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New Moon in Gemini for the 12 Zodiac Signs

The first citing of the waxing crescent moon is known as the New Moon Phase, or Amavasya, in Vedic Astrology. From an astrological point of view, the phases of the moon have a huge impact on our personalities and energy levels.

New Moon in Gemini

The New Moon will enter the Gemini moon sign soon on July 2, 2019. Gemini is known for governing communication, and is always in need of spontaneity and changes.

The New Moon will enter the third sign of the zodiac, Gemini, which is an airy sign, and ruled by the planet Mercury. As Moon and Mercury share a benefic connection, hence, the results that this transit will give will be mostly positive. Gemini is known for its logical thought processes based on duality, consciousness, and communication, and will bring about varied celestial activities, for all the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Let us take a look how the new moon can influence each zodiac sign differently so, gear up and see how this new start of the moon projects itself in the Gemini moon sign, and what we can look forward to!

This is an article based on your moon sign. If you still do not know what your moon sign is, click here to find out how to know what your moon sign is!

  • For Aries: When the New Moon transits into the Gemini, the Aries natives will be in the spotlight and the stars will make you inner desires come true. You might have unexpected gains, from sources such as land and property dealings. New contacts or relations might be build, which will be beneficial in the long run. There are chances of getting the opportunity to travel for work, and you might think of relocating to another place, for job/career prospects. Overall, this New Moon day is a win-win situation for you.
  • For Taurus: For a Taurus native, the New Moon in Gemini will let you feel a lot of positive energy within yourself the whole day. You might invest in luxurious items, which might increase your indulgence in expenses. However, you will be able to control your expenses, if you spend only when it is unavoidable. Your financial status will improve, and you will win accolades for your work. Your love life will be extremely pleasant and you will have a very cordial relationship with your partner, if married.
  • For Gemini: When the New Moon transits into the Gemini, any attraction you have for the opposite sex, might convert into a relationship. For those who were looking for reconciliation, you might have the needed chance to rekindle the romance. One might even encounter someone new in his/her life. You might receive parental money, and even get a chance to save money or discover an accumulation of wealth.
  • For Cancer: For the Cancerians, this New Moon phase seems to be a significant period, as you might be facing delays in almost every field, though it might not possibly be harmful. You might get chances of travelling for work, or for other reasons, but it might not be as fruitful as you wanted it to be. Even relocation is on the cards. You might be mentally disturbed for a while, due to the various upheavals in your personal life, but that will pass with the passing of this phase.
  • For Leo: For a Leo native, the New Moon in Gemini brings better avenues for career and professional life. You would receive any news of promotion or advancement in your job or profession, which would realize soon. Your career will be in an upscale now, and you would enjoy professional heights, as you might crack a business deal. You might even get avenues for travel, which will become advantageous for you.
  • For Virgo: For the Virgos, this phase seems to be profitable if you have been anticipating of some good news to come in your professional life and scenario. Your relationships with your family members will improve, and you might even share cordial relationships with your friends. You might get the salary hike, which you have been waiting for a while now. It will definitely give you the hope for a positive result in your benefit.
  • Libra Moon Sign: The Libra natives might be presented with fruitful opportunities for travel, foreign trips as well, which might be beneficial for you career. You might even take a casual trip with your family or friends, in general. This travel will be fruitful for you as well. Any foreign connections or contacts might present you with professional gains. You might even crack a new project or a deal, in business or at work, which might take the form of success for you in the future.
  • Scorpio Moon Sign: The New Moon phase seems to be a significant period when in Gemini, for Scorpions. Financial benefits are on the cards during this transit, so expect to benefit from speculative acts, which you must have invested in before. It is also possible that you gain unexpected returns from betting, lotteries, etc. You might get financial help for your business venture, from somewhere you did not anticipate before, but it will give you the much-needed rise. Your health will not be at its peak, it will be moderate, so take care to not indulge in anything that weakens you during this phase.
  • Sagittarius Moon Sign: For the Sagittarians, this phase seems to be all about steadiness and reliability, all thanks to the New moon in Gemini. Any attraction you have for the opposite sex, might convert into a relationship. You might even get the needed chance to rekindle the romance. One might even encounter someone new in his/her life. Your spouse might help you financially, or even partner with you for your business dealings. Your social life will be very active during this phase, and you will enjoy happy times and have good memories during this time.
  • Capricorn Moon Sign: Being a Capricorn native, when the New Moon is in Gemini, you would need to handle your expenses well. You might invest in luxurious items, which might increase your indulgence in expenses. However, at the same time, try to keep a track of your expenses. You might spend on your spouse, and he/she might be a reason for your added expenses. Your health might not be in its extreme best, but, precautionary measures for throat and chest infection, might keep illnesses at bay. You might even face some disappointments in your love life, so take care to avoid conflicts and clashes with your partner, as this phase would not help improving the same.
  • Aquarius Moon Sign: For the Aquarians, this phase seems to be lucky for you to win over your enemies, or prove to them that you are no less than your competitors are. This period is also related for job related professions, which would be on the high. Any loan proposal, which you might have applied for, needed for business or personal purpose, will be accepted now. Any attraction you have for the opposite sex, might convert into a relationship. One might even encounter someone new in his/her life, after long awaiting something like this to happen.
  • Pisces Moon Sign: For a Piscean, the New Moon in Gemini would be good for more reasons than just one. You would get news of financial betterment, or might benefit financially through anyone. You might even be lucky to get gains from stock markets and share markets. Your professional life and career, and even if you are self-employed, will be blessed with good news. Your relationship with your mother will be strengthened, and you might receive good news in connection with your children.