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Venus Transit in Capricorn for Leo moon sign

Transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to take place in the 6th house of Leo moon sign from 15th December 2019 to 9th January 2020. This placement will bring some uncertainties, challenges and obstacles in the life of Leo moon sign natives.

You will need to be cautious of rivals and competitors in professional space. You will gain some enemies on personal front, as well, during this period. However, if you let your courageous self, take the lead, it will be possible for you to take down your enemies.

Challenges will crop up in work relationships, as well, where your colleagues and subordinates will tend to create troubles in your professional life.

Pleasures will rule your love and marital life. But you have to work towards creating a fine balance between comfort, pleasures, affection, respect and security for better results.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the personal life of Leo moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Capricorn, Leo moon sign natives will experience a change in their temperament. In this scenario, you are advised to stay away from situations, which could lead you into unnecessary arguments. Health will face some troubles. By following a prescribed daily routine, you will be able to get control over health issues that might crop up in this period.

  • Leo moon sign natives who are married need to exercise control over their aggression, as chances of heated arguments with spouse are high in this transit period.
  • You will be inclined towards sexual pleasures, however, focus should be kept on marinating a healthy balance between romanticizing the relationship and gaining an emotional attachment with the partner.
  • The idea of love will surround around pleasing each other than being their through thick and thin. Amidst all this, confrontations may arise regarding the differences in viewpoint between you and your partner.
  • Family relationships will be stable. Caution over speech is required here, too, as chances of disputes are imminent.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the professional life of Leo moon sign

The transit of Venus in Capricorn will demand the Leo moon sign natives to give greater attention to their professional life. Patience and wisdom will help you sail through the challenging times. But you must also try to stay away from intimidating and complex situations as this could trigger your temperamental outburst and you could spoil your chances of success.

  • You will have to be well-informed of your working surroundings, as this is not the time to trust anybody you have ever worked with.
  • Workplace rivalries will be at its peak, but your competitors will not show up at your face. So, you need to be extremely cautious of who you can bet your trust on, during this transit period.
  • Nonetheless, you will have the courage and skills to beat your opponents fair and square. Though, efforts and alertness will be required to do this job, effectively.
  • Students born under the Leo moon sign will need to get hold of their waywardness and focus on studies to get good grades in academic sessions.