Mercury Transits Aquarius, 20 Feb - 7 Mar 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

Mercury's transit in Aquarius gives you the opportunity to take a proactive approach to completing your unfinished business & moving on in life. It gives you a renewed vitality to seize opportunities or face problems head-on & strengthens your efforts to achieve goals through well-equipped means.

Mercury Transits Aquarius, 20 Feb - 7 Mar 2024

Mercury indicates your communication skills with profound intellect, where you are endowed with good business aptitude, strong memory power, sophisticated accounting ability, marketing and analytical skills, whereas Aquarius boosts your aspirations and wants to channelize your objectives with balance of intelligence and a gradual stride of your activities for positive benefits.

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The transit of Mercury in Aquarius bestows upon you a favorable disposition that will enable you to complete any duty that is still pending and advance in life with renewed vigor to seize possibilities for advancement or to face problems head-on.

  • The energy of Mercury tends to accelerate significant changes with a skillful attitude and action on the professional, personal and societal fronts when it combines with Aquarius’ movement.
  • Mercury bestows innate wisdom on you and Aquarius strengthens your endeavors to fulfill your goals through suitable channels. This combination of intelligence and strength has a strong streak.


How Does This Transit Affect YOU?


Mercury rules your 3rd house of initiative, siblings and short journeys, as well as your 6th house of debt, disease and rivals. During this time, Mercury will transit Aquarius in the 11th house of income and gains, which will be progressive for you.

Due to your prior efforts, your professional front will reward you favorably in the professional sphere with an increase in salary and favorable incentives. It will grant you progress and expansion if you work in the banking industry, professional services or as an independent entrepreneur. This will be effected by your clever efforts, eloquence in speech and persuasive powers, all of which have the potential to advance your income.

Your personal relationships with your spouse will be amicable and you will have the courage to express your emotions openly and honestly while maintaining excellent communication. Strong bonds will exist between you and your family and friends. You would achieve good overall prosperity if you gradually change your personality in addition to working hard and putting in mental effort.



Mercury rules your 2nd house of family and finance, as well as your 5th house of love, children and speculation. During this time, Mercury will be moving through Aquarius in the 10th house of profession, career and status, which indicates progress and success for you.

You will have the knowledge and self-assurance needed to perform your professional responsibilities to the highest standard, thanks to Mercury's transit through Aquarius in the 10th house of career. As a result of your commitment to working well with your colleagues in your professional field, you will be committed to submitting your work ahead of schedule.

Your creative business and employment-related ideas will successfully produce good financial progress and profits.

Your personal front will function well because of your focus and efforts; you'll feel gentle in your relationships with your partner and have a special bond with your family, which will project a mystic aura of stability, love and affection. Due to the positive aura of relationships, you will have a good position and status in your social circle.



Mercury rules your ascendant (1st house of self and personality) as well as your 4th house of domestic peace and prosperity. During this time, Mercury will transit Aquarius, the sign of luck and fortune, and the ninth house of fortune, spirituality and long journeys.

You will benefit from the professional world's progressive outcomes if you use your good fortune wisely; any professionally manipulated effort will pay off for you. You will become well-known among your coworkers for your business acumen and for your endeavors that will introduce everyone to your professional counsel.

Due to your professional competence and strong communication abilities, long business or professional travel will result in beneficial connections with foreign parties.

Your good fortune will bring you domestic prosperity and strong bonds because you'll be able to spend more time socializing with friends and family and spend quality time with your partner and family. You'll be able to build a strong relationship with your father and gain his support for all of your endeavors.



Mercury rules your 3rd house of initiative, courage and siblings, as well as your 12th house of expenditure and loss. During this time, Mercury will transit Aquarius, the sign of obstacles, sudden loss or gain, and moderate progress, but only with diligence and hard work.

The professional front will demand that you be considerate with extra effort and hard work in your pursuits, but it will be a fantastic time for you if you work in research, occult sciences and insurance services. These industries might experience unexpected opportunities that could be good for your future growth, but you'll need to work hard and be diligent to take advantage of them.
Investing in any type of savings instrument without first considering your options will not be advantageous.

Your close friends and family members will respond quickly and positively in response to your affection, which will strengthen your bond with them and lead to better communication. Do not try to be perfect in meeting the expectations of your loved ones. Take care of your health because you might see sudden expenses related to health.



Mercury rules your 2nd house of family and finance, as well as your 11th house of income and fulfillment of aspirations. Mercury's transit through Aquarius in the 7th house of partnerships, marriage and associations will bring you good fortune and relationships during this time.

At the professional front, you will experience positive outcomes in your chosen field because of your hard work, strong character, good name, and financial gains. Your professional partner and you will have a wonderful working relationship, and their innovative and fruitful ideas will reward you with success in your career.

Your personal life will flourish with love and personal bonding with your partner and family, and you will be eager to spend quality time with them. Your social network will be robust and encouraging, which will provide you with a fantastic opportunity to travel, which will be restorative and refreshing for you.

There will, however, be distractions in your relationships and an increase in expenses, but rest assured that everything will work out for the best because this is only a temporary phase.



Mercury rules your ascendant, or 1st house of self and personality, and the 10th house of career and profession. Mercury will be moving through Aquarius in the 6th house of debt, illness, and rivals during this time, so you should be cautious about your health and professional rivals.

Professionally, you will push for excellence in your business dealings and this strategy will produce fruitful outcomes and earn you recognition for your dedication. You will put a lot of effort into achieving your goals, which could improve your career prospects, but it could also negatively impact your health by leaving you feeling tired and low on energy.

