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Venus Transit in Capricorn (29 Dec 2022 till 21 Jan 2023)

This transit will usher in an incredible time in love & relationships. Delayed issues in your marital life will be resolved bringing peace & happiness. It is a favorable period for your work, spiritual progress & good earnings. Also, with focus & hard work, you will resolve all financial issues.

Venus Transit in Capricorn

Venus is the significator planet of beauty, relationships, love, sensuality, marriage, and partnership. All materialistic luxuries and finer things in life like relationships in marriage and love are ruled by Venus.

The transit of Venus in the responsible Capricorn sign indicates that there will be financial gains and success in love due to the friendly tread of both planets, Venus and Saturn.

Venus is the lord of the 5th house of creativity, entertainment, matters related to children and 10th house of profession/career growth, work front and status.

  • The transit of Venus in Capricorn will be an incredible time in love and relationships as delayed issues in your marital life will be resolved bringing peace and happiness to your relationship.
  • Couples will address the relationship with a mature and practical attitude when love moves into a committed form.
  • The challenge that is posed by this transit is to put in efforts to gain love and affection in any relationship you really care and aspire for.
  • The transit of Venus in Capricorn can be termed as the long haul in love relationships, where patience in relationships is like planting a tree and depth in love and affection with partner is reaping the fruit.
  • There will be favorable output in relation to occupation, spiritual progress and good earnings. This transit may be the period where one could gain higher knowledge, sentiments and values for success in relationship as well as vigilance and efforts for happiness and prosperity.
  • The transit of Venus in Capricorn indicates that you will be required to use your acumen and creative abilities with efforts and hard work to create balance and success in your ventures and relationships.

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