Mercury Transit in Cancer: 17 July – 31 July 2022

Mercury will transit Cancer during 17 July – 31 July 2022, joining the Sun on 17 July in this sign. This will form the auspicious combination of ‘Budh Aditya Yoga’. Read this article to learn how your personal and professional life will be affected.

Mercury Transit in Cancer: 17 July – 31 July 2022


Mercury will be transiting Cancer during 17th July – 31st July 2022 and join the Sun in Cancer on 17 July, forming the auspicious combination of ‘Budh Aditya Yoga’ which will increase a person’s intellectual prowess. This transit and conjunction of Mercury with Sun in Cancer will be very beneficial for those who are in the administrative field and entertainment arena; and will ensure success for those in competitive exams for new/government job. If you are single, you may even get opportunities to get into a relationship, and if you are in an unhealthy relationship; it may come to an end with mutual consent.

This transit will be beneficial for those who have their attention focused on their goals and seek to dedicatedly approach success. Mercury is the significator of intelligence. A balanced approach in analytical thinking is based on facts and not emotions, so Mercury transit in the water sign of Cancer gives results based on an individual’s analytical approach towards any given situation.

How will this transit affect you?

  1. Aries

Mercury transit in Cancer will be in the 4th house of comforts and happiness for you. It will bring you success and prosperity; and bless you in both the professional and personal arenas. You will do well professionally. Especially, if you are in the service sector, you will get the opportunity to make some extra efforts to garner good gains in your existing designation or even a change in job profile is possible. This transit will be favourable for those employed in jobs, but independent entrepreneurs will have to work with caution for avoiding any kind of problem in their career.

Your personal front will be blessed with domestic peace and prosperity and there will be mutual understanding amongst all your family members due to your efforts. Students will be able to focus well and put in the required efforts academically, that will not only bless them with success in competitive exams but will also enhance their academic results.

  1. Taurus

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 3rd house of initiative and efforts for you. This phase will bring progress and prosperity in your life. Your intellectual efforts may give you benefit over others in competitions during this transit. Your professional front will be blessed with success, especially for those who are in sectors that involve good use of intelligence, in coordination with good communication. Those who are in marketing, sales, counseling, and training will not get as much recognition as their opponents, despite their good work.

At your personal front, there will be good bonding with your partner, good coordination and understanding between the two of you, primarily because of your efforts. This sentiment will also be shared with your family members, especially your siblings. You will be able to plan a short trip/drive with them during this transit that will enhance bonding. Students aspiring for higher studies will be able to do well; and might get a scholarship and admission in their preferred college because of their efforts and hard work.

  1. Gemini

Mercury transit in Cancer will be in the 2nd house of family, wealth and speech for you, bringing you financial progress and personal happiness. Your intelligent efforts, when combined with witty communication, will be beneficial for your success during this transit. Your professional front, especially if you are in a job, will be embedded with promotions and increments. Independent entrepreneurs will have good opportunities to gain profits by introducing new strategies and plans in their working process for the growth and expansion of ventures. Freelancers will also find multiple sources of income from a single venture of work. This transit will bring financial prosperity for your future growth.

Your personal and family front will also be prosperous as you will make intelligent, smart moves to balance your personal and professional time. You will be able to make everyone happy with your dedication and conversations, but your bond with your mother will be the strongest of all during this transit.

  1. Cancer

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 1st house of self, personality and mind for you. It will see you make intelligent efforts for self development in all aspects of your life. You will be required to make practical moves for self progress during this transit. Professional progress will be smooth for those dealing with marketing fields overseas, import and export matters, foreign deals. Independent entrepreneurs will be able to crack some deals with their intelligent financial strategies that may also fix future travel prospects. Any foreign investment may also prove beneficial for your wealth quotient. Those involved with multinational companies will get good gains and recognition during this transit.

Your personal front will prosper. You will be able to spend some quality time with your partner/spouse; you will be going out for social gatherings or any kind of recreation event. If you are single, luck will be on your side and you may get into a relationship; or an existing relationship may move to the next level of commitment. Avoid any kind of unnecessary speculation vis-à-vis your expenses.

  1. Leo

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 12th house of expenditure, loss and long travel for you. It may bring you opportunities for travel abroad, and new contacts may bring about long travels that will be favourable for your progress. On the professional front, if you are in the service sector - especially those working with an MNC or overseas companies, you will get fruitful opportunities and financial gains. This transit will be moderate for those who run their own businesses. Avoid any kind of professional investment without observing the fine details, pros and cons of the investment. It may prove unproductive.

Your personal relationship with your near and dear ones will be marked with discontent if you will not keep a check on your egoistic behaviour. Your personal relations can be at a plane of harmony and semblance with your intelligence and respectful behaviour towards all.

Your health may be affected by the transit as you will face low vitality and fatigue due to a hectic schedule arising out of the need to balance your personal and professional duties with the same importance. Take care of the health of your family members or partner during this transit.

  1. Virgo

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 11th house of gains and fulfillment of desires for you. It may bring you opportunities for expansion, comforts and happiness that will be favourable for fulfilling your ambitions. Professionally, this transit will see progressive developments for independent entrepreneurs as you will work with plans that will support the expansion and growth of your professional ventures. You will be able to earn a good reputation in your professional field. Those working as salaried employees will also progress with good coordination and assistance from colleagues and seniors. This will also fetch you good gains and reputation.

