Transit of Venus for Gemini Moon Sign

Transit of Venus for Gemini Moon Sign


Transit of Venus for Gemini moon sign natives is largely favorable, as Venus shares a friendly relationship with the lord of Gemini, Mercury.

For Gemini, Venus rules its 12th and 5th house and thus during its transit the effects of these two houses, along with that of the ascendant/lagna house are profoundly manifested.

Gemini, is a sign of communication and relationships, Venus too promotes alliances, love and sharing of opinions and feelings. Therefore, when Venus transits in Gemini sign it lays a lot of emphasis of fair and open communication in both personal and professional relationships.

This transit adds politeness, sweetness and harmony in the way of communication of Gemini moon sign born people. As Gemini thrive on exchange of ideas, Venus helps them in reaching the state of comfort where such exchanges can take place, with much ease and simplicity.

Venus also bestows the Gemini natives with a child-like personality. An aura of effervescence will always surround the Gemini moon sign natives when starts its journey into its various houses. It develops a strong penchant for art and creativity in Gemini individuals.

On the negative side, Venus can make Gemini somewhat erratic and superficial, too, depending on which house it is transiting in for you.

The varied effects of transit of Venus through the various houses of Gemini moon sign is detailed out below. Read on to know more…

Upcoming Venus Transit Dates for the Year 2020

  Sign   Date
  Venus in Aries   29/02/2020
  Venus in Pisces   28/03/2020
  Venus in Gemini   01/08/2020
  Venus in Cancer   01/09/2020
  Venus in Leo   28/09/2020
  Venus in Virgo   23/10/2020
  Venus in Libra   17/11/2020
  Venus in Scorpio   11/12/2020


  1. Transit of Venus in Aries for Gemini moon sign

From: 29th February to 28th March 2020

Transit of Venus in Aries will be in the 11th house for Gemini moon sign. This transit will largely be favorable in getting good gains from business. You will be able to expand your network and this will help you in forming alliances that will benefit your trade, in the long term. Financial gains from business, will come through eventually.

This is also a good time for Gemini to revive some old business or project to get good gains. You may need to put in some extra efforts in maintaining a healthy relationship with your business partner, during the time of Venus’s transit. Guidance from father and seniors, at workplace will help you progress in your chosen career field. New skills related to your work can be acquired at this time, and it will benefit you immensely in your profession, in the times to come.

In your personal and love life, you will make new friends, during the time of this transit. Life-long friendships can be initiated, at this time, which will be mutually beneficial. In love life, romantic expeditions will be rather impressive. You will be flooded with love proposals, but you must think through all the possibilities before saying ‘yes’ to someone. A marriage proposal will come through an old friend or acquaintance, when Venus will make its way into your 11th house in Aries sign.

What to avoid? Impulsiveness in love and professional life must be avoided, during the time of Venus’s transit in Aries sign. Investing in share market is also a bad proposition for Gemini, during the time of this transit. You must avoid being too aggressive and egoistic, to ensure smooth functioning of personal and professional relationships. Special care must be taken while interacting with females, during this time. Take care of your health while traveling, else it can impact the pace of advancement at work front.

  1. Transit of Venus in Taurus for Gemini moon sign

From: 28th March to 1st August 2020

When Venus transits in Taurus, in the 12th house for Gemini moon sign, you will be conferred with a strong sense of connectivity with your loved ones. You will be in a happy and jovial mood, throughout, and this will show on your love and marital life too.

There will be no dearth of romance, during this time for Gemini moon sign natives, but expressions of love will be more secretive and private. You will be more vibrant in bed pleasures than in emotional connect, during the time of Venus’s transit in your 12th house. Still, care and concern for partner will very much be there.

In professional life, Gemini natives will witness prosperity and this will reflect on your income status too. Transit of Venus will bring around opportunities to accelerate income gains and shape-up your career in the best way possible. You will enjoy the riches of life and spend wholeheartedly in purchasing luxuries for self and family.

