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New Moon in Gemini for the 12 Zodiac Signs

New Moon in Gemini for the 12 Zodiac Signs


New Moon is going to move into the Gemini sign on 20th June 2020. This transition is going to make the natives more expressive, intellectually stimulating, communicative and expressive, in general.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which shares a neutral association with Moon. This relationship could be a little skewed on the negative side, but it’s not particularly constant.

During this time, intuitive wisdom plays an important role, where you will get constructive ideas for advancement and success, in the long-term.

Both personal and professional aspects will lead through passion with undertones of spontaneity. This attribute need to be channelized in a productive fashion for better results in the New Moon in Gemini phase.

You will be highly devoted towards your family and religious dispositions will be evident in your personality, during this time. You will be rather understanding and perceptive in nature, in this phase and will lead through your communication abilities.

While overall effects of New Moon in Gemini will be unchanged for the 12 moon signs, some variations in results will be there specific to the moon sign and the house in which this transit will take place for you.

New moon in Gemini for Aries moon sign

New Moon in Gemini for Aries moon sign natives is going to be in the 3rd house. This position of New Moon is beneficial for Aries natives. It makes you courageous, benevolent and friendly, in general.

You have an inclination for comfortable living, during this time and you will also like to serve the society, at large. During this period, you will make good relations with one and all and will be pretty friendly in your disposition.

You will like the luxuries and pleasures of life and seek them in your daily life, but not at the cost of other important things or people.

The New Moon in Gemini phase will encourage you to earn well through professional endeavors, which will bring in both growth and prosperity in your career.

Aries natives will be blessed with strong intuitive abilities, during this time, which will help them in making effective decisions.

Your love for peace in harmony will keep the sanity in your domestic life intact and add flavors of mutual camaraderie in your conjugal relationships.

The sense of belongingness will be strong and you will offer the same to your near and ones too, during this time. You will like all the good things in life and will make it point to do good to others, as moon gets itself positioned in your 3rd house.

Your relationship with siblings will also be in focus, at this time and you will witness your bond getting much stronger, during this new moon phase.

New moon in Gemini for Taurus moon sign

For Taurus moon sign, New Moon in Gemini will take place in the 2nd house. This period will bestow you with good communication skills, which will not only be an enhanced personal characteristic but will also help you in attracting good income gains.

You will be able to earn well by pursuing a career in consultancy or brokerage, at this time. Gains from journalism and publishing careers will also be superlative, during the time of this New Moon in Gemini phase.

Self-efforts will make you succeed in almost anything that you will take up during this time. Patience, perseverance and hard work will be your main tools to get success in this period.

This period will also enhance your love for travelling. Besides, being rejuvenating, these journeys will offer you good benefits on both personal and professional accounts.

You can make some new friends, initiate a romantic association, get new clients for your business, and strike new deals for financial profits – through the travels undertake in this period.

In both love and marital life, there will be harmony and mutual respect. Support of family members will be with you, during this time, to encourage you to take new opportunities and make critical decisions for a better future.

New moon in Gemini for Gemini moon sign

New Moon in Gemini for Gemini moon sign natives will transit in the lagna/ascendant house. Moving into your house of personality and temperament, New Moon in Gemini is going to make the natives deep thinkers and generous in disposition.

You will be knowledgeable and patient in your day-to-day dealings, which will offer you good opportunities to grow and succeed in both personal and professional objectives.

The road to professional attainments will be met through a matured outlook towards things and hard work, in place. You will be competitive, but also fair in your dealings, believing in offering equal chance to everybody to prove their worth.

You will have serious attitude towards things, but an undertone of wit makes you a bit sarcastic, too. During this period, your virtuous and enduring nature will earn you recognition and laurels in both at work and at home.

You will like to better yourself at things, at hand, as anything mediocre will not satisfy you, during this New Moon phase.

In domestic life, you will be sacrificing and poised in nature. You will keep the comfort and happiness of your loved ones before your own desires and wishes, and work accordingly to meet your personal intents.

New moon in Gemini for Cancer moon sign

Cancer moon sign natives will have the New Moon in Gemini positioned in their 12th house. This placement of New Moon makes you humane and inclined towards occult science or study of the unknown.

