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Saturn transit in Capricorn: How will it impact Cancer moon sign?

Saturn transit

Saturn being the slowest moving planet in the universe has deep and enduring impact on any moon sign. When it transits in Capricorn, it exercises freedom and independence as it is in ‘own-house’. For a Cancer ascendant, this transit will mean more hard work, patience and endurance to accomplish their objective.

Saturn will transit in Capricorn on 25th January 2020 and will remain there till 30th April 2022. During this transit period, Saturn will retrograde from 11th May to 29th September 2020.

For a Cancer Ascendant, Saturn will be placed in the 7th house of relationships and from there it will impact three major areas of your life:

  • Senior/boss/father/religion
  • Own personality/thought process/intelligence
  • Family happiness/happiness from home/mother

Saturn will influence your 8th house of sudden gains and losses

Saturn’s influence on your 8th house of sudden gains/losses and ailments is not very auspicious, during its transit in Capricorn. Besides, during the transit, it is placed 12th from the 8th house, which is detrimental to the well-being of a Cancer ascendant. This scenario, for a Cancer moon sign, implies that you will face sudden losses due to the wrong decisions taken in an unstable state of mind.

You need to take necessary caution while taking decisions related to finance, investments, buying a house or making any significant expenditures, during this transit period.

Your health will also see unexpected setbacks and will need attention and care. Apart from physical health, sexual life will also be a matter of concern. Your increased involvement in work may tend to take you away from your home. You must strive to strike an effective work-life-balance to counter this effect of the Saturn transit period.

In the birth chart of Cancer ascendant, Saturn will aspect the 1st, 4th and 9th house, during its transit in Capricorn.

Saturn’s aspect on 1st, 4th and 9th house of a Cancer moon sign will signify struggles and cautions in the areas of luck, relationship, health, intelligence, family happiness and career.

Saturn aspect on 1st house of Cancer ascendant in its transit in Capricorn

The challenge areas: Intelligence, personality, health

The solution: Think positive, do positive

If you are a Cancer ascendant, Saturn’s aspect on your 1st house during its stay in Capricorn will adversely impact your thought process and health. You will feel detached and depressed, which will result in developing a pessimistic attitude towards life.

Saturn wants you to go back to your roots, and if you oblige by following your family tradition or by making a connect with your cultural values, in some way or the other, you will reap the benefits in due course.

  • In this transit period you will be inclined to think adversely – improve your thought process, think positive and keep good company to lessen the negative influence of Saturn.
  • Depression may surround you – you must maintain your sanity and look at the bigger picture to derive satisfaction and happiness.
  • Adhering to cultural values and embracing the path shown by your ancestors will take you ahead in life.
  • You need to pay attention to your health – stay away from alcohol any bad eating habits.

Saturn aspect on 4th house of Cancer ascendant in its transit in Capricorn

The challenge areas: Happiness from home

The solution: Be patient and disciplined

For a Cancer ascendant, Saturn’s aspect on 4th house, in its transit phase will not give sudden results. The 4th house in a birth chart is considered very crucial for it indicates feeling of happiness, contentment, property, relationship with mother and peace of mind. All these aspects of a Cancer ascendant will be vulnerable to Saturn’s position, as it shifts its base to Capricorn from Sagittarius.

Being in its own house, Saturn will not adversely impact the above mentioned areas of life ruled by the 4th house but success on all these fronts will be delayed. Though by the end of it, you will have a more experienced outlook towards life.

  • If you are planning to buy a house/land/property – you need to wait. Have patience for time being, as this transit will not be the right time to think about property matters.
  • If you are looking forward to get married chances are high that the age difference between you and your spouse could be huge.
  • If you are giving competitive exams or appearing in job interviews – results will be favorable, but you need to put in extra hard work, more than what you are already putting in.
  • Seeking guidance and advice from your mother or a mother-like figure will benefit you.

Saturn aspect on 9th house of Cancer ascendant in its transit in Capricorn

The challenge areas: Luck, relationship, education and career

The solution: Stay strong and work hard

Saturn’s aspect on the 9th house of luck and fortune, in the birth chart of a Cancer moon sign will be unfavorable. You will have a feeling that you are putting in a lot of hard work but nothings is going right for you. The influence of Saturn in its transit in Capricorn will test the commitment levels of a Cancer ascendant. So don’t budge, stand strong in the adversities and trust your hard work to get you the desired results, in due time.

  • If you are a student and willing to take up higher studies, you need to put in extra efforts to reach your goal.
  • For business professionals this will be a challenging period – think wisely and maximize your efforts to sail past the challenges.
  • For your career it will not be a favorable period – due diligence will make you succeed.
  • You will face troubles in our relationships – add more commitment, patience and loyalty to save your personal life.

Generally, for Cancer moon sign Saturn’s transit in Capricorn will not give quick results. Success will be delayed, but not denied. The challenges in both personal and professional life can only be dealt with honesty and hard work. For a better picture of how Saturn’s transit in Capricorn will impact Capricorn moon sign you can sign up for a comprehensive Birth Chart Analysis Report.