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Saturn transit in Capricorn and its effects on Taurus moon sign

Saturn transit

According to the Vedic Astrology, Shani refers to something which moves slowly hence Saturn has been named after its nature. It is the slowest moving planet which takes approximately two and a half year to transit through a sign. Its impact is for a very long term. As per facts Saturn is a gigantic planet which is placed at great distance from the Earth. Due to this distance, we discover him moving gradually. Saturn’s impact is for a considerably long period of time. Saturn will provide its results slowly and steadily. Therefore, you need to be extra patient and have a considerable control on your temperament as there are a whole lot of opportunities waiting for you, but will take some time.

Saturn rules two zodiac signs i.e. Capricorn and Aquarius. It is considered exalted, happy and strong in Libra moon sign. This is similar to that amazing feeling you get when you buy a limited edition bag/garment for yourself. On the other hand, Saturn is considered debilitated, sad or weak in the Aries moon sign. This can be compared to a heartbreaking situation that arises when you invest your time and emotions into something, but are unable to achieve it.

Saturn is considered as a malefic planet in astrology. Be that as it may, when put in an advantageous sign and house, he offers a man with incredible name and fame. In unfriendly conditions, this planet gives sorrow, loss, mishap and hurdles in life.

Saturn takes around two and a half year to transit through a sign. Saturn will transit through Capricorn Moon sign from 25th Jan 2020 to 30th April 2022.

Saturn is the Lord of the 9th and the 10th house and it will be transiting in the 9th house of fortune, spirituality and abroad travel. Saturn is having an aspect on the 11th house of monetary income and friends; 3rd house of communication skills, short distance travelling and siblings; 6th house of service, enemies and diseases.

Saturn is in its retrograde (REVERSE) motion from 11th May 2020 to 29th Sep 2020.

During this period you need to be cautious regarding your health, communication, friend circle and financial matters as they getting straightforwardly affected by Saturn transit in 2020

Saturn transit into the 9th house of fortune and spirituality Fortune favors you

Saturn will give rise to luck. Your fortune will favor you during this period. You will receive success in various aspects of life. This period is exceedingly ideal for getting accomplishment in professional life.  You will develop and perform exceptionally well in your professional life which may result in your promotion. This period is magnificent for those individuals who want to pursue higher studies, especially the law students who want an admission in their dream college. All you have to do is set yourself up to work really hard. The boss/manager will receive full support of his employees/team members. They will contribute towards his/her accomplishment in a specific project. Employees/team members will not deceive their boss/manager at any cost.

Welcome new friends with open arms

This period will impact your friendship circle. You will discover certain new and good friends who will be true to you and will contribute towards your advancement. You’ll get positive vibes from them and will find yourself extremely happy around them.

Need a short vacation?

You will set aside some time and effort for yourself and will go on a short trip which is genuinely necessary for your unwinding. During this period, you tend to develop a keen interest in spiritual and religious activities which will bring positivity in your life.

Conversations with siblings will be extremely valuable

You will spend a quality time with your siblings and simultaneously learn numerous new and valuable things from them. If they are trying to share their knowledge with you, you must not ignore them. Overall, everything will go well.  On the off chance that there are a few obstacles in the middle of your way, you'll have the option to defeat all these. Your adversaries won't probably hurt you in any ways. So, Sit back and Relax!

Saturn is having an aspect on the 11th house of income, elder siblings, career and father

This period May bring about an ascent in your monetary income. You will undoubtedly receive humongous benefits and financial gains during this period but gradually and consistently. This period won’t give prompt results. You should be calm and composed and simultaneously continue to work hard.

Need a superior and a better vision?

You must listen to your elder siblings and pursue their recommendation. This is going to be very beneficial for you. It will give you a superior vision and will enable you to accomplish victory.

Your 3rd house of siblings might cause certain disputes

Certain mistaken assumptions may bring about disputes or a communication gap might build among you and your siblings since Saturn is directly influencing your 3rd house siblings. You will have some sort of disputes with your friends. You need to handle this situation very wisely else you might just ruin your relation with them permanently.

Be cautious: Saturn is adversely affecting your 3rd house of communication and siblings

You must avoid any sort of brutal tone or awful language with your siblings otherwise, you might have to face financial loss. Along with this, it can also result in breaking your relationship with that person. You may need to confront unfavorable impacts in view of your certain decisions. This will directly or indirectly influence your basic leadership abilities. You shall give up the idea of going on work trips, as the result probably won’t be that productive.

Saturn is having an influence on the 6th house of Service/job, enemy and loan

By and large, this is a prosperous period. You may find a new and desired job opportunity or might also get a promotion in your current job. There are no odd possibilities that your enemies will harm you in anyways. In case you were trying for a financial help for example a loan, you’ll be able to get it. Your bank will turn the previous red signals green.