You will be more spiritually inclined, during this time and will seek psychological contentment from whatever you do in life.

What to avoid? This could be a relatively challenging placement of Venus for Gemini, so you must avoid becoming lazy and isolated during this period. You may be more inwardly drawn, at this time and this trait may hold you back from sharing your true and honest feelings with the one you long for. Your inhibitions in expressing your love may result in frustrations, leading to arguments with your lover or spouse, in daily life. There could be a decline in your moral sensibilities, so be cautious in this aspect.

Venus will undergo retrogression in this period from 13th May to 25th June 2020. This phase will be marked with low vibrancy in physical pleasures and increased concern for health related matters of partner. Venus will come back to its normal position on 25th June 2020 and will transit in Taurus till 1st August 2020, wherein it will provide you with wisdom to identify and utilize opportunities to reconnect with your partner and bring back the lost passion in your love life.

  1. Transit of Venus in Gemini for Gemini moon sign

From: 1st August to 1st September 2020

Transit of Venus in the ascendant/lagna house for Gemini moon sign will be a cheerful period for Gemini natives, in general. You will feel happy and content in both personal and professional life, in this time.

Your jovial and confident self will help you make new friends, build stronger connections of business associates and do well in financial matters, also, at this time. Your relationship with your family, spouse and children will be harmonious and full of affection.

You will be in pink of health, at this time and will be rather conscious of your eating habits and exercise regimes. Physical grooming will be equally important for you and you will be pretty mindful of your appearance, even in day-to-day basis.

You are likely to pay extra attention to the way you dress up and look. Subsequently, you will be able to form a striking persona and goodwill to attract people.

Your charismatic personality may make you embrace multiple love relationships. Those who are married will witness romance coming to the forefront. It is advised to look after the overall progress of children in this period.

What to avoid? Gemini moon sign natives must avoid being over-confident, timid and dominating, during the time of Venus’s transit in their first house. Overpowering others in matters of love and even in professional setup can prove detrimental for your growth, success and eventual happiness in life. Some of you may could turn somewhat coy and this would also create hurdles for you, especially in your love life.

  1. Transit of Venus in Cancer for Gemini moon sign

From: 1st September to 28th September 2020

Venus will transit in Cancer sign, for Gemini moon sign, in the 2nd house. During this time, Gemini natives will enjoy abundant wealth and riches of life.

Luck will favor your wealth accumulation, at this time and you will be able amass great financial gains, irrespective of the intensity of your efforts. Gemini moon sign born natives will get to derive excellent pleasures in life, as Venus will make its move into their 2nd house.

You will be blessed with eloquence, during this time, which will help you in attracting people from various spheres towards you. This will eventually allow you to increase your network of friends and acquaintances, some of which could prove beneficial in your professional expeditions, in future.

Your artistic pursuits will know no bounds and this inclination may make you take these up as hobbies or you may even like to pursue them professionally. Whichever way you would do this, you will benefit from it, in the long-term. Still, your greater focus will remain on finance related matters.

In love and marital life, you will be able to connect well with your partner and family. Those who are in love, will experience a stable period for romantic quests.

What to avoid? Avoid being harsh in your verbal expressions, at this time. You should be cautious of your speech, as there are possibilities of a verbal combat. Your speech is both a strength and weakness for you, at this time, so you must use it wisely. A state of confusion might also be there, which could give some level of restlessness in this period. Stay away from any misunderstandings by following fair and open means of communication with the concerned person.

  1. Transit of Venus in Leo for Gemini moon sign

From: 28th September to 23rd October 2020

During the transit of Venus in Leo, in the 3rd house for Gemini moon sign, natives will enjoy fulfillment and happiness in life. The flow of positive energies will be strong in this period and this will be quite apparent on your professional and personal life.

Short distance journeys with your spouse or lover is on the cards, during this time and these will prove beneficial for your relationship. You will spend quality time with your partner and this will make your bond even stringer.

