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Venus Transit in Aries

Venus-the planet representing grace, beauty, love and relationship will transit to the fiery Aries sign on 23rd May 2022. This transit will have an effect on your relationships and financial sphere of your life. Read ahead to find out in detail.

Venus Transit in Aries
Venus is the planet that represents grace, beauty, love and relationship in Vedic Astrology. It holds the possession of Taurus and Libra sign with its lordship and exalts in Pisces sign; defining fine taste of comforts and luxury around them. Aries is a fiery sign that defines action, hence the combination of both planets Mars and Venus in transit, consequently increases the passion and intimacy in relationships.

When Venus transits to the Aries sign on the 23rd of May 2022, it will remain in the sign till 18th June 2022 and then move to Taurus. The transit of Venus in Aries sign makes the native’s approach independent, bold and direct with grace to form good bonding in love life with partner.

The result of Venus transiting to Aries will influence love relationships, but will also affect general relations, financial and money aspects too. The strength of the effect of this transit on all zodiac signs will be based on the position of transit in any horoscope.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 1st house of the Aries zodiac sign that defines the personality, self and mental capability of any native in all aspects of life. The personal progress will be very encouraging in terms of relationships of Aries natives as the love relationships/finding new relationship will have the good tune of mutual understanding between both partners. The married natives will have good emotional bonding along with passionate physical orientation that will be intense and satisfactory. You will have progressive family relations with good financial stability. It is recommended  to avoid any extra expenditure and save some money for urgent needs.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 12th house of Taurus zodiac sign that defines the expenditure, foreign travel and mental health of any native. Professionally the results of the transit are expected to be good. You will also have the chance to travel abroad but with a word of caution to try to complete your work within the time by adopting a skilful method for professional appreciation. Personally the Taureans should take care of their personal relations by spending quality time with their family and spouse. You will not restrict your spending on luxuries for your near and dears, although you should avoid any kind of unnecessary expenditure that may affect your prosperous financial credentials.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 11th house of Gemini zodiac sign that defines the income, gains and the fulfilment of desires, social outings of any native. The transit will have very good results, as you will share good bonding and connectivity with your spouse whereas single Gemini’s will have their good share of luck in finding a sensible and smart partner for commitment. You will be financially stable with good income and profits in your profession, but any negligence in prioritising of your monetary budget will disturb the leisure plans with your partner and family.


The transit of Venus in Aries will pass through the 10th house of Cancer zodiac sign that defines the career, status, financial stability of any native. Professionally there is progress in all your endeavours with good social networking and communication that will be appreciated. Expansion of any new venture is visible in the name of your partner. Your personal relations may remain taxing on your psyche as your spouse or partner will not be supportive in your personal relations. You must spend more time to make your relations better with your partner. This transit suggests working on new strategies to improve your relationships and revenues.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 9th house of Leo zodiac sign that defines the spirituality, long travel and luck of any native. The transit for Leo will be beneficial in professional long journeys you may occur expense on your long travel that will yield gains due to your eloquence of speech especially in the creative field. Leo’s will have the gratification in personal life with their partner and family relationship due to their own efforts by improving yourself in your gestures and giving importance to others. Unmarried Leo natives will love to get committed with the person they love and may plan a long vacation with your partner. Good time for investment for financial prosperity.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 8th house of Virgo zodiac sign that defines the sudden gains, loss and hurdles of any native. The professional front will give rewards for your hard work and efforts, with promotion and monitory gains. Finances will be good on the whole due to gains in speculation, but there are equal chances of getting your money stuck. On the personal front it will be a stressful transit with conflicts within your family in general and you may face misunderstanding with your partner. Overall your personal front will require little attention for its progress.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 7th house of Libra zodiac sign that defines the public image, partnership, marriage and marital relations of any native. Your personal life will be embedded in stars of joy and love with unconditional love of your spouse and the possibilities of strong commitment for unmarried natives with their partner is visible. On the professional front, this period will be prosperous for the salaried natives as they will gain good recognition in their respective fields. Independent entrepreneurs will introduce some new strategies that will be beneficial for your progress especially working in joint venture or partnership.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 6th house of Scorpio zodiac sign that defines the service, rivals, debts and disease of any native in all aspects of life. The professional Scorpio’s will have to be very careful in their professional ventures to avoid any kind of setback. Avoid being too harsh in your speech with your associates and colleagues, as it may give rise to heated arguments during this transit. Overall your personal arena will demand your cautious attitude to avoid any personal conflict with your partner/spouse that can create rift in your personal relations. Take care of your mental health and stability by indulging in practices like meditation and yoga on a regular basis.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 5th house of Sagittarius zodiac sign that defines the love, children and education and speculation aspects of any native. This period will have a mixed strength for the professionals but with a beneficial tread as it will provide good opportunities for promotion and incentives for those in service. The independent entrepreneur are advised against lending and borrowing of money during this transition. On the personal front, there may be conflict with your partner or loved one over minor issues. The single natives have good chances of gaining new relationship that may develop into strong commitment later.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 4th house of Capricorn zodiac sign that defines the mother, domestic peace, prosperity and stability of any native. The professionals related to creative industries like jewellery, music, media and art will have flourishing opportunities and growth in their respective fields. You will be able to crack some good deals with your clients that will add good profit to your monetary gains. The personal front indicates happiness in the family and with your partner or spouse; with the aura of warmth in relations and good mutual understanding in married life. A chance of new addition to the family is strong as the lovers may take a step ahead in their relationship and form permanent commitment with their beloved.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 3rd house of Aquarius zodiac sign that defines the courage, communication, short travels and siblings of any native. The professional front indicates promotion for service oriented natives-especially those from the creative industry will gain recognition for their hard work. Travelling prospects will be beneficial for the independent entrepreneurs as they will have the ability of making gains from the upcoming opportunities due to their innovative ideas. Your personal front will be blessed with harmonious relations with your partner, siblings and family that will earn you support in all your endeavours. Your eloquence of communication will win the hearts of your loved ones.


The transit of Venus will pass through the 2nd house of Pisces zodiac sign that defines the speech, family and finance of any native. The professional prospects for the Pisces natives will hold surprise at the workplace by their rivals or competitors that will try to tarnish your professional image. This period is not progressive in indulging in making quick money with speculative markets and risky investments. The transit will not be favourable for your personal relations-you may face misunderstanding with your partner or spouse and other family members. Avoid any kind of unnecessary expenditure that will not be satisfactory for your wealth retention

Some common Remedies-

  • Donate rice, milk, sugar and white sweets especially to young girls.
  • Donate good cosmetics to the newly married girls especially on Fridays. This is very auspicious for overall prosperity in life.
  • Apply sandalwood fragrances daily to obtain the beneficial blessings of Venus.