Retrograde Venus in Leo & Cancer (23 July – 4 Sep)

Venus retrogrades in Leo on 23 July & ends its retrogression in Cancer on 4 September. Retrogression of Venus creates distortion. It can also create issues in personal relationships. This period is an opportunity to dig deeper & acknowledge what you may have been avoiding.

Retrograde Venus in Leo & Cancer (23 July – 4 Sep)


Venus retrogrades in Leo on 23 July and ends its retrogression in Cancer on 4 September. Venus in retrogression gives different results and such an occurrence takes place every 18 months. It stays in retrogression motion for 43 days.

  • Venus stays in stationery motion for some moments before it starts moving towards retrogression, which marks the most dangerous period and can give negative results.
  • It is wise to avoid major decisions and the performing of important events during the Venus retrogression period.
  • Venus represents glamour, feminine energy, love, beauty, enjoyment, prosperity, sexuality, marital bliss, luxury, and comfort.


How will Venus’ Retrogression affect You?



You will be in a highly creative and innovative mental state which can be put to work in a better way. Try to control your emotions and manage the situation with your intellectual skills. You will be in a highly creative mode, but this energy might put you in high expectation from others and can create misunderstandings and conflicts.

Bad time for your relationship and romantic life. It may not be easy but dig deeper and acknowledge what you may have been avoiding. Take time to correct your past mistakes. Avoid debts or loans as you will not be able to repay them on time.

Your spouse will try to make you understand and help you come out of these illusions. You will have disagreements with your partner and other family members. You can acquire new opportunities from your professional networking circle which will give you growth and change in your projects.

You will have inner strength and courage to deal with the situation by outperforming yourself. However, there will be many confusions and limitations in your work plan.



A chance to examine how you show up in relationships. Your partner will reciprocate your feelings. You will recover lent money. Someone will become a key person in your professional life. Put your health as a priority and take rest from the usual life pattern.

You may become extravagant with your finances and might spend sleepless nights as a result. Financially, things might not go as per your plans. So, to avoid a financial crisis you might curb expenses and maintain a moderate life. Your competitors may try to influence you adversely during this time.

Avoid a laid-back attitude, else you would not be able to meet the business delivery dates on time which will reflect in your financial reality. There might be chances of travelling abroad and fixing business deals. You will have all the resources to increase your business clients and bring in more ventures.

You must be careful while dealing with finances. You can get help from financial advisors to avoid any loss. Health might be a major concern during this phase, as mental stress and sleepless nights will deteriorate your health.



You will experience an inclination towards spirituality. But it is imperative to not neglect the importance of sound financial stability. Focus on your financial goals and investments. You might be susceptible to allergies. Articulate your demands in your relationship. You would be supported by your partner.

This Venus retrogression will bring innovative ideas for share market investments and it would be better to seek guidance from a financial advisor.

However, you might feel the urge to fulfil your desire by blowing your money on expensive items and other unnecessary things. Your aggression to make money might connect you with people who are involved in illegal work.

Your mind will be full of aggression and anger which will not help in clarity of thoughts to make the right financial decision. Work on yourself to inculcate mental strength and make the right decisions.

There might be aggression and disharmony with your spouse and other family members, it is advised not to get over ambitious and high in expectations with your spouse. This situation might give you problems and disturb your inner peace. You must maintain peace and calm within yourself.



Inability to spend valuable time with your family members. One of your family members might get hurt because of your behavior. Get help from a financial advisor to retain your financial security. You will face financial loss. Relationship with your companion might see disagreements.

Retrogression of Venus will give you major opportunities to implement your techniques in business to widen up your financial prospects. You will have the knowledge and leadership to improve your finances.

Try not to use any shortcuts to earn easy money as this might put you in a problematic situation.

Pride and ego must be set aside to overcome business challenges. You might not have a harmonious environment at your workplace, as you would not be open to others’ ideas for your work.

During this period, your financial condition will get better, but you need to be careful and vigilant in following the rules and ethics of the company.

This period might create disturbances in your relationships. When you spend valuable time with your partner, take care of how you express and communicate. You can enjoy this moment with your companion by planning a romantic trip if you are ready to understand their point of view.



Talents and skills will be recognized, but you will face delays in manifesting your desires. Gather appreciation and rewards from your seniors by respecting their viewpoint. Delays and procrastination in professional life might create restlessness and anxiety.

This retrogression of Venus will give you a chance to do foreign collaboration work and to travel abroad to close business meetings and deals. You will be given an important and authoritative position at your workplace.

You will have the leadership quality to delegate work and encourage your team members to achieve desired goals. You would provide an extraordinary result through your impressive communication skill and timely completion of work.

This period may be about acknowledging how far you have come and accepted the challenges of life.

You would build up your name and respect in the organization over a period of time by proving your efficiency to your seniors. You would be devoting time on how best to pursue your long-term career goals and aspire to achieve recognition for your hard work. Follow a disciplined lifestyle and proper diet.



You must control being over-ambitious about your relationships and finances. High expectations from your returns will dishearten you, take decisions by being grounded and using logical reasoning. Stop being too demanding of your partner and try to behave cordially.

You will take decisions emotionally and not professionally, which might create problems in many areas. Stop thriving on emotions and feeding your pride, it will not serve any purpose for your financial growth and relationship harmony.

