Sun’s Transit in Taurus – Effect on the 12 Zodiac Signs

Sun’s Transit in Taurus – Effect on the 12 Zodiac Signs


Sun will enter the Earthy moon sign, Taurus, on the 15th of May, 2019 and stay there until the 15th of June, 2019. Sun is the Lord of the 5th house of the zodiac system, and the Lord of the Taurus moon sign is Venus. Even though Venus and Sun are enemy planets, Sun would deliver the best results in Taurus, when it defends, resists, or guards anything or any situation.

The “Sun” as the Supreme Planet

Sun is the Supreme planet amongst all, and it is essential for life to sustain on Earth. Every other planet revolves around the Sun, because of its huge gravitational force. It is also an embodiment of power, position, and authority.

This article is based on your moon sign and if you are confused as to how to know your moon sign, find out about it here.

With the Sun transiting through Taurus, its stable deep-rooted nature will increase our determination to work hard and be consistent in our endeavors. Read on if you are keen on knowing more on how the Sun’s transit in Taurus will prove to be for your zodiac moon sign. Once you have decided to read, all you need is a cup of your favorite brew, and a cozy place to give you company.

  1. Effect on Aries: When Sun is in the second house of the wealth, i.e., in Taurus, the Aries moon sign natives will be in advantage. Your creativity could help you earn a new project that could stabilize your financial status. You could gain financial help from your lover, and your intelligence and creativity could together couple to earn you good profits. You could even get good prospects for education, and earn materialistic possessions. Take care to avoid involvement in any kind of tiffs, and keep control over your temper, while dealing with your lover, or at work, as it could lead to difficult conflicts. Thus, we would definitely be able to pass through any hurdle with a strong willpower to bounce back and be in our best form ever!
  2. Effect on Taurus: Sun in Taurus for you will give good family relations, and a much-deserved identity in front of others. You might get financial help from your mother, and everyone in your family might be all praises for you. There will be very a positive and de-stressing environment in your home atmosphere. You could also gain profits from property, or even earn the goodwill of your seniors for your attitude. You will definitely leave a mark wherever you go during this transit, and held in high regard. Since Taurus longs for longevity, stability, and values familiarity, it would feel strong in its roots in an atmosphere that encourages such nature.
  3. Effect on Gemini: For the Gemini moon sign, Taurus might bring about travel opportunities to you through your work, or business. You could be a part of social events that could bring you recognition, and help you uplift your stature in the society. Your friends and siblings could also help you excel, and be there for you if you need any kind of help and advice. You could be attracted towards spirituality, and take a pilgrimage tour with your family. Your expenditure could be on the higher side as you could indulge in some expenses for your siblings or friends and that could be one kind of an investment for you. You could even get a chance for travelling abroad through your friends or contacts, and that could be another way of you spending money.
  4. Effect on Cancer: Your work will bring about good financial benefits, and those of you who have jobs might even get a raise. You might gain any kind of material possession, and those with a gifted voice, might even crack a deal in their creative fields. You will receive good news related to wealth, savings, casual financial gains, or might even get access to ancestral money or property. This transit will also present you with monetary income that could come from joint ventures or partnerships, with family members and they might even help you with any kind of humanitarian work or social service you are interested.
  5. Effect on Leo: You could be lucky to attain financial help from your father, or be able to receive his blessings and help in setting up your new venture. You could score a good name for yourself and earn fame as well, as you climb up the ladder of success. This phase will enhance your personality, attitude, physical appearance, and you might even win accolades for who you are and your identity. You could reach newer heights in your career as you would have good opportunities to grow. Your reputation in your workplace will increase along with your identity being honored.
  6. Effect on Virgo: This is the time when your wisdom, intelligence, and karmic deeds, make your lucky. Your fortune might shine bright and open up avenues for higher education, travel, and building cross-cultural relations. You might feel the urge to make a lot of expenditure in this phase. Though these expenses are not entire waste of money you can still try to hold your wallet, wherever you get the chance to. The expenses might be incurred due to travelling, maybe to a foreign land, or while opening a new shared venture, investing in some new asset or property, or even travelling for some spiritual interest.
  7. Effect on Libra: You might want to indulge in some humanitarian work, and give something back to the society through your eagerness to do social work. This phase will present you with monetary income that could come from joint ventures, shared finances, inheritances, ancestral property, partnerships, with friends, business partners or your spouse. Fruitful results of the same might bring about cordial relationships amongst you, which would be beneficial in the end.
  8. Effect on Scorpio: Your spouse might help you in your career prospects and there are chances of you both starting a joint venture as well. Your father might also support you in your business prospects, or in your endeavor to attain name and fame. You might even meet the soulmate of your life. You will get good results in your career, profession, or any service you work for. This also seems to be a good time for signing contracts, and finalizing on your decision to get married.
  9. Effect on Sagittarius: You might have luck in travelling for work related dealings, but such indulges could also make you prone to debt, so being careful is advised. This transit of Sun will make you lucky in travel, education, and wisdom. You could also be lucky in earning profits through travelling or by using your wisdom to crack profitable deals. You could also get a scope for higher education; enlighten yourself philosophically and with knowledge of law and religion. Just take caution to take care of your health as you might face minor problems regarding your health.
  10. Effect on Capricorn: Your love life will bloom and you will be blessed with the happiness of children. You might even get good opportunities for higher education, and your physical intimacy with your partner will increase. Sun in Taurus would bring about unexpected sudden gains in any form, be it inheritance or shared finances, assets, or resources from your partner. This transit might provide chances of shared partnerships/financial ventures with your partner, improve relationships with your mother, and even bring about financial gains from speculative acts, like the stock market and trade.
  11. Effect on Aquarius: Prospects of marriage and finding a suitable life partner seem high, and your relation with your family members will improve and become cordial. You will have a loving relation with their spouse, and might gain beneficial work contracts and business partnerships with their partners. Your mother might help you financially, or help you build a strong foundation for your future. Your children might make you happy with some good news, and you will stay true to your roots, while focusing on climbing higher financially.
  12. Effect on Pisces: Your friends and siblings might give you financial help by means of savings, wealth, or any source of income. Your communication skills and social activities could present you with earning opportunities as well. You will have good health, bring fitness, give you good results in service, and your professional life. Staying cautious and vigilant when around people who despise you at work will surely help you come out of any problem, safely. You might also face issues with health, so take care of your overall health in order to avoid loss due to such issues.