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Sun Transits Pisces (15 March – 14 April): Effects

Sun transits Pisces during 15th March - 14th April, which will impact your love life, career, finance, & health in a good or bad way depending on the planetary position in your horoscope. This transit will enhance your intuition, interest in spirituality & knowledge of different domains.

Sun Transits Pisces (15 March – 14 April)

Sun transits Pisces during 15 March - 14 April 2023. This transit is a sign of the end of Sun’s cycle, where Sun will lose all its negativity such as ego, aggression and become pure and ready to be exalted in Aries for the beginning of its transit cycle again. It will bring some changes in different sectors of your life.

  • In Astrology, Sun represents one’s soul. It signifies your self-respect, dignity, career, and ego. This transit of Sun in Pisces encourages your creativity and romantic dreams.
  • This transit will also strengthen your bond and relationship with your father and make you inclined towards spirituality, where you will help the needy and distressed.
  • Sun is the ‘Karaka’ for your father, king, the government, and your higher authorities; whereas Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and holds the mixed qualities of Jupiter and represents purity, peace and isolation from a normal person. So, the combination of Sun and Pisces can be considered as an encouraging period for physic healers, mentors, artists, and politician.
  • Sun transits Pisces will make you capable of dealing with relationship challenges on the personal and professional front.
  • The negative side of this transit is that it will make a person confused while expressing their emotions at times. Due to their egoistic nature, they might not be able to express their feelings and fail to concentrate on the concerned matters.


How will this transit affect YOU?



If you are an independent entrepreneur, then your business will see a new high through new investments during this transit. Sun governs the 5th house for you, which represents love relationship, education and children, and it transits the 12th house which represents foreign land, hospitals and foreign companies, MNCs. There is a demand for you to move ahead with a careful approach and hard work on both personal and professional fronts.

Any foreign deal or project will garner good profit as expected. You might face challenges on the professional front where you will need to work hard and put in more efforts. Avoid investment in speculation or share market during this phase. Restrict unnecessary expenses to avoid financial crunch.

There might be challenges in marriage. Due to ego clashes and sudden misunderstanding, there might be rift between you and your spouse. Even if you are unmarried, your relationship with your partner won’t sail though a good time during this period. But, with your patience and honest effort, you would overcome the challenges.

You may not enjoy good health during this period, so it is wise to be careful about your diet. Stay active and practice meditation for better mental health.



If you are a business owner, your presentation will be liked by your clients that will help in finalizing a new deal during this phase. Sun governs the 4th house for you, the house of mother, property, home, domestic life and transits the 11th house – the house of financial gains, elder siblings and desires. This transit will be favorable for you on both personal and professional fronts.

A rise in your profession is indicated due to your hard work and honest efforts. Your confidence will give you the courage to deal with challenges and meet the targeted goal at work. You may take more responsibilities at work and show utmost dedication to fulfill them. Avoid any major investment during this period.

Your personal life will see a good time during this phase. You will spend romantic evenings with your partner and enjoy each other’s company. Marital relationship will see peace and harmony. You may enjoy great bonding with your spouse.
If you are a student, then you need to focus on your studies for admission in the desired institution.



Promotion to an authoritative post is indicated during this period, especially for professors, teachers and those in government organizations. Sun is the lord of the 3rd house for you and transits your 10th house of name, fame and career. The transit of Sun in Pisces will be favorable for you as you will get great rewards at work. Avoid egoistic attitude and overconfidence in professional as well as personal life.

There will be a bunch of opportunities to prove yourself and your hard work and efforts will be liked by your seniors. If you are a businessperson, then your ventures will fetch amazing gains in this phase.

There will be harmony and peace on the family front. You will enjoy a great bonding with your partner or spouse. Your partner will support you. There might be a short trip with your partner, that will strengthen the bond.
If you are a student, you need to implement creative ideas to get desired results.

Take care of your health and replace your usual diet with a healthy one to stay fit.



The problems or delay you have been experiencing in your professional life will finally receive some respite with this Sun’s transit. Sun rules your 2nd house and transits the 9th house of Father, Luck, Dharma, pilgrimages, and long-distance travel. During this period, you may be inclined towards religion and seek knowledge from religious people. There will be a demand for you to work hard to deal with challenges on the professional and personal fronts.

Your great communication skill will enhance your performance at work. With your talent and hobbies, you will come into the limelight, so try to improve your skills more. Any work-related travel will yield great results. Your competitors will not be able to harm you. If you are a businessperson, then weigh the current workload before accepting any new work to avoid last minute hurdles. Try to avoid unnecessary expenses to maintain a sound financial status.

This is a moderate period for love life. Some coordination issues are foreseen, so it is best to spend lots of time with your partner or spouse to build better understanding.



You need to be patient in your professional life as there might be a delay in getting what you expect. Sun is your ascendant lord and transits the 8th house, which is the house of sudden happenings, longevity and occult sciences. The transit of Sun in Pisces will bring sudden changes to your life that won’t be easy. Sun in 8th house isn’t auspicious, so it will give you mixed results.

Even after your hard work, your relationship with your senior or colleagues may not be cordial. It is wise to avoid ego issues and implement a down-to-earth approach. Work related travel won’t give you the desired result. This transit indicates you avoid any professional investment during this phase.

In your personal relationship, it is best to avoid ego clashes and arguments with your partner to maintain the spark of romance. In your married life, you need to be patient and move with a humble approach to maintain a good bond with your spouse. Due to life’s stress, you may not be able to focus on your professional life and your health might also get affected.

