Transit of Venus for Libra moon sign.

Transit of Venus for Libra moon sign.


Transit of Venus for Libra moon sign is largely considered as auspicious, since Venus will be moving in its own sign. This transit will make the Libra natives more emotional, romantic and understanding in their approach.

For Libra, Venus rules their ascendant/lagna house and 8th house. Therefore, during its transit, the themes of these houses will manifest more.

More attention should be paid towards the need to be associated, connected and allied to people around. Your sense of belongingness will be at it highest, during this time and all your activities will thus, revolve around in attending to this need, at the time of this transit.

Love and matters of heart will take precedence over other things, so much so that you can even try to neglect your own ambitions and aspirations in life to pursue love and relationships.

Take care of your fragile feelings, during this time, as you may get hurt rather easily, when Venus transits through your various houses, during its one month transit period for Libra.

Varied impacts of Venus’s transit for Libra moon sign as it travels from one house to another house in Libra horoscope are detailed out below.

Upcoming Venus Transit Dates for the Year 2020

  Sign   Date
  Venus in Aries   29/02/2020
  Venus in Pisces   28/03/2020
  Venus in Gemini   01/08/2020
  Venus in Cancer   01/09/2020
  Venus in Leo   28/09/2020
  Venus in Virgo   23/10/2020
  Venus in Libra   17/11/2020
  Venus in Scorpio   11/12/2020


  1. Transit of Venus in Aries for Libra moon sign

The transit of Venus in Aries for Libra moon sign will take place in the 7th house from 29th February to 28th March 2020. During this time, Libra natives must take care of their health and relationships.

Health issuers related to genitals and reproductive system are indicated, at this time. Stress and related disorders, due to conflicts in love and marital life is also highlighted, during the time of this transit.

Rise in expenditure will ensue as true to your nature you will try to save your relationships at any cost, even if it requires spending large sums of money for fulfilling the wishes of your partner.

At work, a safe hand distance from mischievous co-workers and troublemakers is advised, to evade unnecessary predicaments in professional life.

On the brighter side, recognition and rewards will be bestowed upon the Libra natives through higher authorities, during the time of Venus’s transit in Aries for Libra moon sign.

During this period, there will be times when you will feel a sudden rush of spiritual energies with you and you will take increased interest in religious activities and deeds. This will further manifest in a complete transformation of your thoughts, where you will start to derive more pleasure in giving than gaining.

  1. Transit of Venus in Taurus for Libra moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Taurus on 28th March 2020, the results of your 8th house will manifest till 1st August 2020.

Transiting in the 8th house of sudden events for Libra moon sign natives, Venus will help you in alleviating most troubles in your and will further bestow you with unexpected but superior gains and overall happiness.

You will have all the riches, during this time and will enjoy the comforts of family, spouse, aides and wealth. The love live of Libra natives will blossom and you will be blessed with the company of an attractive and understanding spouse or partner.

You will also get to expand your materialistic wealth and may go on to buy a new house, property or vehicle. In the meantime, you will also embrace a hasty disposition, during the time of this transit. But you are advised to shun such inclinations when investing in high-end items of use, comfort or luxury.

For students, this transit will bring a paradigm shift in their approach towards studies and they will start putting in more efforts in accomplishing their academic objectives.

  1. Transit of Venus in Gemini for Libra moon sign

The transit of Venus in Gemini will take place in the 9th house for Libra moon sign natives, from 1st August to 1st September 2020. During this period, Libra natives can look forward to getting gains from higher authorities, government and influential people.

The intensity of your luck will increase, at this time and your spiritual inclinations will also profoundly manifest. Libra moon sign natives will derive satisfaction in taking part in religious activities and thus, they will anchor certain such vents at home and with a larger societal group, as well.

During Venus’s transit in their 9th house, the bonding of Libra natives with their partners will strengthen further. All this will bring them closer to attaining peace and harmony in life, which will reflect further in their optimistic and cheerful outlook towards life.

For Libra students, this will be a superior time, as far as academic results are concerned, as success in educational fields is guaranteed, during the time of this transit, provided you have put in your best efforts in place.

Your health is expected to remain satisfactory. However, some expenditures over marinating the state of health and well-being is also indicated, during this time.

  1. Transit of Venus in Cancer for Libra moon sign

From 1st September to 28th September 2020, when Venus will transit in Cancer sign, in the 10th house of Libra moon sign natives, a stressful atmosphere will ensue.

