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Watch out for the transit of Mercury in Libra

Watch out for the transit of Mercury in Libra


Mercury is known as the messenger of god, distinguished for its logic, calculative skills and swiftness. It is the one which bestows you with communication skills. Libra is a moon sign represented by air and ruled by Venus. Mercury and Venus share a friendly association and adds layer of refinement to the speech of the natives.

Thus, the transit of Mercury in Libra is considered of great significance for its influence on eloquence and creative abilities.

While still in its retrograde motion, Mercury will be transiting in Libra from 7th November to 5th December 2019, and will go direct from 21st November 2019.

This transit, is the time to show off your communication skills and be brave enough to ask for what your heart desires. Do not worry of the rejections, as you have the suitable negotiation skills to carry on the conversations.

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Remember to listen, too, and while you have the gift of the gab, it would always be wise to think before you speak.
Until the time Mercury will be in retrograde in Libra, it will be the time to review and reassess your errors and mistakes. You can try redoing your actions or may consider overhauling your approach for better results.

Overall, this transit is going to teach you valuable lessons in attaining balance in life. You will need to keep your senses open and alert to catch and comprehend the information that Mercury is going to pass on to you through its movement in Vishakha and Swati nakshatra while its transit in Libra.

  • Vishakha is the sixteenth nakshatra, which is ruled by Jupiter and is said to represent strength, power and energy. As Mercury will pass through it during its transit in Libra you will be offered with an enhanced intellect to finish off your incomplete tasks. You will have the vitality and tenacity to take on any challenge and sail past through it with confidence.
  • As Mercury crosses over the Swati nakshatra you will witness an enhancement in your intelligence and acumen. Swati nakshatra is ruled by Rahu, which is recognized for its ability to offer mystical and illusionary sense to the natives. But, at this point when it makes an association with
    Mercury it bestows you with knowledge, courage and creativity to gain wealth.

Beyond this general impact, the transit of Mercury in Libra is going to have varied effects on the 12 moon signs. Click below on your moon sign to find out how the transit of Mercury is going to influence your life, in the coming days.

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