Rahu Transit For Gemini

Rahu Transit For Gemini


Rahu and Ketu are shadow planets which are given high importance in the Vedic Astrology. They have strong impact on our life and take a long period of 18 months to move from one house to another. They transit in retrograde motion and bestow their offerings as per the house they are sojourning.

Rahu and Ketu will enter in the Gemini and Sagittarius from 23 March 2019 and these planets will stay in these signs till 19th September 2020.

Rahu and Ketu Transit 2019:

  • Rahu the north node of Moon will transit in Gemini and Ketu the south node will transit in Sagittarius sign.
  • This transit will happen in the 1st and the 7th house for Gemini Moon
  • Rahu and Ketu will enter in the Gemini and Sagittarius from 23 March 2019 and these planets will stay here till 19th September

Gemini 2019 Rahu transit

Rahu is sturdy and influential planet. As Rahu will be transiting the 1st house of Gemini natives in 2019, they will get diverse results. Your majority of energy will be devoted to learn new language and to enhance the skills related to communication. You would feel re-energized and have an alluring personality.

Rahu will bless you with victory but only after overcoming lots of obstacles. During this time you would champion the art of being diplomatic in critical situations which will bring you lots of work. As Rahu will give you sudden boost in luck, you will be snowed under lots of work. Take care of your health during such situations otherwise health issues can become bothersome.

Rahu will make you whimsical and imaginative due to which you will get good success in careers revolving around fictional writing, journalism and television. There are chances of swift change in your character which would make you strangely erratic in approach.

  • Rahu will transit through the Punarvasu and Ardra constellation while transiting the Gemini zodiac sign in 2019.
  • Punarvasu is the constellation of Jupiter. You are likely to acquire great amount of knowledge during Rahu’s trek through it. You will get guidance from you father, boss or guru. Their wise words are likely to prove helpful for your growth in career.
  • Ardra is the constellation of Rahu itself. Rahu will transit through Andra during the mid of 2019. In this time you will fell charged up & energetic. Work pressure can affect your wellbeing, so try to maintain a balance between personal & professional life. Pay due attention to your diet also.

Gemini natives might get the chance to travel out of the country. Be cautious while making friends abroad as they are unlikely to be loyal to you. Do not follow your intuition while finalizing business deals. There is possibility that such deals would turn out fraud and has the potency to even cause irreparable loss to your business. Validate and verify each document yourself. Avoid making investments or partnerships in this period as possibility of failure are quite high.

Investment in stock market will not be good because this could cause abrupt ups and downs in your financial status. Conjunction of Rahu and Sun is usually not positive so you should stay careful between 15th June and 17th July 2019. In this period, conjunction of Sun and Rahu in Gemini could cause frequent health problems. Don’t have blind faith in any friends because even the best of all can let you down in this period.