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New Moon in Taurus for the 12 Zodiac Signs

New Moon in Taurus for the 12 Zodiac Signs


In Vedic Astrology, Amavasya, or the New Moon phase, is the first lunar phase of the moon, also known as the first citing of the waxing crescent moon. It is invisible to the naked eye, and comes about every lunar year, each one havind its own unique meaning in Astrology.

New Moon in Taurus

The New Moon will enter the Taurus moon sign soon, and to mark it in our calendar, it would be on June 3, 2019. The Moon stays for around two and a half days in every sign and during this period.

Taurus, is an earthy sign, and is ruled by the planet Venus. The philosophical new moon will be in the territory of the second sign of the zodiac, and whoever’s birth chart has strong placement of the Moon, will definitely receive its divine benefits. This is because the New Moon is exalted in the
Taurus sign. Taurus, which is greatly known for its stable, practical, and well-grounded nature, will bring about varied celestial activities, negative and positive both, for all the 12 signs of the zodiac.

Let us now take a look how the new moon can influence each zodiac sign differently and how this lunar phase can bring about a change in our lives and attitudes. So, gear up and see how this new start of the moon fares in the Aries moon sign, and what new experiences it brings for us!

  • For Aries: The Aries natives will be in the spotlight, when the New Moon transits into the Taurus. You might get financial benefits from any source, and might even benefit from property matters. There might be resolve in legal and property matters, if any. The stars will make you inner desires come true. You might have unexpected gains, or profits from speculative investments. Try to take in all you can of the bounties, so that you can enjoy the profits later on!
  • For Taurus: For a Taurus native, this period would be the best time to plan for an important task, as being in its home sign, all you Taurus moon sign bearers will feel a lot of positive energy within yourself the whole day. Any attraction you have for the opposite sex, might convert into a relationship. For those who were looking for reconciliation, you might have the needed chance to rekindle the romance, let go off your misunderstandings, and give yourself and your partner a second chance.
  • For Gemini: You might invest in luxurious items, which might increase your indulgence in expenses, when the New Moon is in Taurus. Being a Gemini native, you would need to handle your expenses well. There might be some conflicts with your family members or in your love life, but this is just a phase. Due to this, you might have some kind of a mental disturbance or confusion, which will pass away with time. This phase might also mean that you might receive some help from your social circle and your foreign contacts, if any.
  • For Cancer: This New Moon phase seems to be a very significant period when in Taurus, for the Cancerians. You might have some unexpected gains, or news of the same, which you were expecting since a while. Positive news will seem to engulf you from all sides, as speculative acts might reap their benefits for you. Your love life will go through a very pleasant phase, and you will have a wonderful time with your partner. So overall, you are all profits during this phase.
  • For Leo: For a Leo native, the New Moon in Taurus brings better avenues for career and professional life. This might be the time when you finally decide on being able to settle down with a firm decision, and look out for future prospects that could be promising in the long run, and beneficial for service persons, businessman and self-employers alike. Your mother’s health might need a check and taken care of, so that sufficient precautions are taken on time.
  • For Virgo: For the Virgos, this phase might present you with fruitful opportunities for travel, which might be beneficial for you career. It seems to be profitable, for any financial gains that you might have been anticipating, thus increasing your income status. You might even take a casual trip with your family or friends, in general. This phase will be very pleasant for you overall, and you will be happy all throughout. Overall, this New Moon day is a win-win situation for you.
  • Libra Moon Sign: When the New Moon is in Taurus, the Libra natives might face a few upheavals in their lives. You must take care to not create any kind of misunderstanding in the workplace, as this might lead to problems. Avoid any kind of harsh language, and being aggressive with your colleagues. Some news might sadden you, or might even make you disturbed for a momentary period. You might be pleasantly surprised as you might have some unexpected gains, or receive the news for the same.
  • Scorpio Moon Sign: For a native of the Scorpio moon sign, this New moon phase in Taurus will bring about a sense of completeness in you, with the opportunity of partnership. You might very well be at the brink of starting a new relationship, or giving your relationship a new name and stability. . You might even reconcile with your long lost love, if you two were distant for a long time. The sense of completeness will make you experience a breath of fresh air, and you will have a relaxed mind to start your day. Your love life will be harmonious for all those who are already enjoying companionship. Overall, this phase would be one where love and relationships blossom for you.
  • Sagittarius Moon Sign: For the Sagittarians, this phase seems to be all about steadiness and reliability, all thanks to the New moon in Taurus. You might want to be on the higher side in expenditure, thorough travel for work, or any other reason. You might face some health problems related to the chest or throat infection. You should also avoid any kind of oily and junk foods, and work for keeping your health in its best form. There might be a news for relocation due to work or business purpose.
  • Capricorn Moon Sign: The Capricorns, it seems to be looking up to good times in this lunar New moon phase in Taurus. Unexpected gains from sources unanticipated, like gambling, and from your romantic partner, share markets, seem to be there for you. Such gain will only bring you mental happiness and wealth. Your love relations seem to be flowing cordially and you seem to be enjoying the sweet nuances it offers. This phase also seems to be the right time to look out for love, for all those who are single. You might even receive financial help from any source, which would further make you look out for better prospects in the future.
  • Aquarius Moon Sign: The New Moon in Taurus will bring about new avenues for finance, for an Aquarius native. Their finances will improve drastically and they would delve in the profits of the same. In addition, expenses during this phase would be on the higher side, so only spend only what would be extremely necessary. There might be some health problems in the family, which might add to the expense, but will be managed with the right treatment.
  • Pisces Moon Sign: For a Piscean, news of financial betterment, or benefitting financially through anyone, might be on the cards, during this phase of New Moon’s transit in Taurus. They might even be lucky to receive unexpected gains. Travel prospects are extremely high during this period, and it would prove to be fruitful for the reason it was being undertaken, be it work or personal. Even relocation seems to be on the cards, in the phase. You might suddenly meet some religious persona, who might inspire you for good.