Venus Transits Cancer, 7 July till 31 July 2024

(Moon Sign Based)

This transit will endow you with the ability to reconnect with your loved ones by expressing your emotions effectively & through empathy. Overall, this transit will make you offer & accept much more in relationships, both personal & professional.

Venus Transits Cancer, 7 July till 31 July 2024

Cancer is a flexible and watery sign and Venus is the planet of love that transforms your relationships whereby you connect with your loved ones with more understanding and emotional bonding.

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The transit of Venus in Cancer will endow you with the ability to reconnect with your loved ones by expressing your emotions and through empathy for others. This transit will encourage you to boost your home surroundings by making the ambience peaceful and positive.

Overall, this transit will make you offer and accept much more in relationships.


How will Venus’ Transit affect You?



You will have greater awareness of your own needs/emotions so it is a good time to communicate and emphasize your relationships. You may become more understanding with your partner, friends and loved ones.

Venus is the lord of the 2nd house of family and 7th house of personal partnership, transiting in the 4th house of comforts, so your focus will be more on your personal relationships and your professional ventures will be profitable.
You will pay attention to your personal/marital relationship, making it stronger.

To make your financial endeavors strong and successful, you will have your spouses or family's unwavering love and support.

Your professional front will be progressive with your efforts where you will have gains from your ventures due to cooperation from your professional partner and there are chances of promotion on the job front as well. Avoid any kind of impulsive behaviour while making any important professional decision.


This transit will boost your creativity; you might be inspired to decorate your workplace or home, to make your living or work space better. You will get the opportunity to take care of yourself along with mental peace.

Venus is the lord of the 1st house of self and 6th house of fights, transiting in the 3rd house of initiative which will inspire you to step outside of your comfort zone in your love life to make it stronger.

Your personal relationships will inspire you to create opportunities to spend quality time with your partner/loved ones by making short travel plans or a plan to watch a movie or have dinner together.

Your professional creativity will boost your professional gains in your business/job by improvising new concepts that will make your ventures successful and you will build good relationship with your professional partners/superiors. Your professional benefits will be based on your productivity in your professional events.


Venus’ transit through Cancer may intensify your emotions and make you extra susceptible to criticism or rejection over personal and professional connections. As a result, you may need to put additional effort in boosting your self-respect and setting correct boundaries in relationships, both personally and professionally.

Venus is the lord of the 12th house of loss and 5th house of love, transiting in the 2nd house of family that will bring plenty of happiness in your love life but you will have to mark boundaries in relationships for peace.

Your relationships will be cordial with your loved ones with good mutual understanding. You will enjoy the best of cuisines and quality time with your loved ones. There is also the slightest possibility of a little commotion as, during a social event, your loved ones/relatives might try to take undue advantage of your kindness.

There will be monetary gains in your professional life. Gains can also be through ancestral investments/business profits. You will share a good relationship with your professional partner and with mutual efforts will make progress in your professional ventures.


Venus' transit through own sign Cancer can make you feel more charming and self-assured physically and mentally and you might turn out to be more sensitive to others' necessities and sentiments. It is the right time to prioritize yourself and focus on your feelings.

Venus is the lord of the 11th house of gains and 4th house of stability, transiting in the 1st house of self that will bring your focus on your emotional needs and unity in your love life.

Personally, you will be positive in your thoughts and perceptions during this transit. You will focus on developing your personality where you will be able to attract and impress others to gain their trust and cooperation in your ventures.

Avoid being dominating in your personal/marital relationships to experience peace and harmony in personal relations.

Your work front will give progressive results in your ventures where there will be an increment in your salary and position as you will develop positive attitude and friendly approach with your superiors/professional partner.

This friendly approach will help you gain success in business with monetary profits, good professional relationships and communication skills. Avoid any speculative move in your love relationship.


Venus’ transit in Cancer could make you more thoughtful and sensitive in your relationships. You will have to learn to share your feelings over a matter of concern and listen to the emotional needs of others.

This is a good opportunity to focus on your personal health and your emotional priorities.

Venus is the lord of the 10th house of career and 3rd house of initiative, transiting the 12th house of bed pleasures and foreign travel which indicates you need to balance your expenditure, prioritize your health and refresh energies in your personal relationships.

Your personal relationships will have good bonding but unexpected rifts can occur over small arguments, though the essence of love will remain. You should pay more importance to emotional stability rather than attaining materialistic comforts.

Avoid any unnecessary expenditure on gadgets that do not have significant relation with your requirements.

Your professional front will be prosperous if you have foreign connections and there is also the possibility of promotion or salary increment. You will have financial gains as an independent entrepreneur if you have business connections in foreign dealings.


Venus’ transit in Cancer could enhance your social life and bring consideration and warmth to your friendships. You'll be more motivated to socialize with people who share your interests and take part in social activities that will make you stronger emotionally and financially.

Focusing on self-creativity and self-expression at this time will be ideal.

Venus is the lord of the 9th house of luck and 2nd house of initiative, transiting in the 11th house of gains – indicating a successful personal and professional life.

Your personal front will be beneficial and you will have ample opportunities to make your personal life progressive; your love relationships will be strong; and there is the possibility of gaining stability and depth with mutual cooperation and love for each other.