Avoid dealing with any challenging situation during this period since the transit may give your competitors an advantage over you.

Your personal life will also require attention to detail because conflicts over trivial issues may arise in your relationships. Avoid conflicts of any kind for harmony in your relationships.

Keep an eye on your health because stress and carelessness might cause existing health problems to resurface.



Mercury rules your 12th house of loss and expense, as well as your 9th house of fortune, luck and long travel. During this time, Mercury will transit Aquarius, the fifth house of love, children and speculation, which symbolizes success in all facets of your life.

The success of your professional endeavors is indicated by this transit and an increase in your income and status will bring you good gains and recognition in the eyes of your superiors and coworkers.

You and your partner will have a happy time, on a personal note. The transit will rekindle the flame in your marital life. You will also receive special affection from your father, who will support you in your personal and professional endeavors with his expertise.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, it will be a beneficial period since it will allow you to build new commitments that will strengthen your future perspectives.

Students will benefit from opportunities that will positively affect their educational goals, allowing them to succeed in the classroom while maintaining a peaceful and balanced outlook on life.



Mercury rules the 8th house of obstacles and inheritance, as well as the 11th house of gains and fulfillment of desires. Mercury's transit through Aquarius in the fourth house of domestic stability and peace portends general happiness and prosperity for you during this time.

You will see mixed outcomes on the professional front in terms of your career or professional endeavors. If you are employed, you will have a decent chance of success in your filed of employment, with the possibility of changing jobs, especially if you work in the government sector.

You will be able to boost financial stability with investments in property, but before signing any document, have them reviewed by a professional.

Your relationships, where you will value your close relations to your partner and family, will reflect the essence of contentment. You will exercise caution in your intimate relationships with your spouse, paying particular attention to their need for privacy.

Take good care of your mother's health by ensuring that she receives the appropriate medical treatment as needed, especially during this transit.



Mercury rules your 7th house of marriage and partnership, as well as your 10th house of career and profession. Mercury will transit Aquarius in the 3rd house of courage, initiative, communication, and short journeys, which will be beneficial for your personal and professional life, but you must be cautious in how you communicate to people during this period.

Your professional front will show positive results during this transit along with fresh prospects that will arise, thanks to the clarity of your views and insightful suggestions. Your efforts will be rewarded with praise and appreciation from your superiors as well as the possibility of a salary increase or promotion.

Your professional travel arrangements will benefit your finances, but they will also allow you to spend time with your loved ones.

Your interpersonal relationships will require vigilance, care and affection on your part. To secure these relationships, declare your love and affection for them verbally in order to bridge any potential communication gap.

When interacting with people, you must be cautious to use clear, concise language to avoid any misunderstanding that can cause problems for you both professionally and personally.



Mercury rules your 6th house of debt, disease and rivals, as well as your 9th house of luck, fortune and long travel. During this transit, when Mercury passes through the second house of family and finances, it will have a big impact on your life.

Due to your excellent persuasion abilities and wise marketing judgment, your career will benefit from your business ventures that will bring in profits from your clients, resulting in an increase in your income and advancement of your endeavors. If you are a salaried employee, you will have the option to relocate or find another employment.

Any small financial investment, regardless of the industry, can be profitable with your effort and persistence.

Your personal relationships with your partner will be strong and filled with love and understanding, but those with your mother and other family members won't be as warm or forward-thinking.

In order to maintain healthy personal relationships, refrain from speaking to others in a way that implies two different meanings. You may acquire fortune from your extended family.

Students will experience a positive trend in their academic path where they will achieve success through high scores, especially if preparing for competitive exams.



Mercury rules your 5th house of love, children, speculation, and creativity, as well as your 8th house of obstacles and inheritance. During this time, Mercury's transit in your ascendant or first house of self and personality will help you think more clearly and make wise decisions.

You will benefit on the professional front as a result of this transit occurring in your ascendant, which will endow you with the ability to make wise decisions and take decisive action. If you are a self-employed businessperson, you will have the ability to work on new ideas, but you must implement them carefully.

If you are employed, you will work diligently and hard so that your superiors will commend you for your efforts and have high regard for your accomplishments.

Your personal front will be enhanced with happiness and harmony in love relationships; your children will offer you special moments of pride because of their success in school and their rapid academic advancement. Good communication and mutual understanding amongst family members will develop.
However, any type of financial investment will be fruitless during this transit.



Mercury rules your 4th house of domestic peace and prosperity, as well as your 7th house of marriage and partnership. Despite financial advancement that you make, Mercury will transit Aquarius in the 12th house of long journey, loss and expenditure during this period.

Your professional life will benefit and produce positive outcomes. If you are an independent entrepreneur with foreign or international business contacts, you will enjoy professional development and expansion. If you work in a job role, you might receive a percentage pay raise and appreciation from your superiors for your accomplishments at the office or on the job.

The financial equation indicates that during this transit you should keep an eye on your spending and proceed with prudence when making any investment.
You should schedule quality time with your partner because your personal front will need more attention. Your demanding work schedule may prevent intimacy and close bonding with your partner.

Long travels for both personal and professional reasons will benefit you, especially in terms of consolidating a solid personal relationship with your partner.


Remedies to mitigate the malefic effects of this Transit

Irrespective of your sign, you can follow the remedies given below to mitigate the challenges during this transit:

  • When leaving the house, wear all shades of green — even if it's just a handkerchief in your pocket — it will be beneficial for your overall development.
  • Make donations to old-age homes, orphanages and underprivileged organizations in cash or kind.
  • Show respect for women at work, at home and for all older women in the family.
  • Refrain from deceiving others for your own gain.


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