New moon in Pisces and its impact on the 12 moon signs

New moon in Pisces and its impact on the 12 moon signs


New Moon is going to move in to the Pisces sign on 24th March 2020. During this phase, the natives will be full control of themselves, their aspirates and objectives.

Moon has a fixed relationship with Pisces sign and it will thus, offer you new dimensions and a new outlook towards various aspects of life.

The natives will have to put forth more efforts and hard work, but success on the lines of such labor is guaranteed. Some delays may be encountered but you will not be denied of accomplishments on all fronts.

You will make good income during this time, from varied sources. Success in business ventures will bring you profitability and fame. Some challenges may ensue, but you will have the determination and guts to wade the off.

You will be able to maintain healthy work-life balance during this time and care for your family as much as you do for your career. Most of all, you will not be persuaded or influenced by your competitors or opponents, during this time and will take your own decisions relying on your own logical and rational thinking.

Besides these common results, some variations will still be there for the 12 moon signs during the phase of New Moon in Pisces.

New Moon in Pisces for Aries moon sign

New Moon in Pisces will move into the 12th house of Aries moon sign natives. Interestingly, it will be a good placement for Aries moon sign, as they will enjoy a blissful time at home and will also attain professional success.

Your domestic life will take an upturn for good where you will experience harmony in your conjugal life. You will have a good time with parents, siblings and children, too.

Overall, fortunes will be by your side and you will attain success in most things, during this time. Still, attention over impulsiveness is required, as it may cause disturbances in your familial and professional life.

You will have the hidden quality of using your wisdom and action, both at the same time, there by making effective progress in your personal and professional endeavors.

Name, fame and reputation of Aries natives will grow in the New Moon in Pisces phase, and you will enjoy a position of power and influence in the society. Yet, to maintain it, you have to work really hard and be earnest in your approach.

New Moon in Pisces for Taurus moon sign

For Taurus moon sign, New Moon in Pisces is going to be placed in the 11th house. Influencing your house of income and monetary gains, this phase is going to bring about advancement in financial status of Taurus natives.

You will earn well through sheer dedication, hard work and diligence, in this period. But you must ensure staying truthful and honest towards your profession, throughout.

Being a risk taker in investments is going to offer you good gains, but in the short-term, only. You need to be wise enough to figure out what kind of speculative investments will pay you well and which ones will require secure and well-thought-out approach.

You will have the support of your staff and subordinates at workplace. But, a check on health will be required, as anxiety related disorders may disturbed the peace of your mind.

Taurus moon sign natives must also stay alert on trusting someone too quickly and easily in this period, and also being obedient enough to save well for future contingencies.

New Moon in Pisces for Gemini moon sign

New Moon in Pisces for Gemini moon sign is going to be positioned in the 10th house of career or karma. You will be bold enough take your career on an adventurous route, which will help in gaining good results in the long-term.

You will be intelligent, confident, affirmative and optimistic during this time. This will help you in taking effective business and work calls. However, only logical approach will sail through when you will be stuck with complexities in any area of life – be it personal or professional.

For you to derive the pleasures of both personal and professional life, the focus must remain in bringing about a healthy balance between both these aspects.

On the income grounds, you will earn well and even increase your earnings by having a parallel profession in real estate or tourism, as there us a high likelihood of this, in this period.

Gemini natives may also go on to buy a vehicle or property for their family, during the New Moon in Pisces phase.

New Moon in Pisces for Cancer moon sign

Cancer moon sign natives will have the New Moon in Pisces positioned in their 9th house of spirituality, luck and fortunes. You will have an increased sense of humanity which can be attributed to your enhanced religious dispositions.

You will be highly emotional during this time and will take time to get over a feeling of hurt and resentment. You will reap the fruits of own efforts and will bask in the glory of success, which will come through with much diligence and honesty.

Health may face some issues, largely due to the strain from increased physical activity. You would like to follow yoga and meditation practices to keep mental and physical stress at bay.

Religious festivities at home will purify the atmosphere at home and will also help in bringing together the family members on one platform, thus, strengthening the familial bond.

Luck will favor you in this period, but only when you remain on the righteous path and true to yourself and others.

New Moon in Pisces for Leo moon sign

New Moon in Pisces is going to be placed in the 8th house of Leo moon sign natives. This will be a pretty good period for Leo moon sign born students, as chances of getting academic success is quite high during this time.

Love life will be laced with lot of ups and downs, as your temperamental disposition may lead to frequent disputes and arguments with spouse or partner, in this period.

While emotional stability in marital and love relationship will be difficult to attain, but physical compatibility will not be compromised, in the New Moon in Pisces phase.

Being too emotional or overly temperamental may also lead to loss in business or job. Likelihood of missing out on good opportunities are there if you remain on the aggressive foot.

Decisions taken in haste will also lead to losses in professional endeavors, so, this tendency needs to be kept in check, at all the time, if you care to get good gains, in this period.

Sudden events will up the level of uncertainty in life, so, you need to be well-prepared to face any unsettling changes in any aspect of life.

New Moon in Pisces for Virgo moon sign

Moving into the 7th house of Virgo moon sign natives, New Moon in Pisces will bring success in business for Virgo natives, more so, if they are into partnership ventures.

