Jupiter Transit Results for Aquarius Moon Sign

Jupiter Transit
Jupiter, the mightiest planet of our solar system, and one of the most influential in Hindu Astrology is transiting sign. Jupiter will occupy Virgo on 11th August 2016 until 12th September 2017. This planet in general affects our intellect, demeanor, learning capabilities, self-understanding, attitude, joys, generosity and wealth. It helps us to take charge of our lives, be one with ourselves and exercise patience for what is to come. Its effect is deep, profound, and distinct for each sign. Its entry into Virgo in an earth sign is sure to make us more realistic and grounded, act with forethought and on logical grounds. It would empower our decision-making, make us go-getters. People would contemplate; seek clarity in life, make workable plans and clear goals. You will be honest, hopeful and at the same time practical.

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Jupiter Transit seems to be quite influential for Aquarius too. You are most likely to struggle to achieve peace of mind in life. And during this struggle, you may even be inclined spiritually, possibly as an escape.  Your interest in the occult would increase and you may pursue some religious activities such as meditation and so on.  Long journeys, trips abroad and unexpected incidents would occupy a lot of your time this year. Just make sure that all your efforts should be directed towards a constructive goal. Our in-depth analysis of Jupiter transit for Aquarius given below is in line with true Hindu Astrology principles and interpretations. Keep reading to know more.

Career: Career may seem to be wobbly but don’t worry. It just needs some extra efforts and hard work from your side. You may feel initially that your efforts are not turning out to be as rewarding as you would expect. However, in reality, your efforts would pay off, but at a later stage. This is the time to exercise patience and continue working hard as when the right time comes, you would certainly reap the rewards.

Finance: Financial matters need caution, as the transit doesn’t seem to be exceptionally favorable. Possibility of loss of wealth exists but you may also get some unexpected gains so it will be a balanced period. Caution is advised before making any key decisions involving finance. Income would be stable for the most part but expenses could rise on religious activities. For investment matters, this does not seem to be the best of the times, thus better keep on hold.

Love and Marriage: Love life would be problematic. You would find it hard to go with the ebb and flow of relationships. Your understanding with partner would be low. You two would find it hard to decipher each other’s emotions, responses, and intentions. Giving space to each other would be the best resort here. For married life, the period seems to be a little challenging. You need to be very patient during this period and avoid any confrontations and arguments with partner. Try to keep things steady by not stretching things.

Family: Family life would be average and stable. However, you might take some big and life-changing decision for family. Someone elderly in the family may also face issues relating to health and overall wellbeing, thus you need to be very careful.

Health: Personal health may also suffer a setback thus pay attention to symptoms as they occur. There could be some complications concerning reproductive system and area below abdomen, thus be highly cautious of any symptoms arising in these parts.  

Education: Children would be okay overall but when it comes to study, their performance may not be as good as expected. Their concentration level may fall noticeably. Exam results however would still be satisfactory. So for those awaiting results, good scores are likely.  

This comprehensive analysis of Jupiter Transit is generic in nature. For a distinctively personalized overview of how it will affect your life, you could request Jupiter Transit reading.