Transit of Venus for Scorpio moon sign

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  1. Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Scorpio moon sign
  2. Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Scorpio moon sign
  3. Venus Transit in Capricorn for Scorpio moon sign

Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Scorpio moon sign

Venus is the significator of love, romance, luxury and relationships as per vedic astrology. On 3rd February 2020, Venus will transit in the sign of Pisces and will remain there till 29th February 2020. Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus, hence this is the most favorable placement of Venus and will generally bestow good results. 

Transit of Venus in Pisces will take place in the fifth house for Scorpio moon sign natives. Venus as the lord of your seventh and twelfth house while transiting the fifth house of ideas, progeny, artistic abilities, learning, creative expression, children, romance, speculative interests, sports, investments, education, entertainment will manifest these themes in your personal and professional life.

Venus’ transit through the fifth house will make you desirous of expressing yourself through some creative or artistic activity. You will be expressive than usual during this time and will be attracted to aesthetic forms of recreation. You will feel self-inspired to achieve your goals and would develop a special interest in arts and other forms of entertainment.

Personally, Venus would work to increase your charm and make you romantic in a playful way. You will be light hearted in your conversations with your loved ones and your easy-going nature will make your relationships a smooth sailing.

How will this transit affect your professional life?

Venus would help to enhance your professional life during this time if you are courageous enough to take initiatives to grow yourself. Luck will favor you during this time, however your workplace would require you to adopt a go-getter attitude and be self motivated to climb the ladder of success.

Relying on luck more than self-belief and hard work will work to your disadvantage and hamper your growth prospects. If you are in job or service, chances of promotion are high during this time provided you have put in the desired amount of efforts.

If you are a fresher or unemployed and looking for a job, you will be lucky to receive good job offers during this time and start a source of earning for yourself. Interviews and presentations will go well and your chances of getting selected will be bright.

Suggestion or guidance from sibling will help you to make the right career move and broaden your horizons.

Those involved in fashion, designing or other creative business will see good gains and profits during this time as your ideas will be appreciated which shall lead to financial growth. If you are running your family business, do not have high expectations of gains during this time and continue working hard by adopting a patient approach. Even though you will be able to bag some lucrative deals in your favor during this time, the expected gains would be slightly delayed.

Important decisions in real estate, property investment or legal matters should patiently wait for some time as haste shall create waste during this time and impulsive decisions shall backfire. This transit requires you to maintain discipline and adopt a methodical approach on the career front to be able to execute your plans.

This is a great time to upgrade and enhance your skills or learn something new which will be instrumental in your career growth.

How will this transit affect you personally?

Personal life of Scorpio moon sign natives will go through a glowing phase as Venus will shine its light on the fifth house of love and romance. You will develop a sensual and romantic streak and may expand your social and romantic activities.

You will develop a humility and softness in your speech and temperament which will add to the charm of your personality. If you are single, this a potent phase to have that someone special walk into your life. Beginning of a new romantic relationship or love affair will give you excitement and happiness.

However, try not to be too choosy or picky in relationships as that might keep potential partners away from you. You should also not be critical or judgmental of other people during this time to maintain healthy personal relationships.

Married couples will have an enjoyable time together as this transit will bring many opportunities to spend pleasurable moments. You should remain loyal and committed to your spouse during this time and try to keep any promises made.

Bringing up unpleasant past experiences or scratching old wounds will be detrimental to your relationship, hence should be avoided at all costs.

Valentine’s Day tip: Give a surprise gift to your loved one this Valentine’s day to pep up your love life.

Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Scorpio moon sign

Transit of Venus in Aquarius will take place in the 4th house of Scorpio moon sign from 9th January to 3rd February 2020. Venus is the lord of your 7th and 12th house and with its movement into your 4th house, it is going to touch upon all the aspects defined by these three houses.

The main thing that this transit is going to teach is to be humble with one and all. This trait is not only going to get you closer to your dear ones but will give you a good name in the society, at large.

You will have an active domestic life where family get-togethers and celebrations will be there, during the transit of Venus in Aquarius.

