Natal Venus Report

Natal Venus Report


Beauty & opulence comes only if Venus is on your side!

The good placement of Venus is one of the most recurring events in the chart of successful people. Venus is usually judged for business acumen, character of a person, luxury, opulence and comforts in your life and the practical sense of living your life. Whether it is love life or happiness in marriage, sexual prowess or romance, business skills or statesmanship, it is the power of Venus that drives these issues all the way in your birth chart.

How does Venus shape Your Life?

  • While Venus signifies beauty & luxury, it also stands for that form of knowledge that helps you succeed in the modern & commercial world.
  • The knowledge of Venus is not spiritual or textual. It is the art of negotiations, making money, doing business smoothly & how to ensure there is never a shortage in life.
  • It is no wonder that Venus governs knowledge of Information Technology, Software, Engineering, Architecture, business banking, textiles, politics, comfort & luxury products and the art of making money in the modern world.
  • Mythology recognizes Venus in two ways, first as a beautiful young woman ready for marriage & second as a very old sage named Shukhra whose knowledge is par excellence & advices the Rakshasa (Demons).
  • Both descriptions hold good for Venus as it gives beauty & worldly-wise knowledge to excel in a competitive world.


Benefits of Natal Venus Report

  • Acquaints you with the power that Venus feeds your horoscope with & your character.
  • Helps you find your areas of strength & weaknesses associated with Venus.
  • Helps you find the special yogas in your horoscope that Venus participates in (both positive & negative).
  • Focuses on aspects of your life that will grow or see challenges due to Venus, which will give you a good idea whether to give Venus more power or subdue it with your Karma.
  • Cover your 5 year fortune, as affected by Venus.
  • Remedies to mitigate challenges that Venus can bring to your life.


Helpful Tips:

  • Numeric number associated with Venus’s strength, the waxing & waning strength,
  • The aspects of life that will grow or bring challenges due to Venus (This gives us a good idea whether to give Venus more power or subdue it with your Karma)
  • Some suggestions on how to use Venus’s energy for yourself.
  • Cautions & Remedies for Venus’s effect on you.

Report Size:

12 Pages