sign of Sagittarius, this will have an effect on all the moon signs especially on your relationships - both professional and personal and also your health, depending upon your favourable planets and guiding stars. Find out the effect of this transit on all the zodiacs.



This transit will take place on 10th Dec to 29th December 2021. Mercury transit to Sagittarius reveals no new discovery or dimension. Still, we can contemplate on this fact that the transit of Mercury in Sagittarius has the full potential of new possibilities in every aspect of life of each individual.

In Vedic astrology, Mercury is related to be the messenger of all divine powers with the ability of communicating well with wit and intelligence.

The transit of Mercury in Sagittarius sign is in its detriment point but on the contrary its indications are positive. The intellectual transformation of each native is based on the fact that our minds are ready to adapt to our shortcoming in an optimistic manner and pave way for intellectual and ethical upgradation of thoughts.

The strong positive relation of Jupiter and Mercury turns out beneficial in nature for all natives during this transit despite the fact that both planets possess an inimical relationship with each other.

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Let’s observe the effects of Mercury transit in Sagittarius on all moon signs:

  1. Aries: Sail through any adversaries of life

Mercury will be transiting in your 9th house of fortune, and it will bless you with gains in your workplace. Hard work will be your success mantra in your professional horizon. Risk taking tendencies in your career options will yield good results.

However, you will work hard to attain gains in your ventures. You will have the full support of your family and friends along with your spouse who will engrave you with strength to sail through any adversaries of life.

  1. Taurus: Fluctuation in your energy levels due to stress

Mercury will be transiting in the 8th house of struggles and adversity. Your workplace will pose opposition from subordinates and colleagues due to the lack of communication and coordination. So, you are required to handle your work schedule in a calm and composed manner for smooth sailing of work.

Avoid being head strong in your personal relationships including your family and friends to mark the cordiality of relations. Take care of your health in terms of fluctuation in your energy levels due to stress.

  1. Gemini: Will be endowed with financial gains in career

Mercury will be transiting in the 7th house of marriage, partnership, import and export. This transit will be progressive for Gemini natives that will endow them with financial gains in career but with normal strength and financial gaiety.

You will be cordial and love to be submissive with your partner that will bring out the love essence in your permanent relationship. You will spend more leisure time with your partner but overdoing of the social outings may affect your health. So, caution is advised in overdoing of all attributes of pleasure.

  1. Cancer: Your personal arena will demand your attention

Mercury will be transiting in the 6th house of debts and enemies which indicates stress and work pressure in the professional arena during this transit. You will have to handle competitive pressures of your colleagues to meet the deadline in your daily schedule.

You will be able to get success in your professional efforts and may be rewarded with perks or promotion. Your personal arena will also demand your attention for its emotional fulfillment. Keep your cool front to maintain personal and professional balance with tact and diplomacy over relationships.

  1. Leo: Time favourable for your professional advancement

Mercury will be transiting in the 5th house of love, relationship, and children. This transit will be favourable for your professional advancement along with strong competition with your professional competitors.

You will succeed in all your professional ventures with your efforts and intelligence.

You will have the love, affection, and cordiality in your love relationship with your partner, your family and your children. You should make the good use of this transit to enhance your personal and professional growth by your consistent efforts and manipulation.

  1. Virgo: Avoid facing any contradictory personal conflict

Mercury will be transiting in the 4th house of stability, domestic peace and prosperity, property, and vehicle. This transit will bring mixed ingredients of love and conflict in family and personal relations. Avoid facing any contradictory personal conflict which may balloon up to major ego clash of emotions.

Your professional ventures will conjure up the route of success in your financial gains. Your investments in property will yield gains in the long run or on the purchase a new vehicle. Maintain your peace of mind and good health by engaging yourself in meditation and yoga along with a good diet regime.

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  1. Libra: Your travel instincts will prove beneficial

Mercury will be transiting in the 3rd house of initiative, courage, and siblings along with short travels. This transit will bring appreciation and award in your workplace for your efforts and work progress. Your travel instincts will prove beneficial in relation to your career progress with good monetary gains.

Your patience and hard work will form the base of your ladder of success in your professional life. Your personal life will hold the candle of bliss and personal happiness where your partner will reciprocate your affection with equal strength.

  1. Scorpio: Enhancement your financial quotient

Mercury will be transiting in the 2nd house of money, speech, and family. This transit will be progressive for Scorpio moon sign in terms of your monetary gains and accumulation of money which will further enhance your financial quotient.

Your personal life will lack peace and personal prosperity which may affect your relationship with a tinge of conflict. The simple rectification in personal relationship is to spend more quality time with your partner to relax and relate with your own emotions. Take care of your health in a general way.

  1. Sagittarius: Your professional efforts will be appreciated

Mercury will be transiting in the 1st house of self and personality. Your work performance will be recognized by your superiors on the work front and your professional efforts will be appreciated. Work with vigilance in your professional pursuits, so that all the professional prospects remain in your favour during this transit.

Family life will be cordial, lined up with good mutual understanding and essence of love for your partner. Planning of pleasure trip embedded with professional prospects will be fruitful for both arenas. Try to express your ideas and emotions with good communication with all.

  1. Capricorn: Endowed with a very firm but polite speech of expression

Mercury will be transiting in the 12th house of loss, expenditure, hospitalization and going abroad. This transit will render you with strong will power and you will conquer your opponents in your profession with a very firm but polite speech of expression.

You will have a strong and unique way of expressing your love and affection for your family and partner with the bouquet of care and performing responsibilities for everyone with individual importance. On the contrary, you are cautioned to take care of your personal health as you will tend to ignore yourself between busy schedules.

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  1. Aquarius: Good gains from your past efforts

Mercury will be transiting in the 11th house of income and realization of desires. This transit will be very prosperous for you in terms of your finances and career. You will have good gains from your past efforts where you will have gains from your career ventures, but you will also stabilize your wealth accumulation that will enhance your financial quotient.

Personal life will be very good and enhancing where all past issues will be rectified and warmth in personal and familial relations will be visible. Take care of your personal health by good nutrition diet and exercise regime for good health management.

  1. Pisces: Good chances for change in job with better financial status

Mercury will be transiting in the 10th house of career, name, and status. This transit will be beneficial for you in enhancing your career with efforts and hard work. Your stability of efforts and professional approach will give you success due to your determination to finish your assigned task. Good chances are revealed for change in job with the enhancement in your financial status.

Personal area will be with mixed emotions as your partner will not be very happy with the state of personal affairs. Strong chances of cluster of misunderstandings may erupt with your partner. Keep a check on your personal health as lot of activity may result in low vitality.

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Overall, this transit gives an indication that though luck plays an important factor in enhancing the positivity’s in any individual life but if any task is accompanied with hard work and intelligent manipulation, it will give a unique path for luck to enhance your success.