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Transit of Sun for Pisces moon signs

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  1. Sun in Aquarius in February 2020 for Pisces moon sign
  2. Transit of Sun in Capricorn for Pisces moon sign
  3. Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Pisces moon signs

Sun in Aquarius in February 2020 for Pisces moon sign

Sun will be transiting in Aquarius from 13th February 2020 to 14th March 2020. This transit will take place in the twelfth house for Aquarius moon sign natives. As per Vedic astrology, twelfth house represents spirituality, enlightenment, expenditures, solitude, foreign lands, hospitals, endings, meditation, worship, tourism etc. and Sun will highlight these themes in your personal and professional life during this transit.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on your professional life

The professional life of Pisces moon sign natives will be positive as you will come across sudden new and better job opportunities which points out towards promising career growth. However, hastiness and lack of planning might lead to incorrect decision making, hence it would be better to make careful and deliberate moves.

Working professionals will feel pressurized due to work overload and less support from colleagues will contribute to stressful situations. However, you will be able to overcome the challenges as your boss and seniors will be favorable disposed to your ideas and endeavors.

If you are running your own business, this transit will be marked by complexities. There will be gains and regular sources of income will be maintained, however, intermittent struggles will keep you on your toes.

If involved in family business, you might have to face confrontations with family members, as your ideas might not be readily accepted and disagreements might lead to conflicts. It is advisable to maintain a calm and equable approach and let your intuition guide you in such situations.

There could be unplanned travels due to work and you could also take a trip overseas, which will bring lucrative opportunities for professional development. Your business and network circle will expand during this time as you get to meet new people and establish important associations.

If you are into marketing, digital media, blogging and related fields, you will find this transit working in your favor. You will have ample opportunities to prove your mettle and showcase your skills.

Female friends and colleagues will be especially supportive during this time and you could incur gains through them.

Effects of Sun’s transit in Aquarius on your personal life

Married life will remain peaceful despite lack of physical intimacy arising out of work pressure or travels. There will be better understanding between you and your spouse, however, there might be moments of strife and disharmony.

You must remain polite and gracious in your interactions and committed in your relationship to maintain peaceful conjugal life. Being honest and open in your communication will help to resolve the differences effectively.

Singles and unattached will have new romantic proposals coming in which will make their personal life exciting. An old friend or flame might come back in your life which will mark the beginning of a romantic relationship for you.

There could be a sudden change of residence during this time, which will eventually turn out beneficial for you. You will organize a religious activity or ceremony at your home, which will make the atmosphere peaceful and spiritual.

There could be purchase of a new vehicle or expensive item, which will make you, feel elated. You could also gain from gifts from family members or relatives during this time.

An auspicious event or marriage ceremony might take place at your home during this time which will keep you occupied.

Transit of Sun in Capricorn for Pisces moon sign

Sun will make a transit in Capricorn sign 15th January 2020. It is considered to be in the same position till 13th February 2020.

Meanwhile, it will nest in the eleventh house of Pisces moon sign. As per Vedic Astrology, the eleventh house is known as the house of income and friends.

For Pisces, Sun rules over the sixth house of job/service, enemy, disease, debts and loan.

The transit of Sun in the eleventh house of Pisces moon sign is suggesting the natives to become mindful of their diet and eating habits.

This is the call to do some self assessment and change your daily routine by adopting exercise patters and a healthy diet plan.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the personal life of Capricorn moon sign

It would be much better if you prepare a checklist at the start of the day and then work in accordance to that schedule.  This would simplify your tasks and give you a right direction to focus on your priorities, thereby making your day smooth and hassle-free.

You’re advised to maintain amicable relations with seniors, elders and most importantly your father. They’ll have a major contribution in your career upliftment.

You will have their back at almost every step and they will stand beside you in all the ups and downs of life.

In the same way, you need to fulfill your duties and obligations in a very sincere manner. Your colleagues and juniors will look forward to seek support from your end. Your guidance and wisdom will help them walk through the difficult paths.