Your professional life will also give you profitable results where you will make new strategies at work to expand your business ventures. As a salaried employee, your work will be acknowledged by your superiors and you will get their support for advancement in your career.

You will receive the support of your elder siblings/father to resolve any issue in your personal and professional life. Investing in safe instruments during this transit will be beneficial.


This transit can make you feel more connected to your work targets and look for approval and support from influential people. It is a good time to focus on your expressive communication in professional interactions.

Venus is the lord of the 8th house of hurdle and 1st house of self, transiting the 10th house of career and status, which will give you success in your personal/professional relationships; but keep a check on emotional outbursts.
Your personal and familial relationships will be full of peace, harmony and love.

Marital relationships may see stress since you will be occupied with work, but the unity in family relations will be strong. You will go through improved relationships with help of your father or a father figure in the family.

Your professional front will see progressive results but avoid getting involved in office politics. You are likely to disagree with your colleagues/associates at work, but any kind of emotional outburst can lead to professional problems.

You will have to keep a balanced professional approach and good work performance for professional gains during this transit. Avoid any professional speculation as it will not be beneficial for your ventures.


As Venus moves through Cancer it could make your relationships more pleasant and creative; you might feel more inclined to speak and share your feelings with your loved ones. This is a good time to focus on self-healing and take care of your health.

Venus is the lord of the 7th house of partnership and 12th house of loss, transiting the 9th house of luck that will make you understand the feelings of others with compassion.

Your personal relationships will be peaceful, you will express your love in an impulsive and passionate way, but you should be careful to show your love to your partner in a positive way rather than asserting dominance in love.

Be careful not to become possessive of your spouse/partner and unintentionally invade their space. There may be spiritual journeys with family that will bless you with positivity in your personal and familial relationships.

If you are working in any creative field or artistic profession, this transit will bless you with good monetary gains and recognition for your fine professional skills.


This transit motivates you to treat your family/loved ones with respect. Keep your professional life balanced with your rational behaviour even when there are professional differences.

Venus is the lord of the 6th house of health, rivals and 11th house of gains, transiting the 8th house of hurdles that will give you high passion along with high emotional quotient, and an increase in expenses.

Venus’ transit in Cancer will not be progressive for your personal relationships; your unethical behaviour in personal relationships or in familial relations will bring criticism and disagreements with your loved ones.

You are likely to engage in some low morale relationship secretly or engage in expenditures that will cause you problems when revealed. There will be conflicts in the family over small matters but try to stay balanced in your approach for fine tuning in relationships.

Your professional front is likely to be influenced by negative events where you will not be able to discriminate between friends and rivals. Respect women at work and stay cautious of professional rivals who may secretly plan to tarnish your image.

Avoid lending or investing money during this transit to avoid any kind of financial setback.


This transit will bring a thoughtful note to your connections; it will present opportunities to make your fragile relationships stronger – both on the personal and professional front.

Venus is the lord of the 5th house of love and 10th house of career and status, transiting the 7th house of partnership, reflecting strong partnerships in your personal relationships and growth in the professional front.

You will have bliss and romance in your marital relationship. If you are single, you will get the opportunity to propose to someone you like and the chances of acceptance are very strong.

There will be prosperity at business/job. You will be able to introduce new sources of income that will further give growth to your business prospects. If you are an employee, you will have beneficial results for good work performance and your efforts will be acknowledged by your superiors.

Both at work and home, be vigilant to avoid unreasonable demands that may bring a setback to your ventures.


This transit will make you work for monetary gains and security but your professional progress will be interrupted by your rivals. You will have to be extra vigilant in your personal relationships as well as any conflict with partner/family will kill the joy in your relationship.

Venus is the lord of the 4th house of stability and 9th house of luck, transiting the 6th house of fights and rivals, reflecting a great time to form collaborations at work for the prosperity of your ventures.

This transit will be favorable for you to completely focus on your career ventures. Your rivals will be more powerful than you and you are likely to experience obstacles at work. Your colleagues/subordinates may not support you in your professional endeavors. But you can overcome all these challenges with vigilance.

Take care of your health as professional problems are likely to cause health issues.

Your personal relationships are likely to suffer during this transit as you focus more on work. A bone of contention can become a constant source of irritation in your personal relationships, so avoid any form of argument – especially with your parents and partner.


This transit will make love your strong asset, provided you and your partner respect each other’s wishes and practice patience. There may be changes at work that will be beneficial for your progress.

Venus is the lord of the 3rd house of initiative and 8th house of hurdles, transiting the 5th house of love that will bring restrictions in expressing love; but vigilance will bring gains in professional ventures.

You will be blessed with romance and deep bonding in your personal relationships. You will spend quality time with your partner/spouse that will resolve any existing conflict in your relationship. You will plan short travels or social outings that will add joy to your relationship.

Your professional front will give you beneficial results due to your intelligent efforts, manipulated according to the professional demand. You will possess a strong insight that will help you figure out how to implement and benefit from new ideas.

There is a possibility of changing jobs right now and this change will be beneficial for your professional prospects.


Remedies to mitigate challenges during this Transit

• Donate in cash or kind to orphanages or blind schools.
• Use of perfumes or fragrance to enhance and bring auspicious results.
• Wear cream/white colored clothes on Fridays.
• Keep a piece of silver in your purse/wallet on Fridays.


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