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Transit of Venus for Cancer moon sign

Transit of

Venus is the significator of love, romance, luxury and relationships as per vedic astrology. On 3rd February 2020, Venus will transit in the sign of Pisces and will remain there till 29th February 2020. Pisces is the exaltation sign of Venus, hence this is the most favorable placement of Venus and will generally bestow good results. 

To know how various transits of Venus will impact your lives, in coming months, you can click on the suitable link to read the facts.

  1. Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Cancer moon sign
  2. Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Cancer moon sign

Venus transit in Pisces February 2020 for Cancer moon sign

Transit of Venus in Pisces will take place in the ninth house for Cancer moon sign natives. Venus as the lord of your fourth and eleventh house while transiting the ninth house of higher learning, values and beliefs, philosophy, ethics, religious and spiritual inclinations, higher education, luck, fortune, long distance journeys will manifest these themes in your personal and professional life.

Venus during its transit in the mystical and ethereal sign of Pisces will make you desirous of expanding your horizons and transcend the monotonous themes of life. You might develop an interest in foreign people and cultures during this time and that could reflect in your professional life as well in the form of being involved in foreign projects and assignments or working with foreigners.

Travels could increase and you will find a need for creative self-expression, self-promotion and public relations and your endeavors to expand your knowledge base would be fruitful during this time.

How will this transit affect your professional life?

Venus’ transit in Pisces will give you ample opportunities to step the ladder of professional success provided you inculcate greater self-belief and positivity. Working on self-affirmation and being surrounded by optimistic colleagues and associates will help you make great professional advancements.

Seniors will be supportive of your ideas and endeavors during this time and their suggestions and guidance will help you to make the right career moves. Your ideas will be appreciated at your workplace and your efforts and hard work will bear results in the form of promotion or monetary incentives.

You might be entrusted with greater responsibilities at your workplace but there might be a need to prioritize your responsibilities properly and recalibrate yourself to be able to achieve your objectives.

If you are involved in business or independent ventures, you might consider restarting an old business or reviving a dormant venture. However, you should be wary of the challenges that might crop up and remain patient and persistent enough to be able to overcome them.

Avoid taking loans or making a huge investment without proper planning and forethought as your plans might not shape up as per your expectations. Students might benefit from going in for higher studies and if you have been searching for a job, this transit will favor in getting you placed.

However, you should be prepared as there might be some challenges in the form of adjustment issues and developing a rapport with your colleagues and seniors. You should be broadminded and flexible and try to align yourself with people who can help you to achieve your goals.

You will consider enhancing your skill set during this time and establish expertise in your field which will brighten your prospects of a raise or promotion.

How will this transit affect you personally?

Personal life of Cancer moon sign natives will be full of cheer and happiness during this transit. There will be greater understanding and an increased sense of camaraderie, which will strengthen your bond with your loved ones.

You will feel a sense of contentment in your love life during this time and will ensure a positive and healthy contribution to your relationship by being more considerate of the needs of your partner. However, health issues might divert your attention a little bit during this time and you might have to take care of your diet to ensure a healthy physical state.

Involvement in social or religious activities would be helpful to not only ensure mental wellbeing but also to turn luck into your favor during this transit. Friends will support you well and their company will be a source of encouragement for you in personal and professional matters.

You should try to be polite and courteous with your spouse and avoid all possible situations of arguments or conflicts during this time. Exchanging gifts and expressing gratitude towards your spouse will help you to develop a strong bonding and lovable relationship during this transit.

Valentine’s Day tip: Plan a surprise long distance travel with your partner this Valentine’s day and create new memories.

Transit of Venus in Aquarius for Cancer moon sign

Transit of Venus in Aquarius will take place in the 8th house of Cancer moon sign from 9th January to 3rd February 2020. As Venus rules the 11th and 4th house of Cancer moon sign, the influence of this transit will be visible on sudden events, income gains and domestic harmony of the natives.

It is advisable to clear off all your pending tasks before marching ahead on to the newer ones to get promising results from the transit of Venus in Aquarius.

This transit will activate the energies of the three significant nakshatras i.e. Dhanishta, Shatabhisha, and Purva-Bhadrapada, where it will ask you to stay connected with your love partner, so that your marital or love relationship will not give you any challenges.

You will develop a keen interest in the areas of research or occult science, during this transit, but scan through your options wisely.

What will you gain from this transit?

During the transit of Venus in Aquarius, Cancer moon sign natives will get good returns from research work, creative ideas and innovation, in their work field. This will be a beneficial phase for business professionals, in particular.

Any legal mater or projects, dealings or cases with government is going to be resolved in your favor, during this time, but you need to embrace a calmer and patient outlook to get the desired outcomes on these matters.

Do not hesitate to take guidance from elders and even from younger ones in your family, as it will help you make the right choices which pay you well, in the long term.

You will have the intellect to overcome most of the situations, that you might face, during this transit, but you must know how to use your intelligence wisely at the right time and in the right manner to maximize your gains.

This transit will offer you a chance meeting with an old friend, which will make you happier. Passion will run high in your love life and in marital relationship, too. You will get to share moments of love with your lover or spouse during this time, thereby strengthening your bond further.

An emotional conversation with a family member during the time of this transit is going to offer you a different perspective towards life.

Meditation and yoga practices will help you stay fit and healthy, while balancing your personal and professional life, as Venus will make its way into your 8th house during its transit in Aquarius.

What you need to take care of?

The transit of Venus in Aquarius may put a little stress on the health of the Cancer moon sign natives. This stress will usually uproot from some unnecessary argument with your near and dear ones or with some colleague or acquaintance. So, it would be wise to steer clear of such trivial disputes and focus on the better and brighter things of this transit.

Being argumentative is also not going to be good for your legal and taxation matters. You may also face unexpected challenges at workplace if you do not keep in check your quarrelsome behavior at workplace.

Keep yourself abreast with your work environment to defy any unforeseen hurdles at work. Take a walk in nature and excuse yourself from too much digital exposure for a stress-free living.