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Transit of Mercury in Libra for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of

The transit of Mercury in Libra which starts on 7th November 2019 is going to be a month-long promising period for Aquarius moon sign natives, culminating on 5th December 2019.

This transit is going to take place in the 9th house of Aquarius natives and will have the retrograde Mercury in motion until 21st November 2019.

Your 9th house is the house of luck and this transit if going to open the doors of fortunes for you to build your professional empire and also carve a castle of dreams for your love partner or spouse.

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You will also be religiously inclined as a result of this transit and may plan on some spiritual expeditions with your family, in this period. Romantic vacation to a distant place is also imminent in this transit period for Aquarius moon sign natives. Business travels are also indicated, in the transit period of Mercury in Libra.

Aquarius students may witness the fulfillment of their desires as they could get the admission call from the institute they aspire to be part of.


On work front

Mercury rules the 5th and 8th house of Aquarius moon sign natives, and during its transit in Libra it is going to be placed in the 9th house of Aquarius. This placement is auspicious to get the support of luck in all professional endeavors. The income gains and growth and in social status will come through your efforts in your career, as destiny will support your diligent approach to work.

  • Possibilities of selection in a job interview is bright, in this transit period. So do not miss out on interview calls and be confident and well-prepared to improve your chances of selection.
  • Appreciation for a project or work done well is on the cards for Aquarius moon sign professionals.
  • You are advised tread with caution in your business dealings and do not put blind faiths in your business partners. Assess each and every aspect of a business deal or investment proposal with patience, before signing on the dotted line.


On personal front

The retrograde Mercury in Libra is going to offer you opportunity to mend ties with some broken or long-forgotten relations. If you get in touch with one of exes and contemplate upon starting afresh with them, pop up the question with humility and politeness and you will get a ‘yes’ an answer. Take care of your father’s health in this period as there are indication if it being effected.

  • You may get to possess some ancestral property in this transit period, which is going to add to your wealth and financial status.
  • Your love and marital life will be jovial with indications of travel for rejuvenation and fun in the transit period.
  • This time period will also be pretty rewarding for your children, who will make you proud and will be source of happiness and contentment for you.