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Transit of Sun for Sagittarius moon sign

Transit of
To know how various transits of Sun will impact your lives, in coming months, you can click on the suitable link to read the facts.

  1. Sun in Aquarius in February 2020 for Sagittarius moon sign
  2. Transit of Sun in Capricorn for Sagittarius moon sign
  3. Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Sagittarius moon signs

Sun in Aquarius in February 2020 for Sagittarius moon sign

Sun will be transiting in Aquarius from 13th February 2020 to 14th March 2020. This transit will take place in the third house for Sagittarius moon sign natives. As per Vedic astrology, third house represents short distance journeys, courage, initiatives and efforts, communication, mental inclinations, hobbies, interests, writing siblings etc. and Sun will highlight these themes in your personal and professional life during this transit.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on your professional life

The transit of Sun in Aquarius will be marked by achievements and some disappointments in your professional life. If you are in job or service, this phase will bring new opportunities of learning and growth.

However, there might be a delay in getting the desired results of your hard and efforts. Patience and determination will help you get through your struggles and challenges at workplace.

You will have to take initiatives to maintain a better relationship with your colleagues and seniors. If you are involved in your own business, you will have to exercise caution as there could be conflicts with your business partner.

You should be careful while preparing contracts, agreements and signing important documents during this time. Read through the terms and conditions along with the fine print to save yourself from potential legal hassles.

There could be talks and negotiations regarding foreign projects and deals, however, you should be careful while making investments as returns might be delayed and not as per your expectations.

You should remain low profile in terms of investments during this time as having high hopes of profits will disappoint you. However, government related tasks and projects would be successfully initiated however, results will be delayed.

 Online business will see good growth during this time and your ideas would be acknowledged and implemented leading to gainful returns. If you are involved in writing, editing or marketing, you will come across profitable ventures and growth opportunities during this time. This is a good time if you are looking to publish a research paper or dissertation.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on your personal life

Personal relationships will need some efforts and hard work on your part during this transit. Although there will be a good level of understanding between you and your spouse along with supportive attitude, your harsh communication will play spoilsport in creating frictions in your marital life.

You must be caring and respectful towards your partner or spouse to ensure domestic harmony. Aggression and rudeness will worsen the situation and lead to bigger conflicts, hence, must be avoided at all cost.

If you are unattached and waiting for someone special, this transit might bring a sudden proposal and mark the beginning of a new romantic relationship. However, you should not be impulsive or hasty and take your time to understand the other person before committing yourself.

You might consider changing your home décor or interiors and there will be huge expenditure on that account. There could also be a get together or celebration at home which will keep you occupied.

You might feel overwhelmed due to busyness in domestic affairs which might lead to sudden emotional outbursts. However, support from your mother and younger siblings will help you maintain a sense of calm.

Dealing with situations with a positive outlook will help you in your professional and personal life during this transit.

Transit of Sun in Capricorn for Sagittarius moon sign

Sun will transit through the Capricorn zodiac sign on 15th January 2020. It will remain posited in this sign till 20th February 2020.

Meanwhile, Sun will enter the second house of Sagittarius moon sign, where second house is known as the house of wealth, parental money and family status.

This transit of Sun will be fruitful only if you are considerate about your well being. You may fall prey to diseases if you’re not cautious regarding the same.

Your health could deteriorate during this time which is why you’re asked to take proper care of yourself.

Take a look at your familial side as well. Your seniors will play an important role in career upliftment and their accurate guidance will take you a long long way.

Luck will remain by your side because of which success will touch your feet in professional life.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the financial prospects of Sagittarius moon sign

As Planet Sun makes its transit in the second house of your moon sign, you are advised to keep a control over your pocket. Any inadequacy pertaining to finances can put you in severe trouble.

For the same reason, abstain from pointless expenses and avoid wasting your hard earned money towards extravagance.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the Spiritual aspect of Sagittarius moon sign

During this transit, Sagittarius moon sign natives seem to build an unimaginable fascination for spiritualism.

You’ll begin taking interest in religious activities and may also plan to take a pilgrimage with family or friends. This will enhance your luck and you’ll witness positivity in almost all the aspects of life.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the Personal life of Sagittarius moon sign

The transit of Sun will bless you with a beautiful and peaceful domestic life if you take good care of everyone around.

