Sun Transits Libra, 17 Oct till 16 Nov 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

As Sun transits Libra, be careful while expressing your ideas & in your communications. Gentle persuasion will work well in matters of concern rather than force. A positive approach & respect for others will reconstruct broken relationships.

Sun Transits Libra, 17 Oct till 16 Nov 2024


The Sun represents father, individuality, leadership, willpower, courage whereas Libra relates to attaining balance, harmony and peace. The transit of the Sun in Libra in its debilitated sign will give results that will be more generalized in nature and less based on individual opinion in all matters of concern.

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Sun is the lord of Leo sign that is the 5th sign of the zodiac and defines the intellect of the individual and Libra is the 7th sign of the zodiac that represents relationships and the initiative to work with cooperation with others at all stages.

The transit of Sun in Libra on 18th of October 2023 is important as Sun will move in its debilitated sign and conjunct with Ketu in Libra where Sun will form an eclipse. So, it will be very important that you are very careful in selecting the words to portray your ideas/expressions when you communicate with others.

Sun is individuality and Libra is an airy sign, so gentle persuasion will work well in matters of concern rather than force.

Positive approach and mutual respect will reconstruct broken relationships in your personal and professional front.


How will this transit affect you?



Sun transit in Libra will bring fluctuations in personal/marital/professional relationships where difference of opinion with others will be evident due to ego clashes over the matters of concern.

Your professional front will be less progressive in terms of gains as you will have problems in achieving your goals due to the debilitation of Sun transit in Libra sign. You will be egoistic in your approach with more focus on your self -respect that is likely to create disagreement with your colleagues/business partners. Your work will lag behind so be cautious while working with others to gain cooperation on the professional front.

Your personal relationships will not be satisfactory where strong issues will arise with your partner due to your egoistic behavior. You are likely to engage in disagreements over random matters with your father. So, it will be beneficial to be patient in your personal/familial relationships and approach the matters of concern in a calm manner and make attempts to communicate with others to clear mutual doubts. Take care of your children’s health through a good diet.


Sun transit in Libra will bring beneficial results on the professional front where you will defeat your rivals with timely actions. You will have to be attentive on your personal front to avoid clashes and take care of your health.

Your professional front will have the benefit from the transit of Sun as you will be able to win over your rivals tactfully. You will have the opportunities and the ability to pursue in the right direction for professional gains and your timely approach will help you to win over your rivals on the job front and expand your professional ventures on the business front. Keep your vigilance in your professional ventures with hard work.

Your personal front will pose you with challenges in relationships, health problems especially of your mother and disputes over ancestral property or imperfect dealing in property matters. You are advised to take care of your personal/family’s health with a good diet and exercise regime for good immunity. Avoid any kind of loan to overcome your immediate requirements.

Students are advised to work hard on the academic front for goods results or you may feel distracted from your goals.


Sun transit in Libra will bring gains in professional front but it will bring challenges to complete your task on time. Your personal relationships will be cordial with your efforts and patience. Vigilance over health will be beneficial.

Your professional ventures will be beneficial with gains, but you must work hard with efforts to submit all your professional commitments on time without delay. You will have gains on the business front but these gains will be less than your expectations so it can make you agitated. Avoid work related travel as they are likely to cause you stress during this transit.

You will prosper with your efforts and vigilance where it will add warmth to your personal relationships, but you will hesitate to share your sentiments with your partner which may result in fluctuations in relations. You will be able to spend quality time with your siblings and it will give stability.

Take care of your health with the practice of yoga, meditation, and a good diet for physical and mental fitness.


Sun transit in Libra will give you professional challenges, exercise caution on your financial status and be vigilant in your personal front and relationships. Avoid any kind of stress for maintaining good health.

Your professional front will be less progressive as you will face opposition from your colleagues where your egoistic attitude can lead to unnecessary conflicts with your coworkers. You will be distracted from your professional goals due to other commitments that may affect your work efficiency, so it is better to stay focused on your professional goals.

Your personal front will require your patience as you are likely to engage in conflicting situations with your loved ones, especially your mother due to the Sun transit in Libra. You are likely to involve yourself in conflicting situations over insignificant matters.

Be vigilant in money matters and avoid any kind of property purchase or financial transaction during this transit or you may end up making more expenditures than your estimation. Take care of your health with the practice of yoga, meditation, and a good diet for physical and mental fitness.


Sun transit in Libra indicates that you will have success in your professional ventures, warmth, and cordial relations on the domestic front with good health and wealth but vigilance over your egoistic attitude is necessary.

The innovative way, you present your professional ventures with a bold attitude will not only impress your clients, but it will also grant you good gains and recognition for your work profile for both salaried/ business professionals. You are encouraged to keep harmony in behavior in your professional front or it may affect your professional image.

Your personal front will be blessed with warmth and understanding with your partner/ friends/ family where you will propose an affectionate date with your mate/partner that will bring joy in your own relations during this transit. You should be cautious of your approach to talking with your friends/family as any unpleasant word might eradicate the good humor in your relationships.

Overall, your health and wealth quotient will be prosperous.


Sun transit in Libra will bring fewer positive results with more work responsibilities on the professional front; personal front will need vigilance in expenditure and relationships with calm attitude over matters of concern.

Planetary movement in your horoscope indicates there will be less progress in professional gains, personal relationships but patience in your behavior will be beneficial for your overall progress.

