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Sun Transit in Aries: 14 April 2022

Sun will enter Aries on 14 April 2022. Read this article to know how this transit will affect your Moon sign.


Sun is the natural significator of our soul that has always been considered very important in Vedic Astrology. Sun will transit in its exalted sign of Aries on 14 April 2022. It is the strongest and most powerful celestial body in the solar system that represents authority, power and dominance. The planetary movement of the Sun brings respite for some, when well placed in the horoscope by blessing them with courage, confidence, power, and leadership qualities. On the contrary, Sun will empower the courage and initiative quotients of the person to stand against the adverse conditions with active action and win with courage. Sun is exalted in Aries, since both are fiery in nature, the initiation power of all individuals will be strong during this transit.

During this transit, Sun will enter Aries which is governed by Mars and Sun. It will be a very powerful position during this transit.

Effects of Sun transit in Aries on all 12 Moon signs:

  1. Aries

The transit will be very beneficial for all Aries people. You will have the ability to make any major decision personal/professional with more responsibility and conviction. Your professional front will add more responsibility due to your goodwill and you will handle all these challenges with enthusiasm and good stamina. Be vigilant about decorum and your behaviour to avoid any kind of ego conflict with others.

  1. Taurus

The transit will be very beneficial for all Taurians. You will get positive results from long delayed property issue and there will be good chances of some new investment in the real estate sector that will be beneficial for you. Professionally there will be an increment in your wealth status due to your efforts; but overall lot of action at the same time make tax your health. Try meditation and yoga for good physical and mental health.

  1. Gemini

The transit will be a very beneficial phase for all Gemini vis-à-vis their professional arena. You will have good professional understanding with your seniors. They will appreciate your efforts to improve your time management skills to meet your commitments on time, which will be very beneficial for you in the long run. Your personal front will also blossom with your attention where you will spend quality time with your family and friends and keep yourself well posted on the social network.

  1. Cancer

The transit will be very beneficial for all Cancerians. With your balanced approach in all areas of life, you will have a very innovative way of balancing your professional and personal aspects with good efficiency on the same panel. Your superiors in job/associates will be impressed by your working ability and may increase your responsibilities and salary in this period. Take care of your father’s health and be mindful of your behaviour.

  1. Leo

The transit will be very auspicious for all Leo natives as this sign is ruled by Sun. During this transit, you will be able to influence others with your dynamic charisma at the personal and professional level. You will be blessed with luck and fortune, which indicates a favorable time to start any new endeavor. Leisure trip and quality time with your loved ones will increase your bonding. Health will give you relief from old ailments.

  1. Virgo

The transit will not be beneficial for all Virgos as it will deliver mixed strength results. Your professional front may pose monetary loss in your endeavor due to your negligence, which will even raise the bar of expenditure. Avoid any kind of major decisions during this transit as you may have to deal with mental stress. Good diet and exercise regime is necessary for strong physical health.

  1. Libra

The transit will be very auspicious and beneficial for all Libra natives. Professionally you may be blessed with an extra source of income besides your regular one. There are good chances of promotion in your job and monetary gains in your endeavors as an independent entrepreneur. Try to avoid any kind of ego clashes especially with your loved ones, family/partner as that will damage your relationships. Follow good diet and exercise regime for good health and meditation for a calm mind.

  1. Scorpio

The transit will be very active and daring for all Scorpio natives. It will make you more focused and action-oriented to move forward courageously to reach your goals. You will be successful in completing all your pending work and initiate the start of your new endeavors, which will be lined up with good success. So, focus on your courage, willpower, confidence, physical and mental efforts, chase after your dreams with leading roles in all your endeavors.

  1. Sagittarius

The transit will be very beneficial for all Sagittarians. Sagittarius professionals will be very content and satisfied with their professional growth and progress that will give them good motivation. Guidance from seniors to take calculated risk in professional endeavors to gain more profits will be fruitful. Take care of your food habits as any kind of junk food may lead to digestive problems.

  1. Capricorn

The transit will be less progressive for all Capricorn without practical approach and efforts. Your work front will be challenging at all points, so it is sensible to be logical in your professional approach and avoid any kind of contradiction in your professional ventures. Your personal front will also demand your patience and attention, so try to be simple in your personal approach for better tuning in relationships.

  1. Aquarius

The transit will be very beneficial for all Aquarians due to their positive approach towards life. During this transit, new opportunities will find their way in your professional life, you are advised to focus on these opportunities with hard work. Your overall luck, along with your ability to share your ideas with others with clear concept, will bring forth progress and happiness in life. Avoid any kind of conflict on the personal front.

  1. Pisces

The transit will have mixed effects for all Pisceans. Stress will be an integral part of your daily routine in both personal and professional arenas. It is very necessary to communicate with others wisely as it may influence your future life and prospects. Avoid any kind of verbal combat with others and try to deal with your stress factor with meditation, especially during this transit.

As both are fiery signs, during the transit of Sun in Aries, it is wise to take strong precautions and avoid egoistic temperament. Be more action-oriented to complete all pending ventures.