While you will have good respect in the society, you will be at times, too easily influenced by others. This could be a little worrisome, as you may tend to overlook a lot of things and base your decisions mostly on the discretion of others.

You may also waste your productive energies in wasteful discussions, during this time, which will drain you of your vitality and enthusiasms and you may lack the right amount of fervor while dealing with critical things in life.

The Cancer natives may face difficulties in putting forth their opinions, during this phase, which could be suppressing and misleading for you.

The main focus of this period is going to be on your altruistic tendencies, which could be disturbing for you, every so often, if not managed properly. You also need to be a little alert during this time, as you may have some secret enemies or manipulating people who will take advantage of you, at this time.

New Moon in Gemini for Leo moon sign

For Leo moon sign natives, New Moon in Gemini is going to take place in the 11th house. Moving into your house of income gains, New Moon will bestow you with good income gains.

Professionally, you will benefit from the media, journalism and publishing work, during this time. Benefits from spiritual learnings and government jobs are also indicated, at this time.

You will earn through your intelligence and efforts; dedication towards career will bring about immense favors of luck for a success stint.

You will understand the art of creating a balance in personal and professional life, thereby ensuring peace at home and contentment in professional sphere. Love and marital life will be cordial and you will have the support of your partner, during all this while.

You will crave appreciation and acknowledgment for your deeds, during this phase. Income gains, alone, will not suffice and you would want public recognition for your efforts and hard work.

You can be a little moody and temperamental, at times, and this tendency needs to be dealt with properly, as you may end up displeasing your near and dear ones.

New Moon in Gemini for Virgo moon sign

The event of New Moon in Gemini will happen in the 10th house for Virgo moon sign natives. During this time success in professional endeavors is foreseen, but efforts need to up pumped up for bigger and better results.

Good gains from career – be it business or job id indicated, during this time. You will prosper by utilizing your enhanced wit and intelligence, along with refined communication skills.

You will have great multitasking abilities, at this time, which if exploited effectively can bring about superlative gains, in the New Moon in Gemini phase.

Speculative investments will also give you good returns, during this time. Still, read through the terms and conditions, analyze the pros and cons and assess all the possibilities before putting your money into any risky or adventurous investment format.

Impulsive or uninformed investment decisions will lead to huge losses, which will be difficult to recover, so be very careful, in this regard.

You will have the support of your seniors, during this time and you can lend back on them for any advice, which will be crucial for growth at work.

Domestic life will be stable, with no major ups and downs, yet some efforts are required to spend more time with your spouse or partner, otherwise insecurity may creep in your relationship.

New Moon in Gemini for Libra moon sign

Libra moon sign natives will witness New Moon in Gemini in their 9th house of luck. Moving into the house of fortunes, New Moon will bring in prosperity for you, in general terms, during this time.

Your financial status will be pretty strong, during this time. You will earn well, through honest means and will get name and fame, during this time.

Your diligent and meticulous ways of working will offer you good attainments in both professional and social status. Spiritual and religious dispositions will keep your attitude pious and honest.

The above traits will also reflect in your personal life, where your family members will take pride in your achievements. Love life will be outlined with an air of romantic expressions. For those who are married, respect and affection will define your relationship with your partner, during this time.

You will have frequent foreign trips, during this time and you will make god amount of money through these journeys, as New Moon will get positioned in your 9th house.

Special care will be required for mother’s health, at this time. Do not hesitate in taking medical help, if the need arises. On precautionary basis, keep a close watch on her dietary recommendations.

New Moon in Gemini for Scorpio moon sign

For Scorpio moon sign natives, New moon in Gemini is going to take place in the 8th house of sudden events. You will be required to maximize your efforts in order to increase your gains, during this time.

You will earn as much as the intensity of your efforts, since the relationship between your gains and your hard work is going to be directly proportional with each other, during this time.

Due to increased efforts, you will have undue pressure and workload will also increase, at this time, causing some distress for the Scorpio natives. Thus, health, especially, mental well-being will require a closer watch and enough optimism to avoid depressing tendencies.

