Mars Transit in Taurus (10 Aug – 15 Oct 2022)

Mars transits Taurus during 10 Aug – 15 Oct 2022, effecting both balance and impulsiveness in our lives. Read this article to find out how this action-oriented phase will be for you.

Mars Transit in Taurus (10 Aug – 15 Oct 2022)


Mars will transit Taurus on 10 August - 15 October 2022, bouncing between two signs that signify stability and intelligence, impulse and energy. When Mars moves into Taurus, it will blend its pragmatic attitude with the proficiency of expressions that comes with Taurus. Mars also indicates courage, determination and passion; therefore, the combination of these two strong planets come together during the transit, indicating that it is the accurate time to plan and strategize with innovation for future prospects.

Things to keep in mind during this transit

  • For all signs, cautious attitude and conscious actions will be the success mantra to make the most out of this transit.
  • Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the fiery signs with an impulsive trait in their nature. This transit will inspire them to stand back and evaluate their overall progress.
  • Air signs like Gemini, Libra and Aquarius always prefer to have movement in all aspects of life. This transit will make them crave for security and conscious action.
  • Water signs like Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will have the inspiration to proceed with more discipline and practical approach, to work rationally in all their endeavors rather than emotionally.

How will this transit affect you?

  1. Aries

Mars transiting Taurus in the 2nd house of family, finance and speech will impact the lordship of Mars in the 1st and 8th house of self and hurdle, indicating a turbulent period where you will have to consciously maintain a balance. With your natural flair for impulsiveness and spontaneous approach, you will initiate quick decisions but will not be able to derive progressive results. You may become too direct in your professional communication with colleagues and associates which may not be appreciated by them. Finances will see a phase of problems with a lot of fluctuation in income and sudden expenditure. You will be more productive in your personal and family relations as your personal planet Mars is aspecting the house of partner. You will be able to give and receive warmth and affection in your personal relationships. Health of family members may cause some concern; but you will be able maintain good health by exercise, conscious diet and meditation.

  1. Taurus

Mars transiting Taurus in the 1st house of self, nature and personality will impact the lordship of Mars in the 12th and 7th house of hurdles and partnership, indicating a phase full of energy and enthusiasm for you. This transit will bring you professional growth and progress due to many opportunities that will show up. It can bring you the chance to approach new possibilities of progress through foreign land or gains from spouse. Profits are visible in the professional front, but expenses in your personal front will be high. Relations with your partner/spouse and family will be cordial as you will get unconditional support from them in your endeavors. If you are single, there are chances that you might tie the knot with someone you love. On the whole, this transit is beneficial for you but you should stay alert in both your professional and personal fronts as there may be some loss due to your negligence. Avoid any kind of speculations with respect to your relations, especially in matters concerning your personal and professional partner.

  1. Gemini

Mars transiting Taurus in the 12th house of loss, hospitalization and foreign settlement will impact the lordship of Mars in the 11th and 6th house of gains and disease, requiring you to balance health and work. Your professional life will see good opportunities for travel abroad in your field of work and you will excel professionally. At the same time, there will be an increase in your workload professionally that may lead to fatigue and stress, affecting your physical health. Be vigilant and strike a balance between work and rest; you will have to put in efforts and effective planning for this. The aspect of Mars on the house of siblings will bring love and coordination amongst you and your family members. Avoid getting dominant in your personal relationships to avoid ego clashes, especially with your partner, and pay extra attention to your domestic arena to balance all avenues of routine life.

  1. Cancer

Mars transiting Taurus in the 11th house of gains will impact the lordship of Mars in the 10th and 5th house of love and speculation indicating the ability to handle mental and emotional stress. You are known for your sensitive emotional personality, but this transit will give you the ability to deal with your personal and professional stress with a clear thought process in place. Professionally, this transit will be very beneficial for you as there will be good gains in career from upcoming projects as an independent entrepreneur. If you are a salaried professional, then there are chances of promotion. You will also balance your practical approach with love in your personal and family relations. Students will be blessed with consistent concentration and energy to excel in academics; this will be a very stable period for them. If you have been troubled by health issues, you will be able to get cured during this transit.

  1. Leo

Mars transiting Taurus in the 10th house of career will impact the lordship of Mars in the 9th and 4th house of luck and stability, bringing you chances of success stories. Mars is a very auspicious planet for you and this transit will not only inspire you to work hard but your hard work will be appreciated and acknowledged by your superiors. This is a favourable time for you to start your own venture or gain the support of your colleagues to cash any opportunity that comes your way. If you are in the healthcare sector or armed forces, you will be able to get to the next level of progress, there may even be a promotion with respect to your professional designation. As far as your personal relations are concerned, there will be domestic bliss with your partner and good understanding with your family, siblings and friends. Overall, this is a good transit for you as it will bring positive changes in your personality and your nature to adjust with others without being egoistic. Avoid too many tasks at one time as it may distract you from your goals, this is especially true for students.