Long-term plans will work for you; it will give you profitable returns. It’s time to heal the past issues and confront your loved ones with care and understanding.

Long distance travelling will not be beneficial for you, so focus on working from your place and producing more valuable results. You would get good opportunities to meet new people that would be advantageous for you.

Have control in your rage and avoid using abusive words which may lead to unnecessary controversies and put you in problems in your work area.



Anxiety in your work life persists. Do not get overwhelmed at work, think before you react. Take seniors’ advice. Relationship will take a positive turn. Your fondness for your partner will increase. Be in the servitude mode to make good progress in career.

You will meet many new people who will help you in your career and improve your network of potential business or work partnerships. Focus on building trust with others professionally rather than emotionally.

There are possibilities of you facing financial loss through unethical or illegal ways. Try to control your emotions and deal with the situation intellectually. You can acquire new opportunities in your professional networking circle which will bring you growth and positive change in your venture.

You will be in your creative mode but this energy might make you expect the same from others and can create misunderstandings and conflicts. You must understand other’s point of view and interpret and bring it to use as per your need.

Your spouse will try to make you understand the situations at hand and help you come out of these illusions.



You will have the energy to do multiple work in your career. Control your impulsiveness and anxiety. Make wise decisions to earn money. Your subconscious fears will surface. Cherish the moment by increasing intimacy with your romantic interest. You will maintain a compatible relationship with each other.

Your subconscious mind will be super-active, especially what is in your mind in terms of fear and anxiety will come to the surface, and you will be looking for answers through many ways. You will have inner strength and courage to deal with the situation by overcoming these limitations.

You will implement many creative and innovative ideas in your business which will help you in attracting new foreign collaborative projects. But you might end up with a lot of financial burdens and debts which might make you restless and would destroy your inner peace.

During this period, your personal relationships might get affected by your extreme behavior and sudden change in your moods, which would create misunderstanding and disharmony.

You would not be able to balance professional and personal life. During this period, it is advisable to take a break from your profession and plan a family vacation to spend more time with each other and fill the gap.



Be mindful of your extreme romantic expressions. Your partner might need some breathing space. Else, your partner would feel suffocated. Take initiatives in the workplace by implementing more innovative ideas. You will be driven towards achievements and ambition. Control your impulsiveness and think before reacting in your workplace.

You will feel the change in your nature of work, you might suddenly become demanding and controlling, which will not serve the purpose in your workplace. You have to think and slow down your pace for everyone’s betterment.

This is a time when you would have to magnify your past and would change your present behavior that need to let go, so you can grow, improve and thrive. You have to reflect and then respond because you may receive lots of undesired surprises from your past karmic baggage. However, it is yours and you have to deal with it.

You would truly experience your life to its fullest only by withdrawing and reflecting over your life and actions. Your business would grow in a bigger way by connecting with foreign collaborations. You might be dealing with many secrets in your life. But escapism wouldn’t help you with everyday responsibilities and challenges.



You will be determined to achieve professional goals. But it is not a good time to ask for incentives or promotion. Take care of your seniors’ point of view. Implement new creative ideas for financial growth. A tough time ahead with your spouse and family members.

You would finish your professional work on time but don’t ask for a hike as the planetary positions don’t support it.

Do not involve in share markets and speculative business, as this might not be profitable for you. Long-distance business travel will open many opportunities and you can ask for profitable deals.

Do not forget your core nature which is happiness and friendships, these are your strong focus, and you would be in the center of attraction of social gatherings. This cycle would make you courageous and a determined person, which will help you in fulfilling your work on time.

In your personal life, there will be lot of piled up work that need to be completed which you and your partner can work upon by scheduling them accordingly.



Things will move slowly, which might create anxiety and restlessness. You will be able to balance your professional and personal life. Your patience will pay in your professional life. Be inclined towards doing more work and spending extra time at your workplace. Work harder to achieve your targets.

This Venus retrogression period will make things slow and it’s not advisable to become hyper and anxious about your work. You can’t do much about it, things will move at its pace – you just have to be patient and work on other opportunities.

You will increase your expenses and become a spendthrift. You will feel exhausted and your hard work would go in vain. You might feel irritated for not achieving recognition for your work.

This is a challenging period wherein you would not be able to express your feelings in an appropriate way. However, gradually things might fall in place if you handle the situation in a positive way. Planetary positions would boost your energy to crack business deals to your highest good.

You must think and prepare yourself for business meetings and other professional obligations. Relationship would go smoothly, and you would relish good times with your partner.



Take advantage of this period to make progress in your romantic life. It will give you numerous creative ideas for long distance travel. Cherish the moment by increasing intimacy with your romantic interest. You will maintain a compatible relationship with each other.

You would feel many changes in your career and it’s a good time to work on multiple sources of income, rather than just be dependent upon one. You would achieve financial growth and will earn profitable returns from investments.

You would gather happiness and joy, along with the courage to overcome day-to-day challenges. It’s a great period for expansion and recognition at a professional level. You must choose new projects which could be challenging and would contribute to your growth.

This will work as a booster period in your professional life. You will be given an important and authoritative position at work, which will prove to be beneficial for you.

It’s better to join a wellness program to de-stress yourself from the daily routine. You might face some health issues in your family, which will create mental stress. However, gradually things will become positive and you will spend good times with your partner and family members.