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Venus Transit in Scorpio (11 Nov till 4 Dec 2022)

This is a period for secret relationships, trust issues in relationship, sudden love proposals, a fear about losing one’s love, there can be love proposals from rich and wealthy persons, uncertainty in love relationships, old flames may come back in life.

Venus Transit in Scorpio

Venus will transit Scorpio during 11 November - 4 December 2022. Venus is the female planet that represent wealth, prosperity, beauty, and emotional relationships. Scorpio is a water sign that is often misunderstood as fire sign due to its strong passion and power but it derives its strength from the intuitive emotional realm. Venus is tempted with pleasure and, on the other hand, Scorpio has a reservoir full of willpower, making one work hard with consistent energy till cherished desires are achieved.

  • Venus posited in Scorpio is not attracted to flirting or casual hookups but it correlates with single commitment, in long life relationship.
  • Venus’s transit in Scorpio is the accurate time to realize the value of emotional relationships and find ways to mend any setback vis-à-vis trust issues, uncertainties in love relationship, forming new relationship, and, above all, finding contentment in the love relationship.


How will this transit affect YOU?



For you, Venus governs the 2nd house of accumulated wealth, family and the 7th house of marriage, association and partnerships. Venus will be transiting Scorpio in your 8th house of sudden loss or gains, which will bring unexpected professional opportunities that will lead to financial Read More



Venus is the lord of your rising sign which represents the 1st house of self and 6th house of competition, diseases and debt. Venus will be transiting Scorpio in your 7th house of marriage, partnerships and association exuding warmth in your relationships during the transit. The aspect of Venus on the ascendant will give you a cheerful disposition and your attention will be focused on making yourself smart physically, with a Read More



Venus is the lordship of the 5th house of children, love and it holds the responsibility of your 12th house of expenditure, overseas travel and pleasure. Venus will be transiting your 6th house of rivals, health issues and competition, so caution is advised over all matters during this transit. As far as your professional prospects are concerned, you will have good opportunities with hike in salary and promotions. You may give your approval to travel in relation to Read More



Venus has the lordship of the 4th house of domestic comfort, property and 11th house of income and gains for you. Venus will transit in your 5th house of progeny and relationships, making this a progressive transit for you. The transit of Venus in Scorpio will be auspicious for you in terms of financial matters. As a professional, you will gain appreciation for your good work and will get recognition for your hard work and efforts. You have the strong possibility of Read More



Venus rules the third house of initiative, short travels and 10th house of authority and status for Leo. Venus will transit the 4th house of domestic happiness and stability, indicating happiness with caution. The transit of Venus in the 4th house of stability will bring advancement in your luxury on the personal front, where you will buy assets to augment luxury for your loved ones. There will be Read More



Venus is the lord of the 2nd house of speech, material possessions and the 9th house of spirituality and fortune for Virgo. Venus will be transiting the 3rd house of siblings, initiative, short travel, and communication skills - indicating grace in your overall compatibility during this transit. The transit of Venus in Scorpio in the 3rd house of communication will bless you with extra sparkle in your writing skills and may bless you with professional gains and recognition. You will have an inherent Read More



Libra is ruled by Venus and it holds the lordship of 1st house of self and 8th house of occult, mysteries and inheritance. Venus will transit the 2nd house of family, wealth and speech, revealing progress with caution during this period. The transit of Venus in Scorpio in the 2nd house of family indicates gains will be in abundance from many sources. You may gain from ancestral property or get the legacy from Read More



Venus rules the 12th house of expenditure, losses and the 7th house of partnership and associations for Scorpio Venus will be transiting the ascendant or 1st house which represents the Self and this will be a period of self-transformation. The transit of Venus in Scorpio will bring to the fore the inner beauty of your soul. You will love to spend time with your partner. This transit will also make you popular amongst the opposite gender. You can proceed with your choice in Read More



Venus is the lord of the 6th house of wellness, services and health and 11th house of gains and success for Sagittarius. Venus will be transiting the 12th house of loss and expenditure, indicating caution will be the success mantra for you during this transit. The planetary setting of Venus in the 12th house will give you gains and you may get a chance to travel abroad, which will augment your work profile. There will be accomplishment in making new contacts and clients during Read More



For Capricorn, Venus is a benefic planet and rules over the 5th house of entertainment, romance and children and 10th house of career and profession. Venus will be transiting the11th house of income, friends and society and will be favorable for you during this transit. The transit of Venus in Scorpio will be favorable for you as you are likely to make good monetary gains with your hard work at your profession. You will be able to capture a hike in salary as Read More



Venus owns the lordship of the 4th house that represents comforts, luxury, family and 9th house of luck and fortune for Aquarius. Venus will transit the 10th house of profession and karma, which indicates that your efforts and luck will prompt success for you during this period. The transit of Venus in Scorpio indicates that you will be strong in your efforts and will filter success in your job profile or your business accomplishments. Your luck will favor you in Read More



Venus has the lordship of the 3rd house of siblings and efforts and 8th house of mysteries and uncertainties for Pisces. Venus will transit the 9th house of luck and religion, indicating success with efforts and luck during this period. The transit of Venus in Scorpio for Pisces will bless you with small moments of happiness. You will carry a happy disposition towards life, cherishing it with an optimistic attitude and care. Your professional approach and efforts will be marked by Read More


Remedies to mitigate the challenges of this transit

  • Donate in cash or kind to the less privileged, orphanages and old age homes.
  • Wear cream or pink colored clothes on Friday.
  • Using perfume or fragrances in your daily routine will be auspicious for your success.
  • Growing white flowers at home and nurturing them with care is a beneficial remedy for strengthening the planet Venus.