Jupiter Transits Gemini !

Jupiter Transits
Jupiter, the heaviest planet- spiritual teacher is a benefic planet in astrology. An aspect of Jupiter reduces thousands of malefic effect in a birth chart. It blesses the person with the significance of that house where it goes through. This year Jupiter is entering from Taurus to Gemini on 31st May 2013.  It becomes combust from 6th June 2013 to 2nd July 2013. Jupiter attains retrograded motion on 8th November 2013 after being stationary for three days that is from 5th November it becomes stationary. It remains in retrograded motion till 7th March 2014 after becoming stationary for 3 days. Jupiter remains in Gemini till 19th June 2014 and enters Cancer on 20th June 2014.

How far Jupiter is effecting when in Gemini- to persons and country?  In India's chart Jupiter is going through the second house of the chart. It is treasury of the nation. With Jupiter here is benefic aspect for treasury of the country. Stock market is expected to getbetter than earlier.

It also aspects the sixth house, eighth and tenth houses of the chart. Thus its transit is going to effect  armed forces, agriculture and also any political party which is related to labor. This transit is going to increase the taxes where it could be able to strengthen the treasury.  This period also suggests troubles or loss of money through dealing with another country or their share of money invested in India. It is also possible that a relief fund may be released.

However, Jupiter transit in Gemini gives benefit to India through new dealings. In any ways it is going to provide benefit monetarily, through new associations and also new dealings that will open new avenues for job in India.

For Congress it will be a tough time whereas BJP is expected to be strong.

A senior person in chair may get changed by a better candidate.

