Venus Transit Reading

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Transit of Mercury for Gemini moon sign natives

Mercury’s transit for Gemini moon sign natives is considered as positive, according to Vedic astrology. Since Mercury itself is the ruler of Gemini moon sign, it is happy to be placed in its own sign. You are polite, mannered and quick-witted. You are always ready to learn, acquire and share new skills and ideas. This placement also gives you an upper hand in arguments, also.

Some challengers are evident, which may mostly come through period of retrogression of Mercury.

Mercury will undergo retrogression on the following dates:

  • 31st October to 21st November 2019 (21 days)
  • 17th February to 10th March 2020 (23 days)
  • 18th June 18 to 12th July 2020 (25 days)
  • 14th October 14 to 3rd November 2020 (21 days)


This will be the time to review and examine your mistakes, to make your future shape out in a much better way. In general, Mercury’s transit will last for a year in a zodiac, and it will spend nearly 30 days in each sign during this period.

Mercury will transit in Leo, moving into your 3rd house

When? 26th August to 11th September 2019

Your leadership qualities will shine brighter with Mercury’s transit on your 3rd house in Leo sign. You will have a distinctive charisma and the ability to stand out from the crowd. Your confidence levels will be high, and that will make you rather active and determined in achieving both personal and professional objectives. The work environment and atmosphere at home, both will be harmonious. There could be a brief period of confusion, in this period which will may make you somewhat restrained in your actions.

Mercury will transit in Virgo, moving into your 4th house

When? 11th September to 29th September 2019

Mercury will be exalted in this placement and this will bring peace and harmony in the life of the Gemini moon sign native. You will get good gains from your professional endeavors, but certain level of caution is advised in business and work dealings. Think through the work prospects properly to avoid making a wrong move that could turn detrimental in the long term. Marital life will be happy and content and your domestic life will be largely settled. There will be some expenditure on purchase of property or vehicle, in this period.

Mercury will transit in Libra, moving into your 5th house

When? 29th September to 23rd October 2019 & 7th November to 5th December 2019

Focus will be less on career and professional progression, when Mercury will transit in your 5th house in Libra sign. But, this period will be more beneficial for those who are in service than for business professionals. So, if you are planning to start your own business or contemplating quitting your job to turn entrepreneur, this will not be a very fruitful period to take the leap. Your rapport and emotional bonding with spouse, children and family members will strengthen. Family outings will give you ample quality time with spouse and children.

Mercury will transit in Scorpio, moving into your 6th house

When? 23rd October to 7th November 2019 & 5th December to 25th December 2019

This will be a period of mixed strengthen as Mercury will move into your 6th house. Frequent long trips are indicated. Most of these will be career-related, however, you will be able to mix work and pleasure, effectively, in these journeys. So, you can think of taking along your spouse in one of your business trips planed in this period and it will turn out to be a pretty beneficial outing. Be very cautious of your speech and verbal expressions, in this period. A check on health matters of self and family is also advised.

Mercury will transit in Sagittarius, moving into your 7th house

When? 25th December 2019 to 13th January 2020

This will be a period of ups and downs in both professional and personal territories, as Mercury will transit in your 7th house. You will be a little too head-strong and aggressive in your approach for the comfort of your subordinates and juniors, and thus, this liaison will need some extra care, in this period. Similarly, on the home front while relationship with spouse will be happy and healthy, there could be some friction in your relationship with your father. There is an indication of some travel, within or outside country.

Mercury will transit in Capricorn, moving into your 8th house

When? 13th January to 31st January 2020

The period will be full of surprising and startling events. Mercury’s transit in your 8th house will give you sudden gains through inheritance. There could also be unexpected monetary gains, in this period. Unforeseen expenditure is also indicated. Health will need attention, and you might have to incur a large proportion of your expenses on health-related issues. In some cases, you may need to undertake a distant journey, may be to a foreign land, for health related matter.

Mercury will transit in Aquarius, moving into your 9th house

When? 31st January to 7th April 2020

Career will take a backseat, as your focus will be more on your domestic life, with Mercury transiting in your 9th house. Your mind is overactive and is constantly working and is mostly occupied by pessimistic thoughts. This attitude at times lead you to overlook the essence of the situation and just see the superfluous side of it, which may result in ineffective and futile decisions. A focuses and practical approach clubbed with diligence may help you take the right call on critical matters that relate to personal and professional life.

Mercury will transit in Pisces, moving into your 10th house

When? 7th April to 25th April 2020

You will be required to embrace a lot of perseverance and endurance to get things done in the desired way, when Mercury will move into your 10th house in Pisces sign. You will need to take more initiatives on work front to get gains through career. The more you will work hard, the better will be the gains. Family life will require attention and emotional support. Avoid big or critical investments in this period. Even if you have to make any investment, do it with a lot of care and caution.

Mercury will transit in Aries, moving into your 11th house

When? 25th April to 9th May 2020

This will be a favorable period for your career gains and also for your domestic life, as Mercury will transit in your 11th house in Aries sign. You will be energetic, vivacious and all set to take on the world. Work will regain focus and you will be go around making your mark in the professional world with your intelligence and enthusiasm. A promotion can be foreseen, in this period. Business professionals and entrepreneurs will make good amount of profit and will also be able to expand their business. But don’t get carried away and avoid hasty decisions and actions, to fully reap the benefits of this transit phase.

Mercury will transit in Taurus, moving into your 12th house

When? 9th May to 25th May 2020

Your love life will become more important to you, as Mercury will transit in your 12th house. Your focus, concern and also expenditure will considerably rise to take care of your personal relations. Though you will have good concentration power and money management skills, you will not be able to leverage them to your professional advantage, as you will be inclined towards love, romance, luxuries and comforts of life, due to the omnipresence of Venus, in this placement.

Mercury will transit in Gemini, moving into your 1st house

When? 25th May to 2nd August 2020

Coming out of the above phase, you will suddenly be in the middle of too many complex matters that will need your attention. Moving into your ascendant house, Mercury will bless you with sanity to take on these matters in a methodical and gradual way. You will get support of your spouse’s wisdom in dealing with these issues. Professional front will be comparatively stable and marital life will be happy and satisfied. You will crave freedom and space to grow and prosper in professional life.

Mercury will transit in Cancer, moving into your 2nd house

When? 2nd August to 17th August 2020

You will be more inclined towards the safety and security of your family. Finances will also be another top priority for you. You need maintain a healthy balance in work and personal life, if you want to progress in the right direction. Though family relations and financial status, both will be reasonably good, in this period, still some caution is advised, to sustain the positivity. You need to channelize your wisdom and emotions effectively, if you want to move ahead professionally and also want to keep your domestic life happy.