Your personal front will be prosperous with good relations with your partner and family. You will have a close bonding with your siblings, they will be ready to help you in all your endeavors with unconditional support. You will be active in social gatherings and spend quality time with your partner. Those who are single will have very good chances of making new friends, with whom you will be happy. Overall, this transit will be very progressive for you in all aspects of your life.

  1. Libra

Mercury transit in Cancer will be in the 10th house of career and profession for you. It will bring you opportunities for recognition and growth in career, that will bear good results in combination with your intelligence and hard work. Your professional ambience will be very good. There will be mutual understanding with your associates and colleagues. Those in the business sector will have good gains as a result of their hard work and intelligent outputs. Those in the service sector, especially in banking, marketing and travel industry will see gains and good relations with their superiors, which will grant them success in all their endeavors. Any professional travel or peculation in shares may prove fruitful and bring gains.

Personal relationship with your family, especially with your father and siblings, will be very cordial and you may gain their support in all your endeavors. You will also incur expenses for electrical gadgets or any expensive item for your partner, as a gesture of bonding. Avoid being overconfident in spending money, as it may lead to financial stringency in the near future.

  1. Scorpio

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 9th house of fame, fortune and luck for you. It will bring you success in certain aspects of your life because of your intelligence, hard work and efforts. Your professional life will be moderate with underlying currents of hurdles, which will appear suddenly. You will be surprised, but you will have the option of hard work to overcome them with success. All professionals will be able to proceed with a new technique in work that would bring success for those in research or creative sectors. Sudden gains through family legacy or change in work profile could be the source of additional financial gains.

Your relationship will be good with your partner and you will be able to correlate with your partner at physical and emotional levels, with good bonding and understanding. Avoid confronting your father with conflicting vibes as this transit may not be supportive for your relations with your father. Students will have a fruitful period, especially those aspiring for higher studies related to research in any field.

  1. Sagittarius

Mercury transit in Cancer will be in the 8th house of hurdles, sudden gains and loss for you. You will see fluctuations and opportunities in your career, hurdles in professional and personal partnership. Your personal arena will be marked with strong contradictions with your partner, family and friends as you will not be able to share your thoughts and emotions freely with everyone. You will feel the restrictions in emotions and expressing your viewpoint may be difficult, so you are advised to be vigilant in matters of communication with your loved ones for the sake of personal prosperity.

Your professional front will be marked with tensions and issues due to communication gap. The work front will see fluctuations in the working process, which may affect the success graph of those in the business sector. Those who are salaried will experience the swing of positive and negative results in their career because of a lack of coordination with colleagues and superiors. On the other hand, you may also get good opportunities for a change in job with your desired work profile.

  1. Capricorn

Mercury transit in Cancer will be in the 7th house of marital bliss, partnership and associates for you. You may see mixed trends of enhancement and conflict in your personal and professional prospects. Your professional front will be very beneficial, especially for salaried professionals as you will be able to make a good name and your reputation will grow along with your work profile. This will be possible because of your intelligence and communication skills, especially those connected with the legal field and marketing industry. Independent entrepreneurs are advised to be cautious in their business as there may not be a smooth going with your employees. You should have a straight talk with the concerned person to avoid any kind of conflict that can affect the career ventures that are in progress.

The personal front will be progressive in terms of materialistic comforts, but marital relationships may see conflicts and you may face separation due to travel related to professional commitments. Your partner’s behaviour will not be cordial towards you. If you are single, you may get into a long-distance relationship and your love prospects will prosper with romance. You will be able to satisfy your partner with your intelligent communication and create harmony in your personal relations.

  1. Aquarius

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 6th house of disease, competition and fights for you. It will bring progressive results in your profession, studies and competitions; but there will be contradictions in personal relations during this transit. Professionally, this period will be very progressive if you are in the service sector. Your hard work, intelligence, working strategies and meeting commitments on time will be appreciated by your superiors. There will be good job opportunities for new job seekers; you will be successful in getting your dream jobs. Students will be able to score marks with a competitive edge over other students and will be able to succeed in their respective competitive exam or interview.

Personal relationships will not be cordial as mutual understanding will be affected and there may be fluctuations in the strength of bonding that may even initiate you to part and move in your respective ways. So be cautious in your personal relationships. Try to clear all doubts with intelligent conversation with each other.

  1. Pisces

Mercury transit in Cancer will take place in the 5th house of love, creativity, education and children for you. You will see good results in professional and personal relationships during this transit. Your professional life will be very favourable with fruitful results as an independent entrepreneur and the growth and expansion of your enterprise will be successful with your efforts during this period. You will apply a systematic way of communicating with your associates over any professional matter with clear perspectives in your mind. Those in the creative field will enjoy success with monetary gains. New aspirants may earn success in the media industry with their intelligence and hard work.

Your personal life will blossom with mutual understanding and unconditional efforts for better coordination. For those married, you will see a blissful phase and may even plan towards welcoming any thought of progeny. This will provide an added spark in your emotional bonding and physical intimacy.

Students will be able to score good marks in their academic sessions and competitive exams due to their increased focus and hard work.