The energies of Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, and Purva-Bhadrapada nakshatras, which are going to get activated during the time of transit is going to demand patience and calmness from you in dealing family and financial matters.

What will you gain from this transit?

During the transit of Venus in Aquarius, Scorpio moon sign natives are going to have a pretty good time with their family members. There will be numerous occasions for you to spend quality time with your immediate and extended family members.

You will have high beliefs, morals and a philosophical disposition, during this time and it will reflect in your ideas, thought process and actions.

Being nice and respectful towards the females in your life is going to bestow you with lady luck, during the time of this transit. Your honesty and faith is going to give you greater gains, at this time.

You will have the support of your spouse and mother, during this entire period in fighting off various adversities and challenges of life. Their guidance will also help you in taking your career in the right direction.

During this transit you will learn an invaluable lesson in humility and the power of being down-to-earth. This attitude will help you in getting solution to almost of all your problems. A helping hand from siblings and colleagues will also be there to sail through any critical situation, at the time of tis transit.

You may buy a new house, purchase a property or are likely to renovate your house, during this time.

 What you need to take care of?

While you will have no dearth of support, suggestions, guidance and advise during the transit of Venus in Aquarius, you will struggle with an inhibition to comply by and accept these propositions.

Maintain peace and harmony in family relationships as chances of arguments are pretty high during this time. You will be too engrossed in thinking about the future of your relationships and will be stressed about your work. It will be good if you can take each day at a time and maintain a slow pace in dealing with various life situations.

Avoid any major decisions related to family property and finances, during the time of this transit. Be cautious while having conversations with anyone, during this time, as you may hurt them through your afflicted speech.

Therefore, all sorts of communications – email, social media, verbal, will require attentiveness and attention.

Do not plan long journeys, during this time, in fact frequent travel opportunities should also be avoided, if possible. Drive safely and follow traffic rules to be safe.

Venus Transit in Capricorn for Scorpio moon sign

Transit of Venus in Capricorn is going to take place in the 3rd house of Scorpio moon sign from 15th December 2019 to 9th January 2020. This transit will bring about positive results on your personal and professional life.

You will have luck by your side, during this period, where support from spouse and family members will help you in making the most of this favorable period.

Put your best foot forward on the professional front, and utilize your creative prowess to build a commendable future for yourself. Hard work will benefit you all grounds – be it job or business.

Health will not be a matter of larger concern, but some level of check is required, as chances of stress-induced disorders are projected, in this period.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the personal life of Scorpio moon sign

The transit of Venus in Capricorn will give the Scorpio moon sign natives enough opportunities to mend their old ties. This will be your time to be generous and loving towards your family members. You will have the support of your spouse and parents in making your own decisions and craving your path in the journey called life. Your relationship with your neighbors will also be harmonious here, as you will help them in clearing out some challenging tasks.

  • You will have a happy disposition during this transit period and this help you make good friendly connect. Your family member will also find it satisfactory to have you in their lives in all your positivity.
  • Your charismatic persona will help you in making new friends, some of whom are going to make it to your list of life-long friends.
  • You may go on a short vacation with your spouse and this will give you ample time to spend some loving moments together, which have been long due.
  • Your relationship with your siblings will take a new turn for good and you will share good conversations and bonding with them, during this time.

Transit of Venus in Capricorn for the professional life of Scorpio moon sign

During the transit of Venus in Capricorn Scorpio moon sign natives can expect to have a winning run on the professional field. You will have the support of destiny, which will bestow you with superior results for your honest efforts and dedication at work front. New ideas and innovations will offer a chance to stand above your competitors, at a place, where the world will take note of you.

  • Success will come to the Scorpio moon sign natives in all sizes when they will put their mind, skill sets and perseverance, to good use, on the professional front.
  • Short travel and long journeys to foreign lands will bring in good news and success stories for the Scorpio moon sign born people.
  • For business professionals, this transit will offer immense success, no matter which trade or industry you belong to.
  • Support from seniors and spouse will help you chart new territories and excel at whatever tasks you lay your hands on. You will be inspired and stimulated to take on bigger roles and responsibilities through their support.