Transit of Sun for Libra moon sign.

Transit of Sun for Libra moon sign.


How will it impact the career of Libra moon sign?

Sun’s transit in Libra moon sign is a period full of lots of ups and downs for the native. As Libra is ruled by Venus which inimical towards Sun, the transit of Sun brings about a lot of challenges for a Libra ascendant.

Their career graph is jittery and they will not get their dues for the kind of effort they will put into their career, in this transit period. It does enhance your calculative and responsible attitude but you will still need to struggle to get the desired recognition and reward for your hard work and performance.

Sun takes around 30 days to transit through each moon sign and it completes the journey through the entire zodiac circle in a year.

  1. Mind matters will help you survive as Sun transits in Libra

When? From 17th October to 17th November 2019

While Sun’s transit in your 1st house will put focus on ‘self’ than anything else, you will find it difficult to keep up the momentum, since Sun is debilitated in the Libra sign. The energy flow will be low, in this period and you will feel lethargic and uninterested to take charge of your career. However, you need to maintain the balance in your professional life, to survive this testing phase. Gains will be visible through your intelligent and insightful analysis of a particular situation and your resultant action on it.

  1. Say ‘no’ to speculations when Sun transits in Scorpio

When? From 17th November to 17th December 2019

Avoid unnecessary expenditure, when Sun begins its transit in your 2nd house. Being quick-witted with your finances aren’t going to benefit you, in this period, so, avoid any speculations or crazy deals to say safe and secure. You must not also be impulsive with your family’s financial security. It implies that you must be careful about any family possession or property, in this period. If you are into a job where you are getting a good pay package do not take any risk to turn entrepreneur, as it will not be beneficial for your career and financial situation.

  1. Listen to your colleagues when Sun transits in Sagittarius

When? From 17th December 2019 to 17th January 2020

Wisdom will be essential in all spheres of life, as Sun transits in your 3rd house. You need to stay calm and wisely consider all your career options for better professional and financial gains. This would be a period where your intellect will be your savior, helping you make effective decisions for self, family and career. You will also gain from advice from your seniors and colleagues. Do not ignore any suggestion that would come from your well-wishers, in this period, else you may have to suffer losses.

  1. Focus on career is enhanced as Sun transits in Capricorn

When? From 17th January to 17th February 2020

You will be more career-oriented, in this period, as Sun will move into your 4th house. Relationship on the family front will not be very cordial as you will be highly occupied and focused towards meeting your professional goals. You will be clearer about your career options here and will be able to make better career choices. However, gains will be a little delayed but obviously not denied. Your efforts will pay slow but steady results and you will be better prepared to take charge of your career, in the coming months.

  1. Consistency will be the key to success when Sun transits in Aquarius

When? From 17th February to 17th March 2020

Transiting in your 5th house, Sun will demand thoughtfulness and carefulness on the matters related to career. Vigilant manipulation of career options will give you assured gains. So, keep your eyes, ears and mind open when making any critical business or work related decision. Don’t just say ‘yes’ to anything that your boss asks you to do, but apply your own intellect in assessing the worth of the task. Dedicated and consistent efforts will be supported by destiny to give you the desired results from your career endeavors.

  1. Clarity and wisdom will aid your career as Sun transits in Pisces

When? From 17th March to 17th April 2020

Effectively balanced wisdom and strength along with a clear focus will help you receive gains from your career. You might be a little distracted from your professional aim, but if you will stay calm and strong, you will be able to bring your mind on the right track. You health will be of a greater concern, in this period, when Sun will be transiting in your 6th house and also having an aspect on your 12th house. Following a good health regime, healthy dietary pattern, and regular exercise schedule will help you stay fit.

  1. Consider partnership projects with a sane mind as Sun transits in Aries

When? From 17th April to 17th May 2020

Sun is exalted in Aries and thus it will give you quite a lot of power and energy to work towards a fruitful career, diligently. You will be physically and mentally strong to take on the work and workplace challenges. There is an indication of initiation of partnerships at work or in business. However, it is advisable to look through the pros and cons before entering any such treaties. Same goes for your personal relations, you will have to look after them with diplomacy and sensitivity, if you want them to work well, in the long term.

  1. Deal cautiously in financial matters when Sun transits in Taurus

When? From 17th May to 17th June 2020

Be cautious on financial grounds, as Sun transits in your 8th house. You need to think through all career investments with an open and clam mind to ensure it is safe and profitable. Avoid being impulsive in money matters and do not lend money to others, in this period. Gains from career will be stalled and thus, you need trade with extreme caution to sustain your professional life. You might accumulate wealth from inheritance, but you need to be careful in dealing with it. You might be attracted towards the mystical world of occult science – analyze and reflect if you really want to dive deep into this phenomenon.

  1. Determination will help in getting career gains as Sun transits in Gemini

When? From 17th June to 17th July 2020

As Sun transits in your 9th house you will find yourself more focused on your career and professional requirements. You will tend to put in more efforts towards meeting your timelines and targets. Hard work will reap benefits for you on the career front, you just need to keep trying and never lose the pace. There could be some confusions and slip-ups, in this period, but don’t be afraid of taking calculative risks to further your career. So, whenever you are in a state of doubt, just step back, relax and think carefully weather what you are going to do will be beneficial for your career in the long-term or not.

  1. Friends and family will support your career objectives as Sun transits in Cancer

When? From 17th July to 17th August 2020

During the transit of Sun in your 10th house you will feel a rush of emotions. You will be highly sensitive and you need to put in some efforts to ensure that you don’t make any important decision related to your career under this emotional spell. Your mother will be a source of inspiration and support to you and you will flourish on professional grounds under her guidance. You will get professional gains from your circle of friends, as they will be there you advise you and help you out with best possible options. If there is project that is been undergoing on a foreign land or with a foreign client will ultimately culminate in a fruitful conclusion.

  1. New projects, new contacts will spell success as Sun transits in Leo

When? From 17th August to 17th September 2020

This will be the time to maximize gains and work diligently for career growth and success. Your friends will give you the needed support and will be there to guide you for profitability and income gains. On your road to professional growth you will get to make new friends who will be pretty helpful in getting you success in your career. This will also be a good period to invest in new projects and also share markets, as you will get good returns to maximize your wealth. Those looking for a government job, can look forward to some good news, in this period, as chances of selection are quite high for deserving candidates.

  1. Bask in the glory of success as Sun transits in Virgo

When? From 17th September to 17th October 2020

The transit of Sun in your 12th house will be a good period for career growth and success. Whether you are in a job or business, you will get good opportunities to prosper and create a niche for yourself. Changes of success on a foreign land or with a foreign associate are quite high. You may also plan to go global, in you are contemplating business expansion. Career in digital marketing will be a good choice for those who are just starting off or planning to make a shift. You will be highly career-oriented, in this period. But, there could be a certain lack of motivation and confidence coming from a troubled relationship with your father, but you will be able to manage it wisely and effectually. You must avoid any sort of arguments with your boss, during this period, as it may prove harmful for your relationship with him and also for your career, in the long-term.