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Transit of Sun: How will it impact the career of Cancer moon sign?

Transit of

Sun takes around a month to transit through a moon sign and a year to complete the zodiac circle. Being the most powerful planet in the solar system, the impact of its transit are rather profound and deep. Since, it depicts your ‘soul’ and your projected identity to the world, the most endearing effects are felt on one’s personality.

For the career prospects of Cancer moon sign, the transit of Sun brings opportunities to embrace status, name and fame but not without putting in some extra efforts.

Sun transits in Libra from 17th October to 17th November 2019 to put hurdles in your way to career progression

Sun will be transiting in your 4th house here and will lead to worries and mental stress. Your domestic life will also be troubled and there could be frequent heated arguments with your spouse. The effects of marital discord will reflect on your professional life and you will feel out of focus at work. Misunderstandings with seniors and co-workers are also indicate, in this period. However, you can sort them out by having clear and transparent communications. Work load will remain high and unexpected work related travels may surface. Avoid such expeditions, since they will not be beneficial.

Sun transits in Scorpio from 17th November to 17th December 2019 to boost your creative capabilities

Your creative expressions will give you positive results, as Sun will be transiting in your 5th house. You will be quite ingenious in this period, to the extent that you would prefer working independently than on team assignments. Colleagues and seniors will not be supportive of your work endeavors. Avoid getting into any verbal combat in this period. Certain speculations in career will be meaningful. Gains from property are indicated. But, you need a keep a check on your charitable and overgenerous nature in this transit phase as your expenses might shoot up, remarkably.

Sun transits in Sagittarius from 17th December 2019 to 17th January 2020 to give you professional success

Transiting in your 6th house Sun will bless you with a favorable work environment which will be conducive to success. However, you need to put in extra efforts and initiate ideas to make this period more encouraging for your professional endeavors. A methodical approach to work will help you get through your career goals. Right actions combined with right attitude will help you reap benefits of this period. You will enjoy good health, in this period. Long travels undertaken for work will prove beneficial and any foreign connection with respect to work and business will help in intensifying profits.

Sun transits in Capricorn from 17th January to 17th February 2020 to put things on hold

Success at work will be delayed, as Sun starts to transit in your 7th house. You will experience positive results but hurdles will be evident. Most things related with self, marital relationships and work partnerships will be at a standstill, in this period. A sense of dissuasion prevails for work related matters. Your competitors will be strong but you will be able to put up a fair fight with them. This will not a best time to take on work related travel or make business critical decisions.

Sun transits in Aquarius from 17th February to 17th March 2020 to hinder your work concentration

Intimate matters take precedence as Sun transits into your 8th house. You will be feel a sense of detachment from your social circle and be more introspective about self. This will hinder your work progress and you will face lowered concentration towards career goals. Some hidden expenses might become prevalent in this period and your finances will be more or less restricted. Health needs proper care and attention – avoid frequent travels and erratic food habits to stay safe and fit. Domestic harmony will also be disturbed which will further obstruct your chances of success at work.

Sun transits in Pisces from 17th March to 17th April 2020 to improve your intellect

Your wisdom will be heightened in this period, as Sun transits in your 9th house, which will further positively influence all aspects of your professional and personal life. Stability in actions and thoughts will be visible which will make you a dependable resource at work. You will be able to take wise decisions with your sane mind that will prove beneficial for the business in the long term. Your association with your senior will also improve. Travel is indicated - it will bring new customers/clients and business opportunities to expand your work horizon.

Sun transits in Aries from 17th April to 17th May 2020 to demand logic and diplomacy

You will be impulsive in your approach to work and aggressive in your attitude, as Sun will transit in your 10th house. Your inconsistent behavior will disrupt your focus on career and work related matters. A calculative and diplomatic approach can help save your day at work. Being too rigid won’t work in your favor, in this period. Learn to adapt and think on practical grounds if you want to achieve your career goals in this transit phase. No doubt that you will be career-oriented, but wisdom and intellect are the two important things that you will need to stay on track with respect to your daily work routine.

Sun transits in Taurus from 17th May to 17th June 2020 to give you name and fame

You will achieve status, fame and recognition for your work in this period. Sun’s movement in your 11th house will also result in prosperity at home front. You will be able in increase your income and also achieve your career desires. Chances of salary increment and promotion are also projected. Financial and professional stability will give a sense of satisfaction, in this period. Health will be good and any travel that you might take in this transit phase will prove to be beneficial for work-related and personal matters. Your social circle will expand and you will be able to derive profitability from your community network.

Sun transits in Gemini from 17th June to 17th July 2020 to give you a chance to reflect and review

This will be a time to step back and relax and put to rest any thoughts of taking on new projects or initiatives. You should reflect on the current state of work and concentrate your energies on sustaining it and making it better rather than putting your hands into new assignments. Your associations with peers and extended social network will pay off and you will get support from them to further your career. Parties, clubbing, social gatherings will be the highlight of this period. Your rapport with your children will enhance. Overall, this will be a positive period, so just stay focused and follow your dreams.

Sun transits in Cancer from 17th July to 17th August 2020 to give you a practical outlook

During this time, you will be highly emotional, which will reflect in your professional endeavors, too. However, this is the time to lean to keep control on your emotions and not to be swayed by sentimental dispositions to take rational and fruitful work decisions. As Sun will transit through your first house, the focus will be more on self. You will try to focus on self-growth by investing in learning a new skill or technology which will help you further your business. You are advised to be extremely careful of your verbal expressions a d avoid using harsh or rude words while communicating with co-workers or subordinates. Your increased focus on your work life may take you away from home front which may create some distance in your family relationships. You are advised to create a healthy work-life balance, to ensure harmony in personal and professional life.

Sun transits in Leo from 17th August to 17th September 2020 to put forth some unexpected events

You will be more family-oriented around this time. You my undertake leisure trips with family and get to spend quality time with your loved ones. While your personal life will be on a roll, your focus on professional life will deteriorate. This may lead to a slope in financial gains and you will encounter hurdles in professional growth. If not managed in time, the effects of professional unrest may show in your personal life as well. Some health issues may crop up which could bring about unexpected and sudden rise in expenditures. You are advised to avoid driving, during this period. In case, it cannot be avoided you need to be highly careful while at the wheel.

Sun transits in Virgo from 17th September to 17th October 2020 to bestow you with gainful opportunities

Transiting in your 3rd house, Sun will provide you with rewarding professional options to take your career further, in the right direction. You will experience enhancement of your communication skills – both verbal and written. This will help you in attracting numerous clients and customers for the benefit of your profession. Your siblings and father will provide with you with the required guidance and support to scale-up your business. You will also feel spirituality enlightened and may take on a religious expedition with family or alone. Some long distance travel opportunity is also indicated, in this period. This could be a beginning of a new professional journey, through a new job or new project.