Saturn transit in Capricorn: What will be the impact on Gemini moon sign?

Saturn transit in Capricorn: What will be the impact on Gemini moon sign?


Saturn is one of the most significant planets in Vedic Astrology. Its position and placement in your birth chart has far-reaching effects which stays for long. It takes around 2.5 years to move through a moon sign – this is the longest for any planet to stay in a sign. Moreover, its presence is characterized by ‘Karma’, hard work, perseverance and delay. Thus, it is given special consideration in Vedic Astrology.

Saturn will be transiting in Capricorn from 25th January 2020 till 30th April 2022. It will be moving into its ‘own house’, therefore it will operate at free will. For Saturn to exercise autonomy would mean that the mighty planet will have the final say in all the areas of your life.

What all will be at stake for Gemini ascendant, as Saturn transit in Capricorn?

If you are a Gemini moon sign, you will see a substantial impact on your 2nd, 5th, 8th and 10th house, as Jupiter will make a move from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Capricorn is a Cardinal sign with a practical approach. In association with Jupiter it will offer you many opportunities to slow-down, evaluate and strengthen what you have established till now in life. But as a Gemini moon sign, you are too emotional and anxious and the transit will further expand your these traits. Thus, you need to watch out for emotional and financial matters in a logical and realistic manner.

  • Saturn will negatively influence your 8th house of sudden gains and longevity
  • Saturn’s transits into 8th house from Moon sign in your birth chart may cause ‘Saturn (Shani) Dhaiya period’
  • Saturn’s aspect on the 10th house will lead to negative influence on your career, achievements and social status
  • It will also aspect the 2nd house in your birth chart causing trouble in your family life and wealth accumulation
  • The auspicious side of Saturn’s transit in Capricorn will come through its aspect on the 5th house in your birth chart. The Gemini ascendant will see a positive influence on education, love life, children and other related aspects of this house.

You will get what you want, but you need to put in more hard work and persistence to reach your goal.

Saturn tests your patience and grit, Capricorn by nature is driven. When both come together in Gemini moon sign which is unstable and quite emotional, they command discipline. This is the time to put in extra efforts in doing something that will have a lasting benefit. You need to be honest, respectful, forthright and ethical to embrace success in this transit period. Avoid shortcuts at any cost.

For whatever you do, in this transit phase, you must think of it in the long-term. Stability should be the key word for you. As Saturn influence your 8th house you will have hurdles in the way of wealth accumulation and sudden gains. It will also interfere with your health and sexual life.

During this period, when Saturn moves from the 8th house of the natal Moon, you will experience Saturn (Shani) Dhaiya, the effects are similar to that of ‘sadhe sati’ of Saturn, and this period will last for 2.5 years. This is the period when you will face sudden obstacles in your endeavors.


You will need to put in extra hard work on professional front, as Saturn aspect your 10th house, during its transits in Capricorn.

This house relates to Capricorn and is also strongly associated with Saturn. So, the transit period will expand all the aspects represented by this house. According to Vedic Astrology, 10th house is your ‘Karma Bhava’ which means the ‘house of work/career/profession’.

Subsequently, for Gemini ascendant when Saturn will aspect the 10th house during the course of its transit in Capricorn, there will be an impact on career.

You will have all what it takes to succeed, but you need to put in extra hard work and more efforts to reach your goal. Shortcuts and unethical means are a strict no – any such ways can be more harmful, in the long-term. Self-confidence and perseverance will sail you through the tough times, but if you deviate from the right path you will be engulfed in a series of challenges, that won’t go away anytime soon.

You need to keep a check on your ambition – being over ambitious can be more detrimental than you can image. You might lose out on near and dear ones in your journey to achieve power because of your overzealous nature.

Your social status, respect and social stability will also take a beating during this transit period. Those who hold a position of power, may have to work hard to secure it, in the long-term.

Your wealth accumulation will be effected as Saturn aspect your 2nd house, during its transits in Capricorn.

Your 2nd house is the ‘house of possession’ and it represents ownership, possession and accumulated wealth. It also relates to your immediately family. If you are a Gemini moon sign, this aspect of Saturn on your 2nd house will have a negative effect on all the aspects that it denotes. Since, your wealth accumulation will be negatively impacted, you need to save for the rainy days. Be very careful with respect to expenditures and manage your money properly.

Financial success may not be remarkable in this transit period, but you can reverse the effect by your dedication and diligence. You might feel unsupported at times, and will be stressed, but by the end of this transit period you will emerge as a much stronger person, if you don’t give up midway. This transit is more of a self-reflection phase for you. Being a Gemini you are prone to change, but this transit period commands stability, so you need to be cautious of not giving up, stick around and you will see desired results.

Creativity, education and love life will blossom, during Saturn’s transit in Capricorn, as it aspect your 5th house.

For a Gemini ascendant, some good news will come through the 5th ‘house of creation’, during the transit of Saturn in Capricorn. You will be energized to innovate and create something that will be sustainable. As your creativity, intelligence and talent will be fostered, you can seek new avenues to explore your talent – be it in the field of education or work. Your fifth house also rules your chances of higher education, spiritual learning and pursuits and they all will be positively influenced when Saturn transits in Capricorn.

You will have great love life during this transit period. Your love relations will strengthen and you will be able to embrace long-term commitments. For those who are blessed with children this will be a very satisfying period on all aspects of growth and happiness. For Gemini women, if you are looking to expand your family – this transit period favors you.

Overall for Gemini ascendants, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn is the time to think of all life matters in the long-term, focus on stability, continuity and endurance. Look past the immediate concerns, broaden your horizon, to make the most of this transit period. You may feel detached and disconnected at times, but your success will lie in shunning these feelings and moving ahead with aplomb to reach your goal.