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Transit of Sun: How will it impact the career of Scorpio moon sign?

Transit of Sun is considered as a not so favorable period for Scorpio moon sign. The native might become too aggressive and quarrelsome, at times that it many negatively impact their careers.

Though Sun’s transit augment the courage and valor of the Scorpio native, which they are already blessed with being owned by the planet Mars, but this energy is not channelized properly, at all times. Too much of power makes the Scorpio ascendant highly emotional, argumentative and dissatisfied with almost everything in life.

Sun’s transit will take around 30 days to travel through each of the moon sign and will be able to complete an entire zodiac circle in one year.

Logic and intellect will help you stabilize your career, when Sun will be transiting in Cancer from 17th July to 17th August 2019

You will have a rational approach towards career, with Sun transiting in your 9th house. Your heightened sense of knowledge will help you make wise career choices. Use your intellect and wisdom to your advantage in this period to maximize gains from career. Avoid being impulsive on all grounds. You may be inclined to get into some immoral acts to make some quick benefits, but you must make use of your sanity to avoid such momentary pleasures which could be detrimental in the long-term.

Career-focus will be enhanced, when Sun will be transiting in Leo from 17th August to 17th September 2019

Your career will flourish in this period when Sun moves into your 10th house. Your focus on professional life will be enhanced and your personal life will take a backseat because of this. Expenditure will increase on family outings, pleasure trips and also work trips. A journey to a foreign land is also indicated which can give fruitful results for your professional endeavors. You will share a good bond with your parents. There are chances of you joining your father’s business, if you want to turn entrepreneur.

Creativity will ensure success in career, when Sun will be transiting in Virgo from 17th September to 17th October 2019

This will be a positive period for your career and financial gains, in general. With Sun transiting in your 11th house you can expect financial stability and money gains through your own income. Since this period will also have an aspect on your 5th house, it would prove beneficial if you can apply your mind towards creative and productive work/business ideas for better gains. Speculations will give mediocre results. Outings, parties, social gatherings will increase – if you can give a little thought to it you can actually reap immense professional benefits from these social activities.

Clear off all your debts, when Sun transits in Libra from 17th October to 17th November 2019

While professional front will be favorable, you will not be able to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, when Sun will transit in your 12th house. Constant anxiety over health matters will lower your concentration on work. However, you will still be able to sustain the pace of your career with your strength and capacity to do hard work. If you are thinking to relocate to a foreign land, this will not be a very promising period for you. You must strategize all your debts, in this period, to get over them.

Aggression isn’t going to take you anywhere, when Sun will be transiting in Scorpio from 17th November to 17th December 2019

Transiting in your 1st house, Sun will make you highly temperamental and aggressive. Get a grip and control your anger, as it will only do bad to your career and work relations. You will be high on energy and could be rather flirtatious, in this period. You need to curb your playful tendencies as it may stain your reputation at work. Avoid hastiness and impulsiveness to maintain steadiness on the professional front. You might also experience unrest in your financial stability.

Caution is advised to avoid obstructions in career, when Sun transits in Sagittarius from 17th December 2019 to 17th January 2020

This period will allow you to handle your finances and interpersonal relations with care and wisdom. If you can trade with caution in this phase, you will be able to deter any major impediment to your professional life. Sun’s transit in your 2nd house and an aspect on your 8th house indicates certain unexpected gains, which can be realized through self-effort. Health will need attention, so, avoid excessive junks in your diet and follow a regular exercise regime to stay fit.

Success in career will be apparent, when Sun transits in Capricorn from 17th January to 17th February 2020

Your work performance will enhance as Sun makes its entry into your 3rd house. You might just get promoted for your excellent performance. Even if that doesn’t happen you can expect a pretty good increment in the upcoming appraisal cycle. Your communication skills will be enriched to give you some excellent career gains. If you are already in a domain where having good communication skills is fundamental, you can expect a highly satisfying professional stint, in this transit period. Your siblings could be of great help if you are deliberating job change or looking for better career options.

Unconventional job opportunities may arise, when Sun will be transiting in Aquarius from 17th February to 17th March 2020

This period may help you land some good consultation and work from home opportunities, as Sun will be transiting in your 4th house. You will have a knack for observing minutest details in work, in this period, which will make you the preferred choice for handling critical projects. You will be able to connect well with your seniors due to your skilled demeanors. Your hidden care toward your family and other inter-personal relations will be visible through your actions.

Professional attitude will be improved, when Sun transits in Pisces from 17th March to 17th April 2020

You will prosper on the professional front when Sun will be transiting in your 5th house. Professional relationships will be well taken care of and you will enjoy good rapport with your managers and colleagues, in this period. You will also have a loving and caring attitude towards your family and the same will also reflect on your work relations. Your mature outlook and professional approach will bring you success in terms of business expansion or promotion in job.

Efforts and gains will not correspond, when Sun will be transiting in Aries from 17th April to 17th May 2020

The gains in this period will not be worth your efforts, as Sun will start its journey in your 6th house. The period will be characterized by less gains for more efforts. Your financial stability will also shrink, as you tend to spend as much as you earn in this period. Some business or work-related trips may prove beneficial, but you need to be cautious of signing any agreement or finalizing any deal. Ensure you check all the pros and cons before going ahead with any new client or project.

Recognition of your hard work will be possible, when Sun transits in Taurus from 17th May to 17th June 2020

You will be back on track, in fact you will be on the forefront as Sun transit in your 7th house. If you are already working in client/customer or employee-facing profiles, you will see visible recognition and appreciation for your work. If you are working behind the desk, it is time to take charge and ride from the front. Shun your inhibitions and take on roles where you will be in direct contact with your target audience, to enhance your career gains. Your business and professional acumen will advance further, in this transit phase.

Detachment may damage your career prospects, when Sun will be transiting in Gemini from 17th June to 17th July 2020

You will have a sense of detachment as Sun will transit in your 8th house. Your increased disengagement will lead to failed partnerships and discord in marital relations. You might find it difficult to carry on with your current job and will have an increased urge to quit it. However, it is advisable to stay put and continue in your present profile, since this feeling of detachment is just temporary and will diminish as soon as this transit phase is over. You must keep a check on your speech in this period as it is going to be a little distorted. Avoid any inappropriate use of language as it can harm your career, in the long-term.