Ketu Transit for Capricorn

Ketu Transit

Ketu is a karmic planet which delivers sudden and major blows on an individual’s life. In 2019, Ketu will transit in the 12th house of Capricorn natives in the Sagittarius sign. It is the house of expenditure, so you better get your financial budgets planned for 2019. Avoid being an extravagant in 2019 as Ketu could drag you in situations of severe financial crisis.

Ketu acts like a deceptive planet in the 12th house of Capricorn moon. It can give sudden loss of wealth or property. During 2019 Ketu transit, avoid any sort of overseas investment in property.

  • Uttara-Asadha and Purva-Asadha are the constellations which fall under the Sagittarius zodiac sign.
  • Ketu will transit in the “Uttara-Asadha” constellation of Sun. It will create government related problem in business or legal issues with government.
  • Ketu will also travel through the “Purva-Asadha” constellation of Venus. During this time, you might experience some problems in business or your personal relationships. The Purva-Asadha is said to be invincible star so during this time, Ketu has the potency to give unexpected gain if you follow a disciplined work routine at work place and reach on time for your day-today work.

Take care of your health during 2019 Ketu transit. Religious and spiritual work during this period would prove beneficial for you. Ketu will incline your interest towards mythology. You are likely to devote time to do research on different religions to learn the secrets of life encoded in their ancient texts.

You would get best results in work and business when you will proceed without any sort of attachment & expectations. Start meditating to maintain good mental health. Your intuition will be strong and quite accurate during the Ketu 2019 transit. During this time, your advice will prove beneficial for people and would also act as a healing touch in the stressful situations.

If you are working on some research proposal, then Ketu is likely to support you and bring favorable results. It will open doors for new career options for Capricorn natives. Divine wisdom and occult knowledge will be shared with you by an experienced source.

Final word: Rahu &Ketu will offer sudden wealth gain and expenditure on property. Health needs care & attention as it is likely to get affected during the period between 15th June and 17th July 2019. Mediation would help you to deal with mental stress.