Sun Transit in Leo (17 Aug – 16 Sep 2022)

Sun will transit its own sign, Leo, on 17 Aug – 16 Sep 2022. This can bring some aggression in your life, but it will also bring several good effects. This is the time to reflect on how to use your position of authority while, at the same time, respecting others.

Sun Transit in Leo (17 Aug – 16 Sep 2022)


Sun will transit its own sign Leo from 17 August till 16 September 2022 – dates being calculated on the basis of sidereal transit and not tropical, as followed by Western Astrology, which calculates the dates as 23 July – 23 August 2022.

Benefits of this Transit

  • The position of the Sun in Leo is one of the best combinations to improve one’s ability and capacity for leadership, power and acquisition of material manifestations.
  • Power related issues will be addressed with direct dialogue with government at all levels.
  • The energy of the Sun for certain people will boost their personal initiatives to make efforts for analyzing, organizing or taking action in their ventures with wisdom and increased visualization.

Effects of this Transit for all Signs

  1. Aries

The Sun governs the 5th house for those born in Aries and will transit the 5th house of love and children. This transit of Sun in Leo will be favourable for you with overall progress. Professionally, it will be a blessing for those working in the government sector and you will have the opportunity to grow and progress. Your confidence will be marked with the reassurance of Read More

  1. Taurus

The Sun governs the 4th house for those born in Taurus and will transit the 4th house of stability and comforts of home. This transit of Sun in Leo will focus on your personal front and financial stability would be heightened. You will have a contended frame of mind and will be more focused towards modifications in work processes so that Read More

  1. Gemini

The Sun governs the 3rd house for those born in Gemini and will transit the 3rd house of siblings, communication and initiative. This transit of Sun in Leo will be progressive for you if you are in the creative sector and will make you invest more on relationships. This transit clearly indicates that your social circle of friends and family circle of siblings will take great initiative to support Read More

  1. Cancer

The Sun governs the 2nd house for those born in Cancer and will transit the 2nd house of family and finance. This transit of Sun in Leo will be a good chance for you to reconnect with your roots. It will give you a very strong craving to reconnect with your roots by either visiting your native town / hometown or you may get the opportunity to meet your loved ones. Your home front may bless you with money Read More

  1. Leo

The Sun governs the 1st house for those born in Leo and will transit the 1st house of self, personality and physical vitality. This transit of Sun in Leo will be favourable for you, inspiring self-transformation. Sun transit in Leo will bless you with inspiration to work towards your professional progress, improvement in your Read More

  1. Virgo

The Sun governs the 12th house for those born in Leo and will transit the 12th house of loss, foreign settlement, bed pleasures, salvation, and hospitalization. This transit of Sun in Leo will be progressive for you, but less satisfying due to embedded beliefs. It will disclose or may reveal your strong faith in your beliefs, which may not be supported by logical Read More

  1. Libra

The Sun governs the 11th house for those born in Libra and will transit the 11th house of gains, wealth, income, and profit. This transit of Sun in Leo will be progressive for you and very favorable for gains and prosperity. Employees will be acknowledged for their efforts and promoted in the organization they work. Entrepreneurs will Read More

  1. Scorpio

The Sun governs the 10th house for those born in Scorpio and will transit the 10th house of career, profession, social status, and action. This transit of Sun in Leo relates to focus on career trends for your overall progress. You will work hard with the intention of making progress in your career and will put in mindful efforts to bring about positive results. If you are employed, you will show growth in your present organization; but Read More

  1. Sagittarius

The Sun governs the 9th house for those born in Sagittarius and will transit the 9th house of moral values, spirituality, fortune and long travel. This transit of Sun in Leo will depict spiritual enhancement or self-transformation for you. The planet Sun rules the 9th house of spirituality and this transit reveals that you may have the insight of standing back and taking a look at the path you are on Read More

  1. Capricorn

The Sun governs the 8th house for those born in Capricorn and will transit the 8th house of longevity, hurdles, secrets, passion, and ambition. During this transit of Sun in Leo, you may have to be vigilant in all your ventures. You may face professional risk if you get involved in any speculative venture as an entrepreneur. If employed, you may face Read More

  1. Aquarius

The Sun governs the 7th house for those born in Aquarius and will transit the 7th house of partnership, relationship and marriage. This transit of Sun in Leo will mark your life with both uncertainty and caution. Your personal relations will mirror your conflicts with tense arguments, during the Sun transit in the 7th house of partnership, without any solid footing. The conflict may have its roots Read More

  1. Pisces

The Sun governs the 6th house for those born in Pisces and will transit the 6th house of competition, health, debts, and services. This transit of Sun in Leo will bring you a mixed platter of events. You will have a heightened sense of intuition that will help you to judge the situations and people with better perspectives. Professionally, this will be good period for you but Read More

How to make the most of this transit?

You can take the following steps to ensure positive outcomes during this transit and minimize the challenges:

  • Donate red clothes on Sunday at the place of your worship.
  • Recite Gayatri Mantra every day, at least five times.
  • Offer water to the Sun and let the colours that pass through the prism of water enter your body.
  • Take the blessings of elders before leaving the house.
  • Donate in cash or kind to the less privileged and in old age homes or orphanage.