Transit of Mercury in Libra for Aries moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Aries moon sign


The transit of Mercury in Libra is going to take place from 7th November to 5th December 2019. There will be enough opportunities for Aries moon sign, in this period, to assess and reassess things before making the final call for better results in future.

For Aries moon sign Mercury is going to transit in their 7th house of partnerships, in its retrograde motion, during its transit in Libra. Mercury rules the 3rd and 6th house of Aries moon sign, and during this transit, will offer you some sudden opportunities to travel, largely for work-related purposes.
Interestingly, the transit of Mercury in Libra for Aries moon sign is going to happen in the company of Sun. So, while you get the recognition, name and fame, you will also learn to be humble and polite about your achievements.

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This period will teach you the value of staying to the ground and sticking to the roots, no matter how big in life we become. Keeping a check on your ego and temperament shows the integrity and soul of a true leader, who knows how to stay calm and composed even in the toughest of situations.

On work front

This isn’t exactly the time when you can set on new explorations, but you can do something about the current situations and scenarios. So, wear your thinker’s hat and consider reviving an old project or a forgotten business idea, as your knowledge and wisdom will get the much needed courage and vitality to take things forwards, effectively.

  • You have to be a little cautious of talking to people and keep a check on any sort of aggressive speech, in this period.
  • Partnership projects will demand caution and dealing with co-workers will ask for humility and patience.
  • Avoid getting into legal tassels, too, as chances of failure loom large, in this period.

On personal front

While the transit of Mercury is going to be a tricky period for the love, marital and personal relationships of Aries moon sign, communication will be the key to sort out any differences that might crop up in this period. You make encounter challenges in taking decisions on domestic front but you must hold on to your thoughts and delay critical rulings for a better time.

  • Get a hold on your impulsive and aggressive character as it could deter your marital and love life.
  • You are advised to stay away from any illegitimate affairs, as it may get you in deep trouble and could ruin your reputation for life.
  • Open and fair communication will pave the way for a healthy marital and love relationship which will become sturdier with the passage of time.