 You’ll be obligated to fulfill all the promises which you might have done to your family members. Running away from your responsibilities could possibly build a wall between you and them.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the professional life of Sagittarius moon sign

When Sun transits through Capricorn your professional life will flourish in all possible ways.

On one hand, you will surpass every difficulty and challenge, on the other, your business will help you to earn excellent gains.

You’ll be blessed with good comforts of life and this factor will enable you to fulfill most of your needs and desires.

The arrangements made by you to proceed with studies in a foreign country will wind up being successful.

Maintain strategic distance from negative personalities at work place, be it your colleagues, seniors or juniors.

 Do not entertain such people otherwise they can hamper your peace of mind to a concerned extent. Stay extremely careful and make sure that you do not get involved in any controversy at work place.

Use your intellect to get out of such situations and also stay away from such stressful incidents.

Sun’s transit may also create irksome situations if you do not keep a control over your speech.

Make a point to stay humble and grounded, by adopting a polite tone, so that you do not fall in a verbal combat with people around you.

Lord Venus will shine its light and shower its immense blessings upon you, which will help you to put your energies and vitality in the right direction.

You’re likely to receive golden opportunities throughout this phase and due to this, you could kick start off a new business in 2020.

The placement of Sun in the second house will prove to be extremely fortunate for the Sagittarius natives as this would give them a chance to build a canvas for their pictures and execute their business ideas and plans.

Taking a look at your economic front, it can be said that profits will be obtained via your intelligent approach and right intellect.

At one point or the other, you will need help and support of your professional peers.

Maintaining sound relations with colleagues and seniors will work as an added advantage for Sagittarius.

From 24th January 2020 onwards, any kind of new investment or change in business is going to have an impact over your savings.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Sagittarius moon signs

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius beginning 15th December 2019, is going to take place in the 1st house of Sagittarius moon sign natives. Overall, this will be a favorable period for Sagittarius moon sign, as Sun will be moving in their ascendant house, but chances of imbibing an attitude of false pride is also there, due to its effect.

This transit will specifically be fruitful for Sagittarius moon sign born students, as they will achieve excellence in academic field and will realize their desires of getting higher education in the institute of their choice.

While things will be stable at home front, too much pride and over confidence can make you a bit snobbish and arrogant and this can prove damaging for your marital life, in particular.

Spiritual and religious disposition will help you get a deeper understanding of life, which will help you attain a different perspective towards various aspects of life.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the personal life of Sagittarius moon sign

Luck will be by your side, during this transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the Sagittarius ascendants. You will be spending good quality time with your spouse, during this time, but refrain from making any false promises. Health will require attention and medical assistance may also be required for some of you, but nothing will be too serious to not to be handled effectible.

  • Try and keep the promises you make to your spouse or lover. If you doubt keeping the, don’t make them at all, in the first place.
  • Demeanor of pride will not go down well with your friends, family and spouse, so try to be humble, during all this while.
  • Marital life may face some issues due to your eagerness to dominate the relationship. You must understand that it is the sense of equality that will bring in stability and endurance in your conjugal life.
  • Your father will be supportive of your thoughts and ideas. Religious disposition will help you conduct yourself in a more refined way, which will be pleasing to your family and to the larger society also.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the professional life of Sagittarius moon sign

This will be a pretty good time to start a new venture for Sagittarius moon sign natives and Sun’s transit in Sagittarius will bring about favorable changes in your fortunes. Long and short distance journeys will bring in fruitful results. Partnership projects will do well, but ensure that you don’t get into arguments with your partners, because of some inconsequential matter.

  • This will be a beneficial transit for students as they will get closer their objective of attaining higher education in a renowned educational institute.
  • Seniors and government officials will be supportive of your professional endeavors. Guidance and recommendations of bosses and managers will help in getting due recognition and progression at workplace.
  • If you are contemplating to start a new business venture, this will be just the right for you. Change in job will also favor you with good gains, in the long term.
  • Finances will be good throughout this period. Ensure that you don’t overspend or indulge in speculations, as this will backfire and you can stand a chance to lose your hard earned money. Safe investments will give good returns, in this period.