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Transit of mars and its effects on work relations of Virgo moon sign

Transit of mars and its effects on work relations of Virgo moon sign


Mars is known as the planet of energy, action and aggression as per ancient Vedic astrology texts. It has fiery red-hot appearance and represents blood in our body. It is said to be a ‘warrior’ who is impulsive in nature and believes in taking immediate action without much reasoning or planning. It is like a soldier in the army who takes orders and executes the plans made by the commanders. A strong Mars in your birth chart gives you tremendous will power and determination to achieve your goals.

It also gives you physical stamina and great mental strength to overcome the challenges of life. An individual with a strong and well placed Mars in their birth chart has tremendous energy and drive to fulfill their desires.

On the other hand, if Mars is weak or not in good dignity in your birth chart, you will be lazy, submissive and lack confidence to stand up for your rights. An ill-placed Mars makes an individual argumentative and manipulative and gives blood related issues leading to physical debility. They experience emotional outbursts due to their pent-up emotions. They are indecisive and moody which affects their personal and professional life adversely.

Mars transits in each sign for around 40 days and leaves a significant impact on each moon sign depending on its placement, conjunction and aspect.

How Mars’ movement impacts the work relations of Virgo moon sign

For Virgo moon sign, Mars rules the third and eighth house and aspects 4th, 7th and 8th house from its position in your birth chart. Virgo is ruled by the planet of intellect and analysis, Mercury which does not share a friendly relation with Mars. If you have Mars in Virgo in your birth chart, your actions are preceded by foresight and analysis. Efficiency becomes important to you, however, there is also a tendency to be critical and incoherent.

Let us analyze how transit Mars will affect your work and work relations this year.

Mars is currently transiting in its own sign of Scorpio and will remain there till 8th February 2020. This means Mars is in the third house for the natives of Virgo moon sign.

  1. Mars transit in the 3rd house: 25th December 2019 till 8th February 2020

You will feel daring and courageous to take initiatives at your workplace during this time and will strive hard to fulfill your desires.

Your sharp intellect and analytical bent of mind will help you to get due recognition in the professional sphere.

However, there will be a tendency to disregard others’ opinions and be argumentative during this time, which will lead to clashes with seniors and colleagues.

You should not let ego harm your work relationships during this time and try your best to reinforce positive behavior.

  1. Mars transit in the 4th house: 8th February 2020 to 22nd March 2020

You will be entrusted with important tasks and responsibilities in your workplace, which will give you a sense of ownership and confidence.

There will be increased workload and pressure during this time, however your organizational abilities will help you to manage your tasks well.

You will have the desired amount of success and gains during this time, however harsh communication will affect relations adversely and your relationship with your boss might be especially impacted.

You should be polite and professional in your communications during this time. Displaying empathy in your interactions will help to build better professional relationships.

  1. Mars transit in your 5th house: 22nd March 2020 to 4th May 2020

This is a strong position for Mars as it will be in the sign of its exaltation and during transit, it will give you immense courage and stamina to accomplish your tasks. Your creativity and determined attitude gets you to places.

Your sharp intellect and perseverance will be admired at your workplace and will bring you the desired success.

You will be able to solve challenging situations with a level-headed approach. However, impulsive nature will lead to incorrect decisions, which will create frictions at workplace.

Doing a thorough research and fact-finding will help you to make informed and deliberate decisions.

  1. Mars transit in your 6th house: 4th May 2020 to 18th June 2020

This is again a good place for Mars to be in as malefics generally do well in the 6th house as per vedic astrology.

This a favorable time for enhancing your skill set or learning new skills. If you are looking to move overseas for better prospects, this transit will bring success in your endeavors.

You will perform well in works that others would find monotonous and will be able to bring creativity and novelty in your role. However, miscommunication might lead to conflicts with colleagues during this time.

Being an active listener and being mindful of your words will help to avoid misinterpretations and misunderstandings at work and will lead to better productivity.

  1. Mars transit in your 7th house: 18th June 2020 to 16th August 2020

Prioritizing emotions over logic while taking important decisions at workplace will lead to losses during this time, hence you should have a pragmatic approach towards your work.

