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Mercury transit for Aquarius Moon Sign

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  1. Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Aquarius moon sign
  2. Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Aquarius Moon Sign
  3. Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Aquarius moon sign

Mercury in Aquarius in January 2020 for Aquarius moon sign

Mercury will be transiting in Aquarius from 31st January 2020 to 7th April 2020. During this phase, it will turn retrograde on 17th February 2020 and will resume direct motion on 10th March 2020. This transit will take place in the first house for Aquarius moon sign natives. As per Vedic astrology, first house represents the self, physical body structure, personality, self-identity, intelligence, appearance, strength etc. and Mercury’s transit here will bring alive these themes for the natives of Aquarius moon sign.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Aquarius on your professional life

 The professional life of Aquarius moon sign natives shall take a positive turn during this transit. You will see a rise in your creativity levels and intelligence, which will bring success in your ventures. You will be brimming with new and innovative ideas, which will be implemented towards professional growth during this time.

You would have good reasoning abilities and analytical approach, which will help you handle your current projects and assignments well. Your efforts would be recognized at workplace and appreciation from seniors and bosses will encourage you to achieve more.

Those looking for jobs will find success during this time, as there are chances of getting selected in the interview. However, this transit is not much favorable for speculative investments and it is best to exercise caution while investing in share market, lottery etc.

If you are involved in independent business, you should carefully analyze before signing new deals and taking important decisions while making investments as there are chances of incurring losses if acted on impulse. You also need to careful in your interactions with your business partner and associates and avoid getting into arguments or confrontations.

You might receive an unexpected windfall or sudden gains from past investments, which will improve your financial condition. Working professionals should take care of their health as Mercury’s retrograde phase could bring stress and headache due to work overload.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Aquarius on your personal life

Your personal life will remain stable during this transit, as you will get to spend quality time with your family and loved ones. There could minor issues in the family arising out of difference of opinion, however you will be able to resolve them amicably by adopting a wise and humorous approach.

You will have a pleasant time with your spouse or partner and there will be love and warmth in your relationship. You will be supportive of each other during this time, which will further strengthen your ties. You should be careful not to make any false promises or commitments to your partner and remain open and honest in your communications.

Singles will have luck in their favor, as there will be romantic proposals coming your way and beginning of new relationships. You will also establish new contacts and expand your friends and network circle. However, you should be careful not to trust strangers easily and not get swayed by fleeting temptations.

Your relationship with your children will largely remain cordial, however you should be careful not to get into arguments with them and handle their impatient or stubborn behavior with calm and patience. You will receive valuable suggestions and help from your elder siblings during this time, which will make your relationship with them stronger.

You might indulge in shopping of expensive gadgets and electronic devices during this time and are advised to keep a tab on your expenditure.

Mercury transit in Capricorn in January 2020 for Aquarius Moon Sign

Aquarius Moons, Mercury will enter your twelfth house on 13th January 2020 and shall remain there till 31st January 2020. As per Vedic astrology, twelfth house represents our subconscious mind, sleeping patterns, dreams, desires, foreign lands, spiritual enlightenment, losses etc and Mercury’s transit in this house will highlight themes like solitude, creative endeavors, introspection, past memories etc. for the natives of Aquarius moon sign.

There will be increased responsibilities at workplace and you will remain focused and mentally productive. Those involved in artistic and creative pursuits will find this time supportive in their endeavors as they will be able to come up with novel ideas.

You will feel drawn towards spirituality and higher knowledge but will also have unknown worries and confusions. You will not be inclined to express yourself and might slip into past memories and old issues.

Effects of Mercury’s transit to Capricorn on your professional life

Professional life of Aquarius moon sign natives will see a favorable turn as they will be involved in foreign projects and assignments, which will bring in success. However, sudden workload will be accompanied by mental stress.

