Mercury Retrogression in Virgo (10 Sep – 2 Oct)

Mercury retrogrades in Virgo during 10 Sep – 2 Oct, a period in which you will have to balance your relationships, both personal & professional, and restore your vitality. Read this article to learn more about how this retrogression will affect you.

Mercury Retrogression in Virgo (10 Sep – 2 Oct)


Mercury will retrograde in Virgo on 10 Sep 2022. After 2 Oct 2022, it will start moving in its direct path in Virgo. Virgo is the exalted sign of Mercury. The main manifestations of retrograde Mercury in its own sign, Virgo, as indicated by Vedic astrology are:

  • Enhances intelligence and focused vision of individuals.
  • Retrogression of Mercury in its own exalted sign can be favorable for many.
  • Retrograde Mercury also affects speech, intelligence quotient and decorum of behaviour.

How will Mercury’s retrogression in Virgo affect You?

  1. Aries

Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 6th house for Aries. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 6th house of health, job and enemies. The location of Mercury will cover the health and rivalry sector for you. Professionals will have opportunities for success in career, but you will face a continuous threat from your rivals to tarnish your image at your workplace. You will have to make efforts to maintain peace with your colleagues for the completion of your work commitments on time. You are advised to be cautious from the starting of retrograde of Mercury; do not trust anyone blindly. Overall, you will have gains in your career and professional ventures but avoid sudden decisions regarding any professional matter.

You will have to be very careful about your health as it may render obstacles in the smooth functioning of your ventures, both at the personal and professional front. The beginning of the transit will affect you with low physical vitality so it will be beneficial for you to follow a good diet and exercise regime for physical and mental health.

  1. Taurus

Mercury is the lord of 2nd and 5th house for Taurus. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 5th house of love, children and speculation. The location of Mercury indicates mixed index vis-à-vis your wallet and relationships. Your personal front will be prosperous in general but you will have less cordial relations with your love partner as retrograde Mercury can bring about doubt and conflicts in your relationship. Avoid any kind of doubt against your partner and try to talk with clarity with your partner for the prosperity of your relationship.

If married, you will also have to be careful in your marital relations, respecting each other’s space and dignity for peace and harmony. If you want to be blessed with the birth of a child, then retrograde Mercury will augment your chances for conceiving. Avoid any kind of harsh behaviour towards your child as it will not be good for your relationship.

You will have good chances of enhancing your wealth consistency, but only through fair and honest means of earning. Those involved in making money by speculation or through fast money schemes will need to monitor their money matters with caution as it may result in monetary loss.

  1. Gemini

Mercury is the lord of 1st and 4th house for Gemini. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 4th house of domestic happiness, stability and property. The location of Mercury will bless you with auspiciousness during this period. You will have the opportunity of earning good reputation by modifying your personality. Your domestic happiness will improve as you will have the chance of spending quality time with your spouse and family members. Do not speculate with respect to your personal relations by taking every decision or responsibility on your shoulders; but try to involve your family and partner in your domestic matters for peace and harmony.

On the whole, you will experience an increase in comforts and enhancement of peace at your home front. However, your professional front will not be progressive and you will incur stress due to problems at work. You will, nonetheless, have the patience to overcome any hindrance that will come in your career path and you will be able to submit your professional commitments on time. You will have the ability to win the cooperation of others with your intelligence and calm attitude, which will be good for career relations.

  1. Cancer

Mercury is the lord of 3rd and 12th house for Cancer. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 3rd house of initiative, short travels and siblings. The location of Mercury indicates that you should observe caution over communication or speech. In the zodiac, Cancer is supposed to be the most caring and nurturing of all signs; but retrograde Mercury will affect your communication at all levels. Avoid being ruled by emotions while communicating with others as your general conversation will be misinterpreted by the concerned person. Your family life will not be harmonious as problems with siblings will crop up during this period. Try to stay calm and make efforts for your family’s happiness by exhibiting mutual understanding. Try to talk to your loved ones to clear doubts, if any.

You are likely to have differences with your superiors but try to work in a systematic way to avoid any kind of professional contradiction. In your professional sphere, if you are required to sign a document, do so with extra caution and after reading the papers carefully. You will be targeted by your professional rivals constantly during this period and this may affect your work efficiency. The company of your friends will be very beneficial for you; but avoid any long travel that may not bear you fruits.

  1. Leo

Mercury is the lord of 2nd and 11th house for Leo. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 2nd house of wealth, finance and speech. The location of Mercury indicates a mixed platter of variants in the spheres of finance and relationships for you during this period. Mercury is an auspicious planet for Leo but it may bring conflicts and disturbance in your personal and familial relationships if ego creeps into your mutual feelings. In this phase, there could be a feeling of void in personal relations with partner or family members.

In your professional sector, if you are an independent entrepreneur, there can be mixed effects. But if you have plans to invest money in any new venture, you will meet with success as this investment will give good gains in the future. On the other hand, if you are an employed professional, then it is best to exercise control in all aspects as this will bring you benefits. Be mindful in how you communicate and interact with everyone at your workplace or it may spoil your professional relationships.

Your financial sector will see an unfavorable trend if you seek to get into debts for your immediate needs. The repayment of the loan may become difficult for you. Hence it is better for you to plan your financial budget keeping your income in mind and by controlling unnecessary expenses. Avoid any kind of investment during this period as it will not yield good gains.

  1. Virgo

Mercury is the lord of 1st and 10th house for Virgo. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 1st house of self and personality. The location of Mercury indicates that, in order to reap gains, you should maintain caution during this period. Mercury will be in its exalted sign, which will bless you with opportunities in your profession and bring you success, good reputation in your social circle and peace in personal life. But your rivals in personal and professional fronts will also continue to be active during this period, constantly posing a threat to your image and relationships.