During this period, Libra natives will face numerous but inconsequential disputes and obstacles at workplace. Struggles at workplace will be made more austere with recurring failures and unsupportive co-workers and colleagues.

You will have tough time trusting anybody, during this time and you will mostly on your own for the larger part of this transit.

Issues with higher authorities and government will put in additional roadblocks in your road to success, during the time of this transit.

A check on finances is also compulsory, as there are indications of incurring huge debts, at the time of Venus’s transit in your 10th house.

In marital and love life, also, you will be required to put in extra efforts, as frequent disputes with partner will tend to take away the spark from your personal life.

There will be a time, during this transit when you will start feeling more suspicious and jealous of your partner. But you are advised to shun this tendency to avoid making matters even worse, and instead clear out your mind of any misperceptions to lead a peaceful life.

  1. Transit of Venus in Leo for Libra moon sign

The transit of Venus in Leo for Libra moon sign will take place in the 11th house from 28th September to 23rd October 2020. During this time Libra natives will gain in health, wealth and professional endeavors. You will enjoy all sorts of happiness in life and all your desires will get fulfilled, eventually.

The relationship and financial troubles of the previous month will be over, at the time of this transit and you will be much more confident to work towards attaining happiness and contentment in life.

This will be a better period to fulfill personal and professional commitments. Domestic matters and relationship issues will get sorted, effectively, at the time of this transit. If you are married, you will have a pleasant and indulgent time with your spouse.

During this period all your financial troubles will bid you goodbye and new opportunities to expand wealth will begin to flourish at your doorsteps.

Your social life will get a new lease of live, during this transit of Venus. You will get cooperative friends and a better income status and position in society will further boost your image and you will earn some new and beneficial contacts, due to this, at this time.

  1. Transit of Venus in Virgo for Libra moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Virgo for Libra moon sign from 23rd October to 17th November 2020, Venus will be placed in the 12th house of Libra natives.

This transit will give you good financial gains, which will help ascend your wealth status. You are likely to indulge more in materialistic comforts, sensual pleasures and crave fun and frolic in life, during this time.

Your marital and love relations needs some attention as emotional connect seem to be lacking at this time, but sexual satisfaction will be optimal. Singles, however, may get to initiate a romantic alliance which will be highly passionate and sensual.

Your home will be vulnerable to theft, during this time, so be highly cautious in this regard. Do not trust anybody blindly and be vigilant to avoid any unwelcoming event in your life.

Superfluous expenditures are indicated during this time, most of these will be incurred on planning for a foreign trip. These trips will not generate any outcome, at the end and thus expenses over such journeys will largely be wasteful, during the time of Venus’s transit in Virgo for Libra.

  1. Transit of Venus in Libra for Libra moon sign

The transit of Venus in Libra for Libra moon sign will take place in the ascendant house, from 17th November to 11th December 2020. During this time, a lot of happenings on the personal front will be initiated for the Libra natives.

The events occurring, during this time, will largely be of a positive nature, where things will start falling in place, automatically. You will be able to derive happiness and contentment from small things in life and will be mostly joyous and cheerful, at this time.

For students born in Libra moon sign, the transit of Venus in Libra will be a promising period for their educational attainments. This period will also offer enough recreational opportunities for the Libra natives.

For singles, this period will bring in some good marriage proposals. For married individual, overall harmony and happiness will prevail in life.

You will meet new people and broaden your horizon of work, at this time. Business deals and proposals will offer an additional push to your business which will grow leaps and bounds, during the time of this transit.

  1. Transit of Venus in Scorpio for Libra moon sign

Transit of Venus in Scorpio for Libra natives will take place from 11th December 2020 to 4th January 2021, in the 2nd house. During this time, your love life will immensely flourish and you will be blessed with lady luck in most of your endeavors, at this time.

You will get due recognition for your hard work from colleagues, peers and seniors, alike. In fact, your family will also be highly supportive and encouraging of your efforts, during this time.

Monetary benefits will come through various sources, you will, particularly gain from inheritance of wealth, at this time. Favors and gains from influential and authoritative persons and even from government is also indicated, during the period of this transit.

Your expenses will largely be incurred on buying expensive items, in particular, gems and jewelry. You may also go on to purchase a new house or vehicle for your family, at this time.

At work, success will be yours and you will prosper in your chosen work field, regardless which stage of career you are in, at the moment. Research and related work, however, will give you more success, during this time.

Sudden change in job location or work environment will open up new avenues of growth for you. Make wise choices, to derive maximum benefits from this fruitful period of Venus’s transit in Scorpio.