You will be contemplative during this time and will consider upgrading your skills for better growth opportunities and professional advancement. You will also consider moving abroad to pursue higher studies or for job opportunities. If you are working with a multinational organization, there are chances of travelling to foreign lands for a longer duration.

However, students wanting to pursue higher studies abroad should have a solid plan in that regard and any such decision should be well thought of and analyzed.

Those involved in research-oriented jobs or industries will do well as this transit will support research and investigation. It is also advisable to do a thorough research before making a presentation or putting forward an argument to leave a good impression.

Working professionals will have a beneficial time, however they may have to face some obstacles and opposition from colleagues at workplace. You will have to remain patient and calm and deal with situations at work with a matured approach.

You might have a difference of opinion with your bosses or seniors which could lead to stressful moments. You should have polite and effective communication and try to understand others’ perspectives as well to maintain a healthy atmosphere at work.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Capricorn on your personal life

Personal life of the natives of Aquarius moon sign will see a challenging phase during this transit. If you are involved in a romantic relationship, you should be take utmost care of your behavior and attitude as even a slight friction could lead to a breakage of your relationship.

Married couples will face a stressful period too as there will be a lack of understanding between you and your spouse which will give rise to arguments. There will a tensed atmosphere at home as you will tend to be egoistic during this time.

However, it will be a temporary phase but will have the potential to do long term damage if you are not cautious enough. You should be humble and respectful towards your spouse or partner and try not to bring your ego between your relationship.

You will be lucky to have support from your maternal family during this time which will help you tide through your personal problems. Children’s health will be a cause of concern and you will have to devote extra time towards taking care of them.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for Aquarius moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius beginning 25th December 2019 is going to take place in the 11th house of Aquarius moon sign natives. Moving into your house of income and gains, Mercury will help you attain good profitability, sound health and a harmonious marital life.

This will be a favorable transit for Aquarius moon sign natives, where professional and personal endeavors will get the desired push of luck and gains will pour in from various channels.

However, you need to stay away from speculative investments and wasteful expenses to maintain the inflow of money and pace of savings.

Sudden disputes are anticipated in this period, which could also be among the likely reasons that could derail your financial growth and progress. So, try to shun such events and maintain an environment of cheer and peace.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the personal life of Aquarius moon sign

You will have a happy married life when Mercury will transit in Sagittarius in your 11th house. Aquarius moon sign natives can look forward to a blissful period with respect to their daily personal life, with no major altercations being indicated, at this time. You will make cordial relationships with new and existing friends and will get to spend fun times with your close friend circle.

  • New and instant relationships will be formed, but be careful in these dealings as trusting someone too easily and early could backfire.
  • You will spend good time with your children and it will get you much closer. They will make you proud through their academic and extra-curricular achievements.
  • Love life and marital life will be harmonious with support and affection of partner. Quality time will be spent with each other, which will help you in creating new memories for life.
  • You will get good support from your siblings. Advice and guidance from elder siblings and trust and care of the younger ones will help you take on any challenges with confidence and aplomb.

Transit of Mercury in Sagittarius for the professional life of Aquarius moon sign

During this period of Mercury’s transit in Sagittarius, Aquarius moon sign natives will have many opportunities to ascend their career. You need to be alert and aware to identify and grab these opportunities and utilize them for greater professional benefits. Chances of failure are minimal and will only be induced by your hot-headedness. Hence, it is essential to ensure that you remain calm and composed, during this time.

  • Try out safe investments for good returns. Put your hard-earned money in secure avenues to yield good returns. Speculations of any kind will not suit you in this period.
  • If you are contemplating job change, selection in interview will be possible. However, you need to ensure that you are well-prepared and aptly groomed to face the interview with optimism.
  • Sudden and unnecessary disputes at workplace may result in failure or financial losses, as you may act in haste and this could prove detrimental for you.
  • You will get ample opportunities to review your actions, if you find that they are not yielding desired results. However, your final decision must be based on wisdom and logic to get the expected outcomes.