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Sun’s Transit in Aries – Effect on the 12 Zodiac Signs

Vedic Astrology gives utmost emphasis to the Sun, as it is essential for life to sustain on Earth. Sun is the supreme planet amongst all, and all the other planets revolve around the Sun because of its huge gravitational force.

The “Sun” as the Soul of the Universe

The Sun plays a vital role in the life of human beings, as it is the giver of light and life. He is an embodiment of power, position, and authority. Owing to this power, He is regarded as the King, Father, and Soul of the Universe. This fiery planet can do much more than any other celestial planet.

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Significance of the “Sun”

The Sun is one of fastest moving planets in the Solar system and represents the self of an individual. It would not be wrong if we say that, it is our mirror for the world to see. It represents our personality, ego, identity, and what kind of approach we have towards life. It also signifies our creative ability and the power to meet and overcome the numerous challenges life offers.

The Sun takes approximately around 30 days to complete its stay in very zodiac sign. Here, in this article, we talk about the effects of Sun’s transit in Aries, for every 12 of the zodiac signs.

This article is based on your moon sign and if you are confused as to how to know your moon sign, find out about it here.

Sun's Transit in Aries

Sun is exalted in the Aries moon sign, and it will enter the fiery sign on the 15th of April, 2019 and stay there until the 15th of May, 2019. Sun is the Lord of the 5th house of the zodiac system, and Mars is the Lord of the Aries moon sign. As Mars and Sun are friendly planets, Sun’s transit in Aries does give favourable results in general.

For knowing more on how the Sun’s transit in Aries will prove to be for every zodiac moon sign, find a cozy place for yourself, relax, and start reading!

Effect on Aries:

When Sun is in the first house of personality, i.e., in Aries, the bearer of the Aries moon sign will have beneficial results. There is good scope for an avenue in higher education, family planning, mending relationships, starting any creative work, or using your own creativity for any productive work. This phase will enhance your personality, let you have an active attitude, and live life with a positive approach. With a boost as such, you are sure to take a take on the world with a can-do attitude!

Effect on Taurus:

Sun in Aries for the ones with Taurus as moon sign, will give positive results in property dealings, land acquisitions or related work, ownership of vehicles, and so on. The environment of your home will be very positive and de-stressing, and might bring about plans of re-decoration. One should still be careful while splurging money during this period, as you might also end up spending too much on luxurious items for yourself, your home and for your family needs. In addition, there might be expenses related to travelling for work, or leisure. Just be careful to spend as per your need, and splurge only sincerely.

Effect on Gemini:

In the Gemini moon sign, Aries will bring about financial benefits to you from friends, siblings, neighbors, through any social activity or interests, your communication, etc. You could even travel for work related dealings, and crack a deal which would in return favor you with financial benefits. For people who have a travelling job, or are pursuing the profession of being a blogger, or a photographer, this period seems to look very bright for your financial benefit.

Effect on Cancer:

For all those belonging to the Cancer moon sign fraternity, you will receive good news as related to wealth, savings, or might even get access to ancestral money. Your work will bring about good financial benefits, and those of you who have jobs might even get a raise. You might gain any kind of material possession, and those with a gifted voice, might even crack a deal in their creative fields. Your Karma will bless you with financial gains, upliftment in your career, and in accumulation of wealth, if you have believed in it all throughout.

Effect on Leo:

In Leo, Aries will prove to be very supportive in terms of enhancing your personality, attitude, physical appearance, and you might even win accolades for who you are and your identity. This phase will make sure that fortune and luck be on your side, and you be presented with the scope of travelling to other countries, for leisure of for spirituality; like a pilgrimage. You might also be inclined towards Yoga, healing, meditation, wisdom, and philosophy. You might even want to add on your existing knowledge by enrolling for some higher education, or anything, which will increase your mental intelligence and wisdom.

Effect on Virgo:

For Virgo moon sign, Sun’s transit in Aries means that you might face many expenses in this period. Though these expenses are not entire waste of money you can still try to hold your wallet, wherever you get the chance to. The expenses might be incurred due to travelling, maybe to a foreign land, or while opening a new shared venture, or investing in some new asset or property. But one thing to note here is that, you might even receive sudden financial gains, or get hold of an ancestral property. Take care to be cautious of any health problems, as taking due care at the right time always helps ward off any problem that could turn our=t to be bigger in future. You might even face some problem related to your mental health.

Effect on Libra:

For all those born under the Libra moon sign, this transit of Sun in Aries, will present you with monetary income that could come from joint ventures, partnerships, with friends, business partners or your spouse. Fruitful results of the same might bring about harmonious relationships amongst you, which would be beneficial in the end. Your spouse might help you exceptionally while setting up a new venture, or even become your business partner, and thus you might be at the edge of success together. There are good chances of your spouse getting a promotion or pay upgrade.

Effect on Scorpio:

For those who belong to the Scorpio moon sign, you will get good results in your career, profession, or any service you work for, during this period. Your karma will greatly give results during this transit and you will receive its bounties in a positive way if you have done good karma in the past. Your efforts will give you a boost in your career, but this will also bring about a lower physical energy to you, and you might become aggressive easily. Nevertheless, in the meanwhile, you will also be able to win over your enemies, with the right strategy and perseverance.

Effect on Sagittarius:

For the ones born under Sagittarius, this transit of Sun will make you lucky in romance, love, intelligence, and education. You might even meet the soulmate of your life, with whom you can plan to spend your entire life. You might have luck in travelling for work related dealings, earn a fortune, travel places with your partner or go on an outing. You could also be lucky in earning profits from the stock market, or in speculative investments. So plan accordingly, and give your best shot during this transit, to enjoy the benefits later on.

 Effect on Capricorn:

For the moon sign Capricorn, Sun in Aries, would bring about sudden gains in any form, increase general intimacy with people around you, provide chances of shared partnerships/financial ventures with your partner, and even might bring about financial help from your mother. You will have a good health overall, and will develop very good relationship with your mother. You can thereby very well expect to have a good time for yourself during this transit.

Effect on Aquarius:

When the Sun is in Aries, the bearers of the Aquarius moon sign will have a harmonious relation with their spouse, gain beneficial work contracts and business partnerships. You might even get new avenues for travel, get business partnerships from siblings and friends, and will get accolades for your way of communication. You might even sign a new contract, which would give you gains in your professional life. Overall, this seems to be a very fruitful transit for you.

Effect on Pisces:

For the Pisces moon sign, Sun in Aries will give good health, bring fitness, give you good results in service, and your professional life. Your parents might give you financial help by means of savings or wealth. Nevertheless, take care to avoid negative people around you, as they might try to harm you. Staying cautious and vigilant when around people who despise you at work will surely help you come out of any problem, safely. You might face issues with health, so take care of your overall health in order to avoid loss due to such issues.