Jupiter Transit Results for Capricorn Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit
Jupiter is the biggest planet of the solar system, both astrologically as well as astronomically. It is the ruling planet of Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter is the teacher; it indicates to the higher things in life – occult, spirituality, wisdom, creativity, foreign travel, higher education and so on.  Whatever comes under influence of this mighty planet is magnified. It makes you hard working, and quench for success in areas where it sits in a horoscope. As per sidereal Vedic Astrology principles, Jupiter is beginning its stay in Virgo on 11th August, 2016 and will check out around 12th September, 2017.  Since it occupies a sign for such a long time, its influence is long lasting and significant. Jupiter passing through ill houses like 6th, 8th and so on, often poses difficulties for the natives.

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For Capricorn, Jupiter transit brings spiritual inclination. You would be interested in virtuousness and may also indulge in some religious pursuits.  You may take part in some huge religious activity too. You would never run away from lending a helping hand.  And due to your righteous deeds, you would earn dignity, name and fame. This is a very positive time for Capricorn, as their wisdom would increase as well as courage. You may take a long-distance journey, which could be very rewarding indeed. Here is a detailed overview based on the true Vedic Astrology interpretations of how Jupiter transit may influence different aspects of your life.

In career matters, this planetary transit may bring in lot of exhaustion and confusion.  This perplexity is primarily due to the possibility and thoughts of job change. This switch however is likely to be beneficial so you could go ahead, provided you make ample efforts at your new workplace in order to be in the good books of seniors. Teammates would be supportive thus; you would face no difficulties in adjustments. Just make sure to not argue with seniors or boss, and maintain a cordial affiliation.

Finance: This is an excellent period in terms of financial growth.  Opportunities may come from multiple sources, especially overseas associations, thus be on the lookout. Income would show improvement consistently.  You would use your intellect and decision-making ability to fetch more income sources. Implementation of new ideas would bring in good results. Overall, your financial standing would be better than before.

Love and Marriage:  Misunderstandings and clashes that have been troubling your love life lately would finally come to a half due to Jupiter transit. You would want to take the relationship to the next level. There are not many chances of new relationship but this is a good time to strengthen existing ones. This would be a positive period for married life too. If spouse is working, there are ample chances of benefits. It is a good time for their career growth and income would improve drastically.

Family: Family life would be blissful at large. For some, possibilities of childbirth exist which would further accelerate the harmony and love in family. Children would be very comfortable and happy throughout. Your relationship with siblings would improve too and they would perform exceptionally in their respective field of study or work. Overall, domestic atmosphere would emanate serenity and compassion.

Health: Due to lethargy and other reasons, health may become a cause of concern. Nevertheless, Jupiter transit is a little favorable in terms of health, thus you may observe slight and gradual improvement. You need to avoid laziness and lead an active lifestyle in order to take care of your overall wellbeing.

Education: Students would focus more on studies as their concentration level improves. Jupiter transit would bless them with enhanced wisdom and intellect, which would further accelerate growth. Possibility to pursue higher studies is high.  In fact, it is quite a fortunate time to begin, especially for those looking to study aboard. Efforts would mostly lead to success; you just need to continue working hard.

This comprehensive analysis of Jupiter Transit is generic in nature. For a distinctively personalized overview of how it will affect your life, you could request Jupiter Transit reading.