The conjunction of Sun and Saturn in the eleventh house of Pisces can bring about chances of unexpected travels from 24th January 2020 onwards. This unplanned journey could be regarding some work or a getaway trip.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on the professional life of Capricorn moon sign

As sun transits in Capricorn sign, it brings with it a successful phase for Pisces natives. You’re likely to be blessed with all sorts of comforts and luxuries in life.

Pisces, this transit of Sun in Capricorn sign is going to bless you with golden opportunities in the form of international business deals.

Your hard work and efforts will be perceived and you’ll receive appreciation from foreign delegates. The same factor will enhance your name and will help you in forming a huge digital platform.

If you’re involved in a business partnership, you need to be mindful of your speech otherwise you might fall in a verbal combat with your associates. You need to be polite while discussing matters with your partners so as to avoid any kind of issues or conflicts.

You’re likely to face challenges at your work place after 24th January 2020 as there will be entry of some kind of hurdles which will deteriorate your work environment.

This could hamper your peace of mind but you need to move ahead with wisdom and understanding to be on the right track.

At the same time, be humble and polite with everyone around, in order to bid farewell to these irksome situations.

The period after the conjunction of Sun and Saturn is pointing out some kind of change in the career. This could be both ways, positive or negative.

The conjunction of Sun and Mercury advises Pisces natives to avoid any kind of arguments or misunderstandings with seniors and boss otherwise it could demolish your relationship with them and put your job at stake.

The effects of Sun’s transit in Capricorn on health prospects of Capricorn moon sign

Sun, the Lord of sixth house of disease is going to transit through the eleventh house in the month of January 2020. This transit will bring challenges related to health and this could have a threat over your physical and mental well being, if not taken care of. You ought to be considerate of your health conditions by taking proper precautions and medications (if suggested by the doctor).

Do not ignore symptoms of ill health and adopt a strict diet plan, which includes healthy homemade food only. Morning walk and yoga will work as an added advantage.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for Pisces moon signs

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius beginning 15th December 2019, is going to take place in the 10th house of Pisces moon sign natives. This will be a period of mixed strength for Pisces moon sign natives.

During this time, caution over speech and attitude is advised to maintain love and professional relationships. Logical and rational approach is deemed essential here to bring about desired changes and outcomes in varied aspects of life.

Career will space out well, through wisdom and sanity. Take care of your dealings with professional associates, as chances of arguments could be there.

Personal life will demand attention, as you will be more focused towards career. Your partner may feel ignored during this time, so try and compensate for your away time by making efforts to spend quality time with them.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the personal life of Pisces moon sign

The transit of Sun in Sagittarius will be a challenging time for the domestic life of Pisces moon sign natives. Married natives will have to remain garaged of any disputes that might surface, during this time. Stay calm and think wisely before speaking or doing anything. Waywardness will have detrimental consequences on your family relationships.

  • You may be under stress during this time, with respect to your domestic relationships. Be respectful and affectionate towards your parents.
  • Relationship with maternal family need attention. You will be required to fulfil your commitments towards them, else the outcomes could be objectionable.
  • Marital vows need to be taken into consideration during this time as you may tend to forget the sanity of your nuptial tie. Be wise and have the larger interest in your mind before making an impulsive call regarding your marriage.
  • Finances will be stable, but could be made better by investing in safer options and by avoiding wasteful expenditures, during this transit period.

Transit of Sun in Sagittarius for the professional life of Pisces moon sign

Unlike your marital life, your professional life will be all charged up with vitality and vigor. There will be dynamic changes in your career which will bring about new hopes and possibilities of success. You will grow, immensely, in your professional role. Business professionals will also witness profitable prospects, to take their venture to new heights.

  • Possibility of job change is good, in this period. New work environment will suit you and will offer you immense opportunities to prove your worth.
  • Existing role and workplace will also give you many moments of cheer and appreciation. Seniors and manages will speak kind words of recognition for you and you will be lauded for your contribution to the organization.
  • Good business deal or projects are anticipated from foreign sources. Job opportunities from foreign land will bring about good prospects in your work life.
  • Clear all your taxes and any kind of legal work, in time, in this period. Government related work or associations should prevail with cautiousness.