Married life will also be blissful, with the support of your spouse. There will be mutual respect and agreement over most things concerning your individual roles and life together.

You will enjoy the comforts of your home, to the most, in this period. You will have the peace of mind and also the love and affection of your family members.

Happiness will surround you in all accounts. If you have children, they will bring in much glory, pride and joy in your life.

Work environment will also be pleasant, with support of seniors and co-workers and growth in your chosen field of work. Business professional will have the support of their associates, to bring about favorable changes and profitability in their venture.

You need to however, watch over the activities of your competitors and plan your moves well to stay ahead of them. Sudden hurdles may surface to make things a little challenging for you, but with support from friends, family and co-workers you will be able to overcome all these issues.

New Moon in Pisces for Libra moon sign

New Moon in Pisces for Libra moon sign is going to be positioned in the 6th house of service, debts and loan. This period turns out to be a little lethargic for Libra natives, as they will be in a perpetual resting and relaxing mood, during this time.

This is going to hinder their professional growth for obvious reasons and thus income will also take a hit, around this time. Still, you will make some good investment decisions which will help maintain the pace of income in this period.

A check on health is advised, though nothing major is indicated. Still watch out for what you eat, drink and how you enlist your lifestyle patterns, during this phase.

Love and marital life will suffer a setback, with low or no activity, at all. However, on emotional grounds there will be balanced and stability.

Your initiatives will be balanced, but you will constantly require a push to move ahead and do tasks which hold higher significance and criticality in the wake of current events.

New Moon in Pisces for Scorpio moon sign

Transiting in the 5th house of Scorpio moon sign natives, New Moon in Pisces will bring about improvements in personal and professional life of the Scorpio natives.

You will be blessed with enhanced intelligence, acumen and creative abilities to foster your career. You will be emotionally balanced, but some fraction of hastiness would be there, which will demand control.

Family relations and money matters will witness improvement. You will earn well, which will help advance your wealth status and in turn offer a good lifestyle to your family.

There will be an increase in your accumulated wealth and your expenditures will also remain in check, during this time, thereby, increasing your savings and overall financial status.

You need to take care of your health, as excessive work load may lead to increase in stress levels. Good amount of sleep, yoga and meditation will help in smoothening the effect of this stress on your overall health and well-being.

New Moon in Pisces for Sagittarius moon sign

New Moon in Pisces is going to move into the 4th house of Sagittarius moon sign natives. This period will be more about bringing in harmony and peace in domestic life.

Family relations will be cordial and strong, still, you will be required to take care of these bonds, as chances of misunderstanding are also indicated, during this time.

The Sagittarius natives will be religiously inclined and will take part in related activities and celebrations, during this time. Pilgrimages are also possible for some of you, around this time.

Overall, your conduct will be good, but you will experience some pull towards the immoral activities. You need to curb this propensity to get involved in any such deeds, during this time.

You will gain through inheritance, in this period. However, you could also face some difficulties in proving your claim to this wealth.

Your relationship with your mother will become stronger. But do take care of her health, during this time. While it will be some minor health ailments, still due care and attention is required to avoid any major setbacks to her health.

New Moon in Pisces for Capricorn moon sign

Placed in the 3rd house of Capricorn moon sign natives, New Moon in Pisces offers a challenging phase to the natives. There are chances that you could be staying way from your family, during this time.

Chances of disputes with your siblings are high, in this period, so it would be advisable to steer clear of any trivial issues that might spiral up into a grave one, if not handled well, in time.

For married individuals, this will be a challenging time. You need to ensure that you pay more attention towards your spouse, as they will be highly emotional and rather disturbed during this time.

If you focus well on your marital and familial relationship you will see the other aspects of life settling down well, as you will be in a much better state of mind to take care of other significant things.

New Moon in Pisces for Aquarius moon sign

New Moon in Pisces will be transiting in the 2nd house of Aquarius moon sign natives. This period is going to be all about creating and maintaining a healthy balance in life.

Work-life balance will be a must during this time, as you will be incline do to give greater attention to doing well in professional sphere and will tend to ignore your personal life, in the process.

You will be career-oriented, during this time, you will get good gains through your professional endeavors. Hard work and perseverance will pay you well, during this time.

You need to keep a check on your finances, since, while you will be earning well, you will also be experiencing a spurt in your expenses. These will mostly be incurred on health of family members and self.

Taking care of health, will thus, be essential. Though, recovery is ensured. Watch over what you eat, your lifestyle patterns, and your exercise regime and plan your day well with yoga and meditation, for a stressful period.

New Moon in Pisces for Pisces moon sign

For Pisces moon sign, New Moon in Pisces is going to be placed in the ascendant/lagana house. This is going to be a promising period for the all-round development of Pisces moon sign natives.

You will witness a favorable change in your personality and attitude towards life, in general. You will be confident, influential and caring, at the same time.

These traits will offer you good name and fame in any field that you chose to work in. You will get good income gains along with a status of repute and respect in your workplace and in the society, at large.

Good gains from government officials/bodies are also indicated. All this will make your standard of living better and you will be able to enjoy all the comforts of live.

You will be independent, liberal and affectionate of your loved ones and will get the support of them and also your co-workers in return of your humility and generosity towards them.

Health will remain stable, with no major disorders being indicated, at this point of time. Still maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise regimes will help in keeping you fit.