Meditation and yoga practices will be must, at this time, to steer clear of any negativity and stressful situations and manage the anxiety levels well.

Your good conduct, politeness and humility will attract good people, good work and good omen. Still, caution over inimical propensities is required to stay safe and buoyant.

You will need courage to overcome your enemies, during this time. Proper health will be required to maintain health. Sudden travel opportunities could arise, but you should try and take these up as they can prove highly beneficial for you, in the long term.

New Moon in Gemini for Sagittarius moon sign

The focus of your life will shift to your partnerships, during the time of New Moon in Gemini, as it get itself positioned in your 7th house.

Sagittarius natives will share amiable relationship with their spouse or love partner, during this time. You will be honest, fair and transparent in your approach, in this phase, and this will earn you the trust and confidence of your partners.

Domestic harmony will ensue, where love, respect and sense of belongingness will prevail in your personal life. You will share a great rapport with your children, during this time.

In work life, as well, business associates and work colleagues will lend a supportive hand and you will reciprocate the same gestures towards them. Thus, your professional life will prosper as these relationships at work will nurture under deep care and loyalty.

Your wisdom will assist you in taking effective decisions, pertaining to both love and career, thereby, aiding in your efforts for growth, success and overall happiness.

You will be sincere in your dealings with people at work and will earn fairly well in partnerships projects, during this time. You will influential in group or partnership dealings, at this time and luck will favor you in such endeavors, leading to good gains, in this particular phase.

New Moon in Gemini for Capricorn moon sign

New Moon in Gemini will occur in the 6th house of Capricorn moon sign natives. You will be highly focused on your career, during this time.

Larger attention towards career will hinder the harmony at home, as you tend to give lesser amount of time to your family. Therefore, to sustain an aura of amity in your personal life, try to devote fair time at home and offer due attention to your loved ones.

You will be intelligent, hardworking and well-informed to manage critical tasks, at work, during this time. A sense of great self-esteem will be a double-edge sword for you, as on one hand, it will keep you on the righteous path, and on other hand, it could make you too rigid to accept the viewpoint of others.

If you hold a position of authority, at your workplace, you can become too dominant or strict towards your subordinates, which derail the rate of success and cast a shadow of petulance in your team or organization.

Career in publishing or related fields will churn out good income gains. You will also earn well through wit and eloquence, during this time. Self-restrain will be essential, at this time, to overcome needless challenges that could affect growth and positivity in your life.

New Moon in Gemini for Aquarius moon sign

For Aquarius moon sign natives, New Moon in Gemini is going to take place in the 5th house. This placemen will make you a good orator, you will earn well through eloquence and communication skills.

This will be a highly satisfying period for you, in terms of domestic life. You will be blessed with a loving spouse and supportive children. Your children will do extremely well in academics, due to their enhanced intelligence, during this time.

Your own intelligence also will shine bright, during this time and you will outshine your competitors, with your wit and wisdom, when New Moon will move into your 5th house in the Gemini sign.

Advisory, consultancy and counselling related jobs will be quite beneficial for you, during this time. Otherwise, also, you can turn out to be a good advisor for friends and family, if and when they require suggestions over critical situations, at this time.

You will also be good with debating capabilities and thus, for students if can be a sure differentiator in academic success. For those inclined towards politics, this skill will be helpful in attaining success and growth.

New Moon in Gemini for Pisces moon sign

This event will take place in the 4th house of Pisces moon sign natives, thereby, influencing the domestic harmony of the natives.

You will have harmonious relationships with your family members, during the time New Moon’s movement in Gemini. Domestic peace will be intact and an aura of joy and cheer will surround the natives.

You will be highly possessive of your spouse and children, at this time and will deeply care for them.

You will earn well, income through property and inheritance will flourish, during this time for the Pisces natives. You will invest in buying vehicles or other items of luxury for your family, now.

Career-wise, too, it will be a good period, where income from the chosen professional field will increase. Speculations will not be profitable, at this time, so avoid such investments.

You need to take care of your verbal expressions, during this period, as you could become a little rude, causing disturbance in your relationship with your personal and professional associates.