If you are into independent business, your siblings will be supportive of your endeavors during this time, which will lead to good profits.

However, there are chances of troubles at workplace as you will have to face criticism from your colleagues during this time. You will have disagreements with your boss which might hamper your chances of growth.

Being compromising and trying to find a common ground during conflicts will help you regain your position at your workplace.

  1. Mars transit in the 8th house: 16th August 2020 to 4th October 2020

Your thoughtful and detail-oriented nature will help you to gain good success in research work during this time. You must gather complete information before executing any plan to have the desired results.

You will be able to successfully finish long pending projects and will have unexpected success which will bring in encouragement.

You will have a cordial relationship with your colleagues during this transit as they will be helpful and accommodating. Your boss will also be supportive of your endeavors during this time.

Work related short distance travels will be fruitful during this time and bring in gainful returns and profits.

  1. Mars transit in the 9th house: 4th October 2020 to 24th December 2020

This is a favorable transit if you are involved in creative pursuits. However, you might have issues with your seniors and colleagues ta workplace as you would develop the tendency to be fidgety, nervous and incoherent.

Luck might not favor you as per your expectations and there will be delays in completing your daily tasks and assignments.

You will feel overwhelmed and confused due to information overload, which will affect your productivity and performance at the workplace.

You should make the best use of this transit by focusing on self-improvement by being open to learning and building a sense of security.

  1. Mars transit in the 10th house: 24th December 2020 to 22nd February 2021

This transit will favor clearing long-standing issues and projects at work as your focused and orderly attitude will help you deal with pending issues effectively.

You will have the encouragement and backing of your colleagues during this time which will help you to accomplish your objectives.

However, disagreements with your boss might take the shape of a conflict and your aggressive temperament might worsen the matter.

You should be patient and courteous in your interactions during this time. Inculcating soft skills will help to mend the differences with ease.

  1. Mars transit in the 11th house: 22nd February 2021 to 14th April 2021

This transit is generally beneficial and leads to gains in the professional sphere, however it requires you to be practical rather than emotional in financial matters at workplace.

You will not receive recognition or appreciation for your work during this time, which will result in disappointment and frustration. Your colleagues might be secretive and jealous of you, which might escalate into verbal confrontations.

You will have to watch out for your behavior during this time as repressed emotions might lead to harsh communication with colleagues and business associates.

Acting with thoughtfulness and seeking resolutions with a calm approach will help you to maintain healthy atmosphere at work.

  1. Mars transit in the 12th house: 14th April 2021 to 2nd June 2021

This transit will favor foreign projects and assignments and you will have a positive and healthy work relationship with foreign colleagues.

Any pending legal matters or disputes will see successful resolution during this time. If you are an independently working professional, this transit will bring a good amount of travelling which would lead to gains.

You will have a valorous attitude during this transit and there will be an aggressive streak, which will lead to altercations with your colleagues. However, you will have a pleasant relationship with your superiors and boss during this time, which will help you in a smooth sailing.

You should be persistent during this time and take criticism in your stride to improve your relationship with colleagues and move ahead towards professional growth.

  1. Mars transit in the 1st house: 2nd June 2021 to 20th July 2021

Mars while transiting through your first house will make you energetic and enthusiastic about new beginnings. You will have good prospects if you are into medical or research field or work in real estate.

However, you will be aggressive, irritable and too competitive during this time, which will not go down well with your colleagues at workplace. Your impulsive nature will make you begin new projects before completing the previous ones.

You should avoid being restless and agitated during this time and remain soft and transparent in your communication.

Health also needs attention during this time as too much mental activity and edginess could affect your health adversely.

  1. Mars transit in the 2nd house: 20th July 2021 to 6th September 2021

You will be ambitious during this time and have an enterprising spirit. However, your relationship with your colleagues will go through a rough patch as you will start having temperamental issues.

Your rude and harsh speech will affect your relations adversely, hence you should try your best to tame your temper and exercise self-restraint.

Work related travels will take you away from your family for long durations, however they will bring in profits. You might also face transfers in your job during this time.

If you are involved in research work or are a surgeon, scientist or lawyer, this transit will be especially beneficial in terms of success and gains.