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Sun Transit in Pisces Moon Sign

Sun is the vital sustenance of every creation on this earth and the power of all planets and stars is derived from the Sun. Sun represents the existence of every native individuality and the approach towards life. We will discuss the individual professional approach of work based on the Sun transit in Pisces of all moon signs


Sun will transit in Pisces sign from15th March 2022

Planets in the zodiac frame are moving in their natural progression and they all derive their vital source of energy and strength from Sun. Sun is the origin of sustenance of every creation on this earth-though it is the celestial world, living creatures on the earth including human beings. Vedic astrology refers to Sun as the celestial father that is the backbone of vital force behind every visible and non-visible creation for its balance.

Sun is the natural significator of self and gives the individual the power to make his /her preferred professional approach that is established on the strength and location of the Sun in the horoscope.

Let’s observe the effects of transit of Sun in Pisces in relation to career on all Moon signs-


Career approach for the Aries natives will be progressive if it is marked with caution and good efforts with restrictions over expenditure and investment.

The career advantage of the employed natives will have work with vigilance to get command over their professional rivals and they will be netfied with good opportunities. You will get good chances of getting good gains through new location in job. Business entrepreneurs will get good offers in new deals that will be cracked by their intelligence .Any foreign connection in career  may give you expected gains. Any kind of major investments is not beneficial during this period.


Career approach for the Taurus natives will be progressive in terms of your finances but the finances should be taken care of with caution, wisdom and good efforts.

The employed natives will feel the rise in security and confidence in the work place as the financial condition of your respective organization will prosper. You will be allotted new responsibilities and posted new challenges of meeting the required commitments. You will be able to make new connections and good public relations both in employed and business sector. Business entrepreneur will crack good deals in business travel during this transit. Any hobby or family business will procure good profits due to innovative ideas, strategies or scheduled schemes that will prove beneficial.


Career approach for the Gemini natives will be progressive in terms of your career where your hard work and strong efforts will reward you with success and recognition on your work front.
The employed natives will gleam in the shine of success and recognition from their superiors due to their organized hard work, good hold over time span of professional commitment. This transit will also be beneficial for those looking for relocation in job/or trying to crack any interview for government job. Business entrepreneur will reap the result of their hard work and good relations where your siblings may give you gains in your business endeavors. This transit is a good time to expand your business ventures or start any new venture that will be fruitful with your intelligence and hard work.


Career approach for the Cancer natives will be progressive in terms for your professional monetary gains but be cautious over office politicsby planning your work strategy in advance and executing with vigilance.

This transit will bless the employed natives with courage and competitive strength as to win over your professional rivals with your static planning and execution on the professional front. Your competitive abilities will bring good luck with monetary gains and recognition in office. Business entrepreneurs will have to focus their efforts; wisdom in business deals by applying new strategies then this transit will prove beneficial for your business gains. Investment and expenditure should be done with prior financial planning to avoid any professional setback.


Career approach for the Leo natives will be less progressive in terms of your career and finances so caution over your health, honest ways of earning and scheduled way of working technique is beneficial.

Employed Leo natives may face certain obstacles or hurdles that may have low health quotinent during this transit. You may not get the desired momentum in your work and results will also pose some delay. Relationships with colleagues and superiors will not be cordial. Avoid any kind of change in your career profile or location. Business entrepreneurs will also face professional setbacks and your gains will not be less than expected. Take care of your investments and invest in accordance with your immediate professional requirements with prior financial plans with vigilance.


Career approach for the Virgo natives will not be progressive in terms of your finances or career, so maintain cordial relations with your colleagues, superiors, business partners with decorum in professional attitude.

Virgo employed natives will need to make manipulated and honest efforts to achieve desired results and overcome challenges at the workplace. You will face a very hectic schedule and the handling of multiple clients would be demanding during this transit. Avoid haste and try to prioritize your work for better handling .Business entrepreneurs especially those are in professional partnership must handle these partnerships with utmost care and attention to avoid any kind of opposition, denial and productivity of your ventures.


Career approach for the Libra natives will be progressive in terms of your finances but the career should be taken care of with caution, wisdom and good efforts.

The transit will favourable for the Libra employed natives due to your strong commitment and active work schedule in your work place. You will have fixed focus and goal in your professional arena and you will work with systematic effort for achieving them. The business entrepreneurs will make a profitable space and professional network that will yield good monetary gains in their respective arena. Your work will give you good and stable finances due to your sincere efforts.


Career approach for the Scorpio natives will be progressive in terms of your career and finances as you will have the clarity of expression in your professional communication and presentation of your good efforts with caution and wisdom.

The Scorpio employed natives can start a new job venture as a fresher that will be very progressive for their professional profile. Travelling pursuits for the employed natives will bring fruitful gains in their professional projects. You will be passionate in your professional efforts and this presentation of your innovative professional ideas will be beneficial for your career graph.
Business entrepreneurs will introduce new plans and strategies in their respective fields that will bear wholesome rewards. Those in speculative business will hold good profit and the relocation of the employed natives will bring opportunities for success.


Career approach for the Sagittarius natives will be progressive in terms of your career and finances due to good luck, wisdom,good efforts and strong focus in your career endeavors.

Sagittarius employees will have a beneficial time with the cooperation of their colleagues and superiors but you will be very busy with the excessive work load. On the contrary, you will be successful in meeting your professional targets but you are liable to ignore your personal liabilities. Business entrepreneurs will have their luck tagged in all their efforts that will bestow them with good earnings. Overall the career prospects for Sagittarius natives will be fruitful and you have very good chances of your personal hobby to develop into good business opportunities even from your home front.


Career approach for the Capricorn natives will be less progressive in terms of your career as Sun is on a less cooperative mode with Saturn but you are advised to use all your actions with advance planning of good efforts and keep caution on your attitude and expression in the professional world.

The Capricorn natives will face certain series of hurdles in their routine professional work both as an employee and business entrepreneur but you will overrule all challenges through your strong will and manipulated efforts that will help you to overcome sudden professional setback. Try to maintain your decorum of behaviour with your younger colleagues and respect those elder to you on the professional front with semblance in your expression of speech. There are strong chances of the employed natives to be manipulated to apply for change of job location without their consent and the business travels will not be fruitful according to your expectations.  


Career approach for the Aquarius natives will not be beneficial in terms of your finances and career and all the parameters in your professional arena should be taken care of with caution, wisdom and good efforts.

The Aquarius natives will face some challenges with your colleagues or subordinates in your professional life. Business partnership will indicate fluctuation and shadow over professional partnership due to difference of opinion will hamper business opportunities that will affect the gains and progress of your business productivity. Avoid making any major professional decisions as there are very strong chances that you are likely to take wrong decision that will cause major loss. Avoid being emotional in your professional relations or else there may be a tinge of rudeness in your speech.


Career approach for the Pisces natives will be progressive in terms of your career but new opportunities should be taken care with caution, wisdom and good efforts.

Sun is friendly with Jupiter the lord of the Pisces sign and this transit will be with mixed strength for Pisces native. The employed natives will get favourable results in your career especially those in Government job by the strong supportive back up from your team members. You will tend to miss new opportunities though you will have the caliber due to your negligence in your professional attitude. Business entrepreneurs will have to make some tough decisions for your team mates to meet all your professional commitments on time or else your business authncity might have to face professional challenges in your good will. You are required to make your professional endeavors with the attributes like cooperation and good behaviour to overcome all professional challenges.

Sun in Pisces will tend to make all natives lined up with personal ego but only those will be successful in their profession during this transit that will apply effort with good wisdom, timely action and intelligence with balance over behaviour will tend to hold the professional lead during this transit.