Gemini moon sign natives will have a level of charisma which will help them get a lot of attention from people around them, especially from the opposite gender, when Venus will make its way in to their 3rd house. Apart from this, you will also be able to attract good amount of wealth, during this time.

Creative abilities will flourish and will help you further your career, at this time. This will bring in good gains, in terms of both income and career advancement opportunities. Expenditure could rise at this time, but spending will largely be on meeting the family needs and requirements. Happiness from spouse is ensured, during this time, for Gemini natives.

What to avoid? You must avoid getting into a dreary mode at this time. Your lack of enthusiasm, at times, may put hurdles in the pace of your progress at work front and could also deter the peace and harmony in your love and conjugal life. Being too moody or temperamental can cause loss of wealth, so be cautious of this disposition, at the time of this transit.

  1. Transit of Venus in Virgo for Gemini moon sign

From: 23rd October to 17th November 2020

Moving into Vigo, in the 4th house for Gemini moon sign, Venus will make you more focused and gentle towards the needs and requirements of your family.

You will gain financially from your family, relatives and domestic affairs, during this time. You will be able to buy vehicles, if you wish to, at this time. For task that you will undertake in this period, all the necessary equipment will be readily available to you for effective and easy completion.

Gemini natives will be fortunate, wealthy and cheerful, in this period and happiness from friends, family and home environment will keep them high spirits, throughout.

In matters of love, you would go out of your way to show your affection towards your partner. You will put your best foot forward to guarantee peace and happiness at home. For singles, there is an indication of initiation of a new relationship from within the family or from your social circle.

What to avoid? Gemini natives can turn become stubborn and inflexible in their disposition, during the time of this transit. So, you must be cautious on this aspect and try to avoid becoming too obstinate for the comfort of others. Being overindulgent may also cost you dearly, so it’s better to be balanced and organized in life, especially, at this time.

  1. Transit of Venus in Libra for Gemini moon sign

From: 17th November to 11th December 2020

Transit of Venus in Libra sign for Gemini moon sign natives will take place in the 5th house. During this time, Gemini natives will be bestowed with happiness of family and affluence.

This is an excellent period for your love life and your romantic encounters will be full of passion and ecstasy, during this time. There will be fun, fascination and adventure in your love relationships. Sexual pleasures will also be heightened, at this time.

In domestic life, you will be happy and content, your spouse will be affectionate and caring and your children will be a source of happiness for you, during this time. In general, your social life will be quite active and you will have a good time with your friends.

Your attractiveness will be supremely enriched and you may start a sturdy new relationship in this period. There might be an increase in expenditure, especially on your love partner, spouse and children.

On the work front, you will be rather influential in your turf and will be popular among your professional community. You will have name, fame and income gains, during this time, which will be sustained through optimal use of wisdom and knowledge.

What to avoid? Impulsive decisions must be avoided by Gemini moon sign natives, at all times, during this transit period. Excess of anything should also be shunned and reckless behaviors must be kept in check, when Venus transits in the 5th house for Gemini natives.

  1. Transit of Venus in the 6th house for Gemini moon sign

From: 11th December 2020 to 4th January 2021

Transit of Venus in Scorpio sign will be in the 6th house for Gemini moon sign natives. During this time, challenges in marital life will keep you stressed, as you struggle find balance in work and personal life.

Unnecessary arguments with spouse will disturb the harmony at home, which will further abate the happiness and enjoyment in your life. The unfulfilled desires from spouse will push you onto the road to deception, which can prove fatal for your marital life, in the long-term.

You will be more occupied in your professional expeditions and workplace and you will try to find pleasure at work, during this time.

Still, you will struggle to keep your wealth and sustain your savings and income gains, during the time of this transit. Venus’s transit in the 6th house will also makes the Gemini quite demanding and dominating.

During this time, caution will be required to keep an eye on the enemy, as your rivals will be active during this time and some hidden foes may also surface, in this period.

What to avoid? Stress and erratic dietary habits must be avoided during this time of Venus’s transit in the 6th house for Gemini natives, as health issues are indicated, here.