  1. Virgo

Mars transiting Taurus in the 9th house of luck will impact the lordship of Mars in the 3rd and 8th house of initiative and uncertainties, bringing you a platter of success and conflict together. You are a hardworking person and this transit will add fine dimensions to your analytical skills, paving the way for success in your professional ventures. You will start moving in intellectual circles and earn a good professional reputation, which will endow you with the capability of carrying out your pursuits well. All your concerns will be more related to your career and you will pay less attention to your love life and family relations, which may bring contradictions in your personal life. You may have differences with your father due to ego issues as both of you will try to prove each other wrong; but the unconditional efforts of your siblings may prove beneficial in restoring your relations. Try to maintain balance in your personal and professional arenas by avoiding any sudden clash that may appear unannounced.

  1. Libra

Mars transiting Taurus in the 8th house of uncertainties and hurdles will impact the lordship of Mars in the 2nd and 7th house of wealth and partnership, suggesting that you will crave for balance and stability. Libra is the sign of balance, which makes you work hard with dedication for success and stability in your routine life. Your professional front will be challenging as you will have rivals who will create strong opposition without any reason. In case you have plans for making quick money, scrutinize them well first. Try to live with the facts and not on presumptions with respect to career ventures. Being rash will not lead you anywhere in your personal relations; however, be cautious of those friends who always try to take advantage of your positive nature. Avoid being dominating in your personal and family relations to win the support of your loved ones. Maintain decorum in speech and behaviour to avoid any conflict and respect your partner and loved ones.

  1. Scorpio

Mars transiting Taurus in the 7th house of partnership will impact the lordship of Mars in the 1st and 6th house of self and rivals, whereby ignorance will create hurdles and consciousness will bless you with success. You will have an uneven trend during this transit, in both personal and professional spheres. Your professional relations will be secured and your professional partnership will flourish, only if you are cautious and keep an eye on your behavior pattern with respect to others. Avoid any kind of ego clashes and dominance. Also, avoid any kind of risk in your personal and professional relations. Your marital relations may also see ups and downs, there may be some hiccups in your mutual understanding as the placement of Mars may make you dominant and impulsive, making you invite unnecessary ego clashes and arguments with your partner. This transit will endow you with good energy, but be conscious about your heath and try to make some positive changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

  1. Sagittarius

Mars transiting Taurus in the 6th house of rivals and health will impact the lordship of Mars in the 5th and 12th house of love and loss, indicating that there will not be many variations in gains even after increased efforts. Professionally, there may be many aspects that can lead to your success in career, but it will be profitable only if you manage opportunities with your wisdom and efforts. Your rivals will try to cash your incoming professional challenges for their personal benefits. You will believe in your efforts more than your destiny and constant effort will secure you gains in the future. Your personal arena will be marked by your grace and patience while making adjustments for personal relations; this will bring balance even in a conflicting situation. You will have to face sudden expenses that will be made to fulfill personal desires; but be cautious and don’t over-step your budget as it may lead to financial loss. You will be blessed with good physical immunity and health but avoid overindulgence in food consumption.

  1. Capricorn

Mars transiting Taurus in the 5th house of love will impact the lordship of Mars in the 4th and 11th house of stability and gains, indicating that you will have secured relationships and career with a firm footing. You will see good opportunities in your professional front, which will be accompanied by an increase in your workload, wisdom and sincere efforts. As an independent entrepreneur, or if you are in service, you will enjoy a very good relationship with your superiors or professional partner. The attitude of family members and partner will be quite cordial towards you and there will be harmony as well as bonding in personal relationships. If you are single, you may get the chance to meet your partner and develop a good love connection with them due to their responsible attitude. Avoid being harsh with your children as special attention is required to divert their excess energy into positive ventures. With workload increasing, do take care of your health.

  1. Aquarius

Mars transiting Taurus in the 4th house of stability will impact the lordship of Mars in the 3rd and 10th house of efforts and career, which will see you manifest independent execution of endeavors as well invite conflict in your personal and professional spheres. In your personal front, you will be blessed with close proximity to your siblings, especially younger ones who may love to spend some quality time with you. This will strengthen your bond with more affection. Your mother and partner will support you in every way; but this transit will tend to make them authoritative and possessive about you without any significant reason. Try to make them feel more secured with your love and bonding. Your workplace will bring you extra workload; it will be beneficial for you to plan a new strategy of work to complete all tasks in time. This transit will have both positive and negative impacts on you. You should learn to deal with them with patience, rather than anger, for efficient management.

  1. Pisces

Mars transiting Taurus in the 3rd house of initiative will impact the lordship of Mars in the 2nd and 9th house of family, finance and luck that will bless you with the goodness of health, wealth and relations - which will boost your self-confidence. This transit will be very beneficial for your overall prosperity and growth. You will have abundant physical stamina and vibrant energy that will boost your competency in your professional efforts with good skillsets. You will communicate with honesty and call a spade a space in quite a positive note, which will bring good gains and reputation for you professionally. You will indulge your personal relationships, make all efforts to keep them happy. You will try to spend some quality time with your partner and family, which may include participating with them in their hobbies or taking a short break from your profession. This will bring you their respect and acknowledgement.

How can you make the most of this transit?

If you perform the following actions, they will function like healing tools which will not only boost your confidence in adverse situations but also heal your soul and boost your mental strength.

  • Donate blood if your health permits or donate jaggery and peanuts to laborers.
  • Donate red clothes to an orphanage or old age home.
  • Wear a copper bracelet on your right hand, this will help you progress in your ventures.