If you are a student, you need to work hard and follow a systematic pattern to study and get the desired result in academic pursuits.



You can overcome the challenges at work with your honest effort during this transit. Sun, the lord of your 12th house, transits the 7th house of marriage and partnership. This period is tough for your marital life, and it is not favorable for fruitful results. So, you need to be patient and work hard to get success.

On the career front, you may need to work hard and put in more efforts for progress. Work hard to hone your skills and to be in the good books of your seniors or boss. If you are into partnership business, then you may not see a good time in term of your partnership equation. There may be a rift between you and your business partner, so it is wise to avoid taking any financial decision related to business ventures during this transit.

This is a tough period for your married life as you may face ego clashes and conflicts with your spouse. This transit might create more problems for you. Take care of your spouse’s health and avoid arguments due to ego clashes. There might be some ups and downs in your married life or partner during this phase.



Your confidence and willpower will help you progress in your career. Sun governs your 11th house and transit the 6th house, which is the house of health, debts, enemies, and competition. You will see a new growth in your career and your relationship will be cordial with your partner and spouse.

However, you may experience friends backstabbing you and becoming your enemies. This transit will be good for gaining victory over your enemies. Your honest effort and dedication towards your work would be praised by your seniors and you may get a promotion. If you are an independent entrepreneur, then your business will garner great gains and you may build new networks in business.

This is an excellent period for love and marital relationship. This period will be full of romantic moments with your partner. Mutual understanding with your spouse will bring you relief and you will enjoy romantic evenings together.
If you are a student, you will get remarkable results in your academic pursuit because of your hard work and sincere efforts.



Your great communication skill and outstanding presentation will bring forth new growth in your career. Sun is the lord of your 10th house and will transit the 5th house, which represents your love relationship, education and children. The transit of Sun in Pisces may bring some sudden transformation in your career. Your hard work and dedication towards work will be the key to success.

There might be a sign of transfer at work in this period. With your creative ideas and quick decision-making ability, you will deal well with workload and challenges at the workplace. Chances of earning monetary benefit from speculation or share market are indicated, but control unnecessary expenses, as that might cause financial crunch.

Your love life may not see a happy time during this period, so you need to be alert regarding your personal relationship. Arguments and egoistic attitude can dampen your relationship. Try to have an open and healthy conversation with your partner to avoid misunderstandings.

If you are a student, you will get the desired result in your academic pursuits, but with sincere efforts.



Your career will see a new high in this period. Sun governs your 9th house and transits your 4th house, which is the house of mother, domestic environment, land, and vehicle. This transit of Sun and Pisces will give you mixed results. There will be a spiritual atmosphere at home and you may perform some religious activity during this period.

This transit will cause growth in your professional life, but you need to implement a humble and polite approach with your seniors, colleagues and clients. Put in more efforts and work hard to deliver your work commitments on time. Your business will also scale new heights if you avoid changing your work location or taking any major financial decision.

Personal relationship might be a bit disturbed in this period. Some coordination issues are foreseen. There might be conflicts with your partner that will ruin the peace at home.

If you are a student, you need to put in sincere efforts for admission in a desired college.

Be careful about your health.



You will be blessed with positive energy that will help in maintaining a good relationship with people around you and give you recognition at work. Sun rules your 8th house and enters your 3rd house of siblings, courage and short travels. The transit of Sun in Pisces will make you courageous, confident and authoritative in your communication skills that will cause progress in career and love vis-à-vis your personal relationship.

Your positive approach, hard work and honest effort towards your work will not only give you gains, but also cause professional progress. As an entrepreneur, your business will see a new rise and you will finalize a profitable deal.

Your personal relationship will remain cordial and filled with love and romantic moments. You may plan a trip with your spouse that will strengthen your bond. If you are unmarried, you might get a marriage proposal during this period.



You will get mixed results in career and personal life. Sun governs your 7th house and transits the 2nd house, which is the house of family, speech and savings. There might be conflicts in personal relationship whereas your professional life will see a new growth.

Your commanding and authoritative tone may not be liked by your colleagues or seniors. Your overconfidence at workplace might cause you a transfer which will not be fruitful for your career in the long run. If you are into a family business, go for clear and crisp communication.

This period might be slow in terms of your love life. This might cause frustration that can fan trouble in paradise. You need to be patient and let this period pass. Due to ego clashes, there will be lack of peace in your family life. Avoid taking any decision in haste, especially regarding family matters.



Your leadership skill will get enhanced and your decision-making ability will impress everyone during this period. Sun rules your 6th house and transits your 1st house of self and personality. You need to avoid egoistic attitude on both personal and professional fronts.

Your egoistic attitude will tarnish your image at work, so it is wise to keep yourself away from egocentric approach and move ahead with a down-to-earth personality. You might get impatient while making financial deals in your business, due to which you will face loss.

Your married life may not see a good time as there might be a tough relationship with your spouse due to over-possessiveness. There will be misunderstandings and ego clashes which will ruin the romance.

If you are a student, you will need to work hard for desired results.

Be mindful of your health as there can be some health troubles in this period.


Remedies to mitigate the challenges of this Transit

You can follow the actions below, irrespective of your sign.

  • Wearing Red and Saffron daily will decrease the bad effects of this transit.
  • Offer water (in copper vessel) to the Sun every morning, it will bring you benefits.
  • Donate wheat, jaggery and dark colored clothes to the underprivileged, especially on Sundays.