This transit is going to be boon for America by increasing their interactions and allies with nations. The supports of the ruler will become stronger. The ruling party will be able to provide trust and hope to its nation making its position strong.People will go through relief and comfort. Good year for country's growth.
How this transit is going to effect you according to your Sun sign is given below:
Aries: Jupiter is going through the third to your Sun sign activates your daily routine tremendously. Relationship with your neighbors/siblings will activate.  You will attend any auspicious event with them. Increase in role at work. Possibility for change of place. Good luck will rise and so does your moneythis year. However, if you take some wise steps then this year will be advantageous for you certainly. Do not be influenced by the prejudices. Do not spend more and be not self imposed which will be to your advantage. Plan effectively for gain. But do not over do and go to extremes. Do not commit to projects which you cannot possibly do or fulfill otherwise there will be loss of position, separation from loved ones, fear, obstacles in business or profession and ill health. Travel will be much more than earlier. Wedding Bells for single Aries.
Taurus:  Going through the second from your Sun - Jupiter makes you inclined towards your funds and family issues. You will be the winner in both. This year Jupiter will increase your spirituality. Interactions with respectable people of society , gains [though not steady] and happiness will increase.  You will be able to get rid of debts and health problems [ if any]. You may receive a gift or legacy this year - if applicable. You will acquire money, domestic happiness, and gain of wealth and commodities. Defeat of enemies, marriage, and birth of son, new position and status. This period will be favorable in the sphere of material possession and resources. Do not mismanage the resources. Make necessary changes in your sources to achieve your desires.
Take care against injury or quarrel in September/October 2013.
Gemini: Jupiter is transiting through your own Sun sign thus expanding activities in all areas of life generally.  You will feel more secure about yourself. if you act wisely then you will be able to avert the unfavorable circumstanceslike  heavy expenditure, and unfavourable journey, increase in enemies etc.  The persons to whom you will be attracted or involved will be beneficial to youthrough mutual help. Advancement towards spiritual side. A fortunate year in personal terms. Self-confidence will pave the way of progress during the year of transit. You can expect your marital knot during this period if unmarried.
Cancer: Jupiter is twelfth to your Sun sign will increase the expenditures considerably. The best way to deal with it is to plan your budget before doing any purchases. If applicable then some of you may visit distant lands for professional purpose. If you are ill, then this year most of the days will be passed in visiting hospitals and surgery if the case becomes severe. Change of residence is also there in cards. It is time to readjust some of your personal goals. It is important that you take the reins and change your own plans, otherwise circumstances will force you to let go. It is also possible that your personal relationships will undergo changes paving the way for new avenues of self-expression.
Leo: Mighty Leo observes Jupiter in eleventh - the most beneficial house the chart that increases the flow of income, social life will become active and also your friendships. Great opportunities may come across. It is the time when you project a more responsible, perhaps serious, and self-assured personality to others. You will be more open to receiving grounded, practical advice. The major drawback of this transit is that any uncertainity that exists in your life creates stress and guilt. Things may nag behind from your mind. However, you will work hard to reduce this uncertainty and you will be successful to do it. You know your responsibilities and how to meet them.
 If single, then this year promises someone special in your life. You will attend or actively participate in any important happening. Good year to experiment with game of chance.
Virgo: Jupiter in tenth from your sun sign is good for progress at work but with obstacles or delay. It is very important to avoid being overbearing, domineering and arrogant. Some people may have trouble with superiors at this time, because this period can indicate an inflated ego, that is, thinking you are much more than you are without anything to back it up. if you start thinking that you are truly significant or special, sit down and review your real accomplishments to see if they justify your feeling. Your energy and patience will be tested.
You can expect a promotion of work, public recognition, or the esteem of your contemporariesduring this time, as long as you don’t fall into the trap described above. you will also feel more confident about yourself, and this may be one of the few times in your life when you are  really in touch with what you can do.
You may also experience other effects of this transit.  Some of you may have to travel in connection with your work, or you may have increased dealings with foreign persons.  Expenditures will increase. Stress will lower down your health.
Libra: Jupiter in ninth from your Sun sign provides opportunities for extensive travel, for learning and also for teaching others in either a formal or an informal setting. Good prospects of growth for writers or people related to media.
This transit also opens the doors of opportunity. Take the initiative and start those projects. Excellent for financial matters and good for spending money to further yourbusiness or personal affairs. Enhances your understanding of your personal assets. Beneficial for beautifying yourself and surroundings. The first impression you make towards others is well received. Feeling humorous and outgoing. Good for  socializing,entertaining, travel and being artistic. All around good luck. Honors and advancements. Increases the desire for adventure. If you feel somewhat restless - watch for over estimating. The main effect of this transit is to make your consciousness grow so much that you can no longer live with your old prejudices and beliefs. You must know rather than just believe, and the more you can replace belief with knowledge, the better off you will be. Philosophy, metaphysics and religion are typical studies associated with this period. And you will encounter these not only as books, but as real issues in your life.
Scorpio: Jupiter is in eighth house from your Sun sign and this position is not known as good generally. This transit will make you feel restless without any reason sometimes. You will be upset by tiresome journey, high expenditures and in extremes there is possibility ofloss of income too. However, this position is promising for getting income through other resources. You are likely to get benefit from other people's resources or the deposits you have made earlier including insurance or mutual funds etc. Your interest in mystical subjects will increase and so does forpeople involved in any research may get success unexpectedly. It will also provide you much greater understanding of the psychological patterns that operate in your life. if you haverecently been through a time of psychological stress or are encountering one now, this period will help the healing process within you.
Sagittarius: Jupiter goes through seventh from your Sun sign. This will activate your one - to -one relations. if you are going through any dissatisfaction in your relations then this year is going to highlight it. This is also a good time to call in a professional for any kind of assistance, especially a lawyer, but also a doctor or consultant, as well as personal counselors. Don’t take this period for granted, for you might overlook some detail that could trip you up. Also don’t try to get more than your due, nor overestimate what you are to get. That could get you into trouble. As with every other Jupiter transit, this one requires a certain amount of moderation in order to get the most out of it. Sudden gains are expected through gambling or else. A new vehicle can arrive.
If you marry under this influence, your partner is likely to be a slightly older person who has established. Your respect for this person is one of the main factors that attracts you. This is a sign of a person more experienced than yourself.
Capricorn: Jupiter transiting from sixth to your Sun sign increases restlessness that creates disharmony with people around. You will be upset by high expenses. Health will also suffer. You can utilize your extra energy by fulfilling your duties sincerely. Very often the demands of the factors related to this house come into conflict with personal growth and especially freedom. Ego needs are gratified here only at a level that most people cannot readily understand. But with Jupiter here you are able to make progress in your life precisely because of these matters, and you realize this. Work is very fulfilling and enjoyable to you now, giving you a sense of purpose and a structure for your life. This is usually an excellent period for health, because Jupiter gives your body physical strength and vitality. However, you do have to be careful about gaining weight, in both the fortunate meanings of the term this is a growth transit on the physical level.
Aquarius: Jupiter is trine to your Sun Sign and this is very positive generally. Success in endeavors especially in education or higher learning, creative pursuits and also in love relations. If you are single, then Jupiter here blesses to have someone in your life. At this time your creative self expression grows as never before. If you have children, this period will improve your relations with them and there will probably be many occasions when you feel proud of them. An you are able to give them whatever then need  for their own development without feeling in any way diminished.
The most important point about this period is that it brings you the opportunity for personal growth and increased wisdom, along with greater freedom of self expression. You don not feel it necessary to hide from the world anymore, even if you did before. In fact, there may even be a danger that you will act in an overbearing manner. This depends largely upon your attitude prior this period. It is expected that you will respond only with a healthy increase in self assurance and self expression.
Pisces: Jupiter goes through the fourth from Sun sign drags your attention towards home environment. You will put your energies to improve your living conditions.
A good transit for peace and security. Your home, family, personal life, property and conveyance will greatly improve. You will acquire property or make additions, alterations in your house or you may expand your environments, gain and acquisition of conveyance. Investment in real estate will be rewarding. Good domestic bliss. Relations with parents will be cordial and you may gain through them. There will be increase in confidence. You will be able to handle your affairs more wisely for a better future.
In case you handle the period properly you will not feel alone. Otherwise you may experience sorrows, through relations, loss of money, fear, suffers humiliation, false implications, domestic unhappiness and accidents during traveling.
What if Jupiter is not doing well in its transiting period? According to Vedas one should feedold, wise men and wear yellow sapphire [if it goes well with your birth chart as well]. Recite Guru beeja mantra - Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Gurve Namah- with full procedure or appoint a learned Vedic Priest who help you to do so to get rid of the malefic effect of Jupiter.

May this transit of Jupiter showers blessings on all!