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Transit of Venus: How will it affect the love life of Libra?

Venus is a feminine watery planet which represents our desires to love and be loved. It is love and beauty personified. In its transit time of 28 days for each moon sign it leaves an impact on the love life, marital relationships, family bonding, socialization and wealth of the native.

For Libra moon sign, transit of Venus makes them highly emotional and vulnerable. Their world revolves around their love and family life and they would like to ensure peace and harmony in their world. Challenges are imminent, but their desire to fulfill their loved one’s desires give them the courage to fight off these hurdles.

Venus transit in Cancer from 23rd July to 17th August 2019: Social status presides

This will be a mediocre period for love and family relationships. With Venus transiting in your 10th house, there will be an aura of detachment from domestic life and your social status will be of greater importance to you. Try and maintain an equilibrium in your family life to save the bond you share with your spouse and children. Your career and finances may need more focus and attention in this period. Additionally, you have to put in extra effort, positivity and wisdom to settle things on the personal and professional front.

Venus transiting in Leo from 17th August to 10th September 2019: New relationships are gained

Venus’s transit in Leo will expand your social circle and will give you a charismatic personality that will attract people towards you. You will be able to make a lot of new friends in this period. Love relationships will be symbolic nature and will not only be about superficial pleasures. Your interest in social activities will amplify, but that would be an opportunity to bring some excitement in your love and family life. Opportunities and obstacles will go hand in hand, so, you must make wise and conscious decisions to reap desired benefits from this transit phase.

Venus transit in Virgo from 10th September to 4th October 2019: Long journeys to unwind

Your focus will be more on finances and materialistic things in life. Your increased vulnerability and lowered mental strength will create troubles in your personal and love life. Your professional life will also suffer because of misunderstandings at work front. It is advisable that you channelize your sanity and communication skills in the right direction to clear off confusions in your family and work life. Long distance travel is indicated here, which can offer you a great opportunity to rejuvenate your love life and restore romance and affection in relationships.

Venus transit in Libra from 4th October to 28th October 2019: All eyes on you

Moving into your 1st house Venus will bless your marital life with love and care. Some disputes over frivolous matters are possible, but it can be ignored. If unmarried and in a relationship you will be able to woo your partner with your charm. For those who are on a look out to start a love relationship may get ample prospects to choose from. You will feel good and will also look good with Venus’s influence and your personality will have a magnetic effect on people around you. But be cautious of your temperament which can be a big put off for your spouse, partner or prospective lover.

Venus transits in Scorpio from 28th October to 25th November 2019: Financial matters lead

Money and career concerns will gain prominence and your love life will take a backseat. Vitality will be disturbed in your sexual life, as well. Subtlety in romantic gestures and stability in marital life best describes this transit period for your love life. Do watch out for your verbal expressions, as you may tend to lose control on your tongue. Chances of verbal combats are thus high in this period but it can be handled by putting due care on verbal communication.

Venus transit in Sagittarius from 25th November to 16th December 2019: Stability comes to being

Save your energy to sort out personal and professional matters as Venus transits in your 3rd house. There will be hurdles on both personal and professional levels but your enhanced mental strength and problem solving capabilities will help you fight against these challenges. You will be more than willing to compromise and adjust for the sake of maintaining harmony in your marital and love life. Your heightened sense of consideration and care will help resolve most issues with ease. It will thus be a period of stability and reconciliation in love life.

Venus transit in Capricorn from 16th December 2019 to 9th January 2020: Back to family

Subtlety in love romantic liaisons will continue in this period, too. Love will not be actively aggressive but will be deep-rooted in care and concern for spouse, children and love partner. You will be quite closely attached to your family and thus the emotional demands and needs of these family relations may take a toll on you. For those who are single, you might begin a new relationship in this period, which could either surface from within the family or from your social group.

Venus transits in Aquarius from 9th January to 3rd February 2020: Progeny gains focus

This will be a challenging period in terms of restraining your creative capabilities to influence your love life. While bringing innovation in love and romance is an interesting idea but it will not fare well in your case. In fact, you should avoid experimenting with love expressions and relations, in this period. Your relationship with your children will blossom ad there will be abundant mutual love and affection. You may also start on a new committed relationship. Expenditure may rise on taking care of needs of spouse, children or love partner.

Venus transits in Pisces from 3rd February to 28th February 2020: Career concerns soar

You will be less indulgent in personal and romantic activities as your focus on career will step up, in this period. Your sentiments will revolve around your work and workplace. Any social or romantic endeavor will blossom in and around your work area. It doesn’t imply that you will be completely ignoring your love and family life, but your concentration towards your work will be apparent than your indulgence in domestic or love matters. While you try hard to strike a healthy balance in your love and professional life you might end up spending enormously to please your spouse or partner.

Venus transit in Aries from 29th February to 29th March 2020: Love relations flourish

It will be a favorable period for getting into any love or personal partnerships. The sense of ‘We’ need to prevail to make any association of love or marriage to work in the long term. Marital relations will be stable, but need a little care and concern to synchronize well. Venus’s transit in your 7th house will boost your sense of attraction to opposite sex and there are possibilities of you getting into a new relationship in this period. You will be loving, caring, passionate and possessive in your love relations and your sexual fantasies will also skyrocket, in this transit phase.

Venus transits in Taurus from 29th March to 1st August 2020: Carnal needs lead

Sexual orientation will be enhanced but you will also have utmost care for your partners’ needs and feelings. Unexpected inheritance of wealth may surprise you in this period. You will have quite a direct and simple approach to love but physical desires will be evident. In your carnal sensibilities also you will be attentive to your partner’s strengths and weaknesses. Venus will also retrograde in this period from 13th May to 25th June. This will be a challenging time to sustain harmony in your personal and love relationships. However, once Venus will come back at its position (that would be on 25th June), passion in love can be brought back by acts of care and understanding.

Venus transiting in Gemini from 1st August to 3rd September 2020: Love travel indicated

Romantic expeditions are on the cards as Venus transits in your 9th house. You will have enough opportunities to have a gala time with your family and spouse in foreign land. These long trips will help you rejuvenate your love life and bring back the depth in your marital relationship. Spending quality time with your loved ones will help strengthen your bond. If you are looking out for love, you may find someone in one of the trips that you undertake in this transit period. There are possibilities of falling in love with a foreigner.