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Jupiter Transit 2016 Results for Taurus Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit
Jupiter, the biggest planet of the heliocentric system is considered highly auspicious in Indian Astrology. It is a benefic planet and takes around 1 year to transit to a new Zodiac sign. The mighty planet stands for wisdom, success, prosperity, education, fame, respect and children. Since it is such an influential celestial body as per Indian Astrology, its transit exerts influence on human lives in immeasurable ways. The planet would transit from Leo to Virgo on 11th August, 2016 until 12th September, 2017.

As for Taurus Moon Sign natives, they would feel inclined towards religious and virtuous pursuits. Some propitious ritual may also be organized at home. Jupiter will bless you with enhanced wisdom, high level of ambition and help you earn respect from your social circle and friends. Some long-awaited desires would be accomplished. You would be very positive with many expectations from the coming period, and you are energetic and positive enough to tackle what may come. All attempts of opposition to conspire against you would go vain. This period demands you to seek blessings of elders so that luck continues to improve. Are you a Taurus Moon Sign? You can find it out instantly.

Although the true picture of Jupiter Transit effects can be obtained only by analyzing the position of other planets in a natal chart but the brief overview here based on principles of Indian Astrology gives a general idea on how the transition to Virgo will affect Taurus moon sign.
Career: Jupiter Transit would bring lots of positive changes to your career domain, something you have been longing for a couple of years. This is the period to reap the rewards of your efforts at work. Your hard work would be appreciated and rewarded by seniors. Recognition and fame would be high as the period is decidedly favorable for career prospects. You may get promoted to a higher position or gain appreciation from authority. Both seniors as well as coworkers would be happy with you. A senior official may also lend a helping hand. Those in business would also find this time to be opportune as good returns are likely.

Finance: Your efforts would be driven towards the right direction, and combined with higher level of wisdom; your plans would result in better earnings. Income is likely to increase substantially during this period. Investments, stocks, and speculation too would be beneficial and may give positive outcomes, but it depends largely upon the strength of Jupiter in Natal chart. Overall, your financial standing would be comfortable.
Love and Marriage: Jupiter transit is quite opportune for those thinking to tie the knot lately. This is an auspicious period for Taurus to get married. Love life would perform well too. The relationship is likely to more deep and intense than ever. Thoughts of taking the relationship to the next level may also cross your mind.

Family: As for family life, this transit brings in possibility of childbirth or progeny.  But along with these prospects, some worries related to children may keep you disappointed and troubled throughout thus be cautious.

Health: Personal health would be good. You would feel active and energetic but some minor issues could strike. The transition of Jupiter may bring in slight possibility of some progeny related problems thus be careful. But overall, health would be in good state.

Education: This is a highly productive and positive period for children. Students will show interest in learning new things and acquire more knowledge. Their interest and willingness would help in studies a lot. Exam results will be positive so those still waiting can expect good scores.
This comprehensive analysis of Jupiter Transit is generic in nature. For a distinctively personalized overview of how it will affect your life, you could request Jupiter Transit reading.

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