Your personal life will need extra attention with change in events in your life, especially in the personal sphere. Avoid any kind of conflict with your partner over trust issues with regard to relations and finances. Your rivals may be very closely around you and you may fail to recognize them; so avoid any conflict based on others’ narratives.

Professionally, this period will be fruitful for you in terms of career gains but you are advised to avoid any major investment or decision related to your career as any kind of haste may result in monetary loss. If you have a career in the digital world, then you will have a favorable time in your ventures.

  1. Libra

Mercury is the lord of 9th and 12th house for Libra. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 12th house of loss and bed pleasures. The location of Mercury indicates less progressive trends in your ventures during this period. Your personal disposition will be affected by a mark of anger in your speech, so take care while speaking to your colleagues/associates at the work front for healthy professional relationships. You will have dedication and honesty to complete your tasks on time but be careful of your rivals at work, who may try to tarnish your reputation for their personal benefit.

Your personal life will be blessed with peace and prosperity and you will have a beautiful equation with your family /spouse if you respect your elders. This will bring you the grace of their blessings along with valuable wisdom and advice in any decision you make during this period.

You will have to keep vigilance over your money right from the start of this retrogression and avoid any unnecessary expenses. Only then will you be able to maintain consistency in your financial matters.

  1. Scorpio

Mercury is the lord of 8th and 11th house for Scorpio. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 11th house of loss and bed pleasures. The location of Mercury represents gains, peace and also caution for you during this period. Your personal platter of relationships will yield good results. You will be graced by happiness, peace and harmony in your personal relations as you will get opportunities to spend quality time with your loved ones. You have to be cautious, however, vis-à-vis your approach with your loved ones as any mild situation of disagreement may flare up into something big.

Your professional front will see a favorable phase as you will be able to complete all your ventures with speed and accuracy, which is likely to bring you gains in your career. You may also associate with new organizations/people during this time; but keep vigilance as you develop a relationship with them since there are strong chances of you associating professionally with people who might be harmful for you or not beneficial for you.

Financially, you will get mixed results during Mercury retrograde in Virgo but you should focus on your sources of income for financial consistency. Avoid lending of money as it may get stuck for a long period of time.

Take good care of your health during this period.

  1. Sagittarius

Mercury is the lord of 7th and 10thhouse for Sagittarius. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 10th house of career and status. The location of Mercury will bring you a mixed bowl of gains and conflict vis-à-vis relationships during this period. The retrogression of Mercury in Virgo in the 10th house of career will affect your relationship with your partners or colleagues at work. You will draw professional gains because of your hard work and your dedication that will be appreciated by your superiors and business associates. However, avoid being arrogant with your professional partners during any business call or meeting as it may not do good to your professional image.

Your family life will progress well if you connect with your family during your difficult times or connect with them while taking any major decision. This will help you overcome any mental stress or confusion you face while making these decisions.

If you are looking for love, you will be lucky to find the partner of their dreams. But this period will not be cordial for you if you are married as you will unintentionally hurt your partner with your rude behaviour and conflict over simple matters.

  1. Capricorn

Mercury is the lord of 6th and 9thhouse for Capricorn. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 9th house of fortune and long travel. The location of Mercury suggests that you will have favorable prospects during this period. There will be progressive trends in matters related to work. You will have the opportunity to go on work related travel during this period, but you are advised to avoid travel as it may cause you difficulties in health or it may bring you professional loss. If there are legal matters related to work, you will see success or win the court battle. At work, there are chances of being promoted or receiving recognition for your hard work.

The atmosphere at home and relations with your partner and family will be cordial with good mutual understanding. Your personal endeavors will endorse close bonding and love with your partner and family members. Retrograde Mercury in the 9th house of spirituality will make you inclined towards spirituality, connecting you with religious groups. You may also get involved in organizing religious events.

  1. Aquarius

Mercury is the lord of 5th and 8th house for Aquarius. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 8th house of hurdles and loss. The location of Mercury will result in exhaustion and stress for you during this period. Effects of retrograde Mercury will include a negative impact on your family and love relationships, financial status. This period may result in parting with your parents due to relocation, but you will gain with their unconditional support. Your personal relationships will be disturbed as you will be more sensitive with respect to your emotional instincts, which may not be perceived with a positive attitude by your partner.

You will not be lucky to have good professional relationships in this period, despite putting lots of clever efforts to join hands with colleagues in joint ventures. Hence, let the scheduled routine of the office move in its normal pace as any change will not be beneficial for your professional prospects. You will feel the low energy and stress related to the non-progressive trend in your life, so do take out some time for yourself for rest and mental peace.

  1. Pisces

Mercury is the lord of the 4th and 7th house for Pisces. It will retrograde in Virgo in the 7th house of marriage and partnership. The location of Mercury indicates that you will be involved in facing and solving problems during this period. You will need to be practical and careful in relation to your professional partnership. The involvement of your professional associates in partnership will result in loss due to negligence over the checking of your partner’s professional details. Cooperate well with your colleagues and partners and leave any professional rivalry behind, without getting provoked emotionally. Do not trust anyone with utmost faith.

This retrogression of Mercury will evoke your emotional thoughts at different levels since any personal or domestic clash may escalate during this period. Always make room for conversations with your loved ones for good tuning in the relationship. You will have the support of your family. Take their advice in every decision you make regarding the home front, as this will enhance and strengthen your trust and love for each other.

Keep vigilance over your financial matters with sound planning so that your expenditures do not exceed your income.

How can you mitigate challenges during this period?

  • Donate stationery, books & bags to school children.
  • Keep a green handkerchief in your pocket or wear green clothes for good luck.
  • Respect elders, especially females, and donate in cash or kind to the less privileged, old age homes and orphanages.