Your professional front will be less progressive with increased responsibilities, and you may have to struggle to submit your projects on time and for this it will be essential for you to develop a positive alliance with your coworkers. Avoid conflicts and practice patience on the work front to submit your commitments at the scheduled time.

You should be careful about your expenses as you might confront financial rigidity during this transit. Avoid hasty decisions or unnecessary expenditure as this transit can affect your financial stability and mental health.

Take care of your health with the practice of yoga, meditation, and a good diet for physical and mental fitness.


Sun transit in Libra will give less prosperity on the professional front due to low confidence; personal front will be more prone to conflicts in love/marital relationships that could affect your mental health due to stress.

You will face low strength in gains on the personal and professional front due to Sun transit in its debilitated sign Libra.

Your professional front will not give expected positive results where you will have to face fluctuations in your job front due to the lack of self-confidence and you are bound to lose opportunities for gains /promotion. So, it will be beneficial to work with focus with your own ability rather than depending on others.

Your personal front will be notified with lot of social activity with your friends, family, and coworkers, which will be good for the strength of your relationships. However, too much social activity on the forefront with little or no rest will be bad for the fitness of your health. You may be upset over minor issues on the personal front.

You should stick to a healthy diet, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and maintain good health.


Sun transit in Libra will bring good professional prospects but you will not be able to accomplish your projects on time, personal front will be less progressive, avoid debts to meet your immediate requirements.

The pressure from personal relations will distract you from you’re your professional accomplishments where you will have to face the brunt of your superiors on the job front and your working skills will lack their usual efficiency on your business front will not be beneficial for your progress. Any major professional decisions should be avoided during this transit.

Your personal front will have the impact of resentment in your nature due to personal setbacks in relationships that will be apparent during this transit. If you disagree with your spouse/partner, the rudeness in your speech may have a negative impact on your relationships, so be patient before reacting to any personal feelings.

Take care of your health with the practice of yoga, meditation, and a good diet for physical and mental fitness. Vigilance in health matters will be necessary during this transit.


Sun transit in Libra indicates professional success due to your hard work and efforts, personal relations will be prosperous in love and affection with occasional conflict with your partner.

You will experience personal and professional success and warmth in relationships. This transit will be beneficial for you in your professional ventures in a positive way. Your consistent efforts will result in the continuation and completion of any pending professional task. You will benefit from any long-distance professional journey. You will get the support of coworkers and superiors, avoid dominating in any way. Do not make hasty decisions for your professional progress.

Your personal front will not entertain any sort of dominance in your friends/family or partner/spouse relationships. You will work with effort and attention to maintain warmth and understanding in your personal relationships. You should express your feelings in positive ways for your loved ones, which will benefit your relationships in the future. Avoid conflicts in your personal relationships and ask for help from elders to rectify any existing conflict.


Sun transit in Libra will give you good professional gains as Sun’s energy gets strength in the house of career, personal front will be blessed with affection and your inclination towards your family responsibility will be strong. You will get professional and personal prosperity with responsibility towards family’s requirement.

Your professional front will be blessed with cooperation from your colleagues /superiors who will assist you and work with unconditional support that will be. Your business front will give good profits but be cautious in your professional approach as you may get confused while making certain professional decisions.

Your personal relationships with your partner or spouse will be moderate, but you should try to avoid being enraged and acting egotistical or assertive for the sake of maintaining love relationships. For more positivity and strength in your relationships, try to maintain your composure and calm and refrain from being overprotective.


Sun transit in Libra will be less progressive in terms of your profession but will require vigilance and hard work to sustain professional consistency, minor conflicts with your loved ones in domestic peace are visible. Vigilance over relationships is advised.

The planetary movements in your horoscope will bring less progressive professional results so avoid any long travel, personal relationships will be handled well with tact and diplomacy.

Your professional front will pose challenges for you to work, and you will have to be careful about your decisions that may include travelling, which will not be fruitful during this transit. If you are employed avoid any kind of hasty decisions on the work front as your rivals will utilize this opportunity to tarnish your image in the eyes of your superiors.

Your relationships with your partner will be conflicting over little matters and that may affect your love/marital relations. These conflicts will be resolved easily with your efforts and intelligence and the intimacy of your relationship will improve by spending quality time with each other. Try to maintain a balance in your personal and familial relationships for your personal peace.

Take care of your health with the practice of yoga, meditation, and a good diet for physical and mental fitness.


Sun transit in Libra will be less beneficial for your professional front, avoid any kind of financial decision on the personal and professional front, relationships will pose challenges during this transit.

Career-wise it will be less beneficial for you; relationships will pose challenges during this transit.

The professional prospects will follow a negative trend as your level of contentment for your professional prospects will be low, and this transit will not give profitable results for you. You will confront numerous unexpected difficulties in your work front where your seniors will anticipate that you should accept more responsibility.

The personal front will portray a picture of discontentment in your personal relationships, and you will need to work hard to develop good mutual understanding with your partner/spouse over any conflicting matter. You should remain levelheaded to present a few sensible realities to persuade your partner for having better coordination for resolving your issues, having a conversation with your partner will lead to improved interpersonal relationships.

Take care of your health with the practice of yoga, meditation, and a good diet for physical and mental fitness.

Remedies for all Zodiac signs during the transit of Sun in Libra sign

  • Offer water to the Sun in a copper vessel every morning for energizing your energies during this transit.
  • Pay respect to your father or father figure in the family.
  • Donate wheat, jaggery, dark color clothes to the less privileged, especially on Sundays.


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