Jupiter Transit Results for Cancer Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit
Jupiter, the well acknowledged benefic in Indian Astrology, is changing sign on 11th August, 2016. It will make its way into Virgo and stay in the sign for until 12th September, 2017.  Benefic Jupiter is the harbinger of luck, fortune, finance, wisdom, and children related happiness. This is surely one of the major planetary transits of this year, having a life-defining impact. This transit is auspicious in general, bringing prosperity and good luck overall. Nevertheless, its impact is distinct for each sign.
For Cancer, the transit is mostly encouraging, for it brings in a wave of inspiration, support and optimism into the natives’ lives. Cancer sign people would feel confident and function at their best during this period. Your inclination may be towards spirituality, religious activities and virtuous deeds. You may spend a lot of time in solitude, contemplating on topics such as purpose and meaning of life. Keep reading for an overview of Jupiter transit for Cancer Moon Sign in 2016-2017.

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Career: This is a favorable period in terms of career prospects. Luck is going to support but your own efforts would help realize ambitions. Chances of meeting an eminent personality, possibly a scholar or mentor exist. You could benefit from their support too. You are likely to attain name and fame during this phase. There would be higher level of personal satisfaction and self-starting ability that would further help in obtaining opportunities to grow further. It would be better to not get involved in any arguments with seniors or office politics.

Finance: Jupiter transit seems to be a blessing in disguise for your financial state. Earning is going to increase while inflow of money will be substantial too.  Your own efforts would be profitable. Investments need caution. This is an enormously opportune time to pay off debts and loans, as you would be financially able to. Good financial standing would improve your social image as well. Long-distance journeys would be profitable too.

Love and Married Life: Singles waiting to get hitched can finally breathe a sigh of relief for this period is bringing in ample marriage prospects. Nevertheless, avoid tying the wedding knot when Jupiter is combust as it is considered inauspicious as per Indian Astrology. Those married would experience a blissful life too. Overall, luck will be on your side in terms of marital happiness and marriage related matters.

Family: Jupiter transit does not have any major impact on family life. However, the transit suggests that you are likely to get support from your brothers and friends. There are also chances of change of residence, thus you would be very active and busy, occupied with a lot to be done with regards to relocation.

Health: The transition seems to be neutral for health. If you have been suffering from a chronic illness for long, some relief can be expected now. Some abdomen related issues might keep you troubled throughout, but you would fight it off with unbridled energy and self-encouragement.

Education: This is a highly favorable period to pursue your higher education goals and you are likely to get a taste of success in that regard too.  However, you need to keep lethargy at bay as it may hinder success. Extra efforts shall be made in order to reap the maximum reward in terms of studies and exam results.

This comprehensive analysis of Jupiter Transit is generic in nature. For a distinctively personalized overview of how it will affect your life, you could request Jupiter Transit reading.