Mercury Transits Virgo (1st Oct-19th Oct)

Mercury transiting Virgo will bless you with the ability to multi-task at work. This transit will also form Budhaditya Yoga, which will increase your intelligence & analytical abilities.

Mercury Transits Virgo (1st Oct-19th Oct)


Mercury is the planet of communication and intelligence and the transit of Mercury in it owns sign Virgo is the important period to get maximum benefits from this transit.

When Mercury transits in its exalted sign Virgo, it is a beneficial transit to start new professional ventures and you are likely to derive more profits during this transit due to your strong speech and professional acumen.

  • The transit of Mercury in Virgo will bless you with the ability of multi-tasking over your professional front, students can concentrate well on various subjects with equal standards.
  • You will have the flair of hard work with perfectionist attitude and observing accuracy of any person/situation will be a visible trait during this transit.
  • Balance your behavior with logical approach in your daily routine schedule where you should keep your perspectives clear with others over the matter of concern with clear communication.
  • The conjunction of Mercury with Sun during its transit in Virgo will form Budhaditya Yoga and this yoga will increase your intelligence and analytical abilities.

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How will Sun transit affect you?


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will bring positive results in professional life due to your intellect; personal relationships will be cordial, overall prosperity is indicated but keep a check on your behavior and expenditure.

The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will conjunct Mercury with Sun to form Budh Aditya yoga in your 6th house which both exalted planets will give you vibrant energy to complete all your task and give you overall progress.

As an employee or as an independent entrepreneur, you will succeed professionally. You'll be praised for honesty and hard work on the work front, where you'll be able to outperform your competitors with your skill. You will receive an increase in income/ salary, a promotion/good profits as a result of your efforts.

Your personal life will be good and cordial whereas your love life will be full romance and warmth. You'll spend quality time with your partner/spouse, which will keep them happy and keep you from having any disagreements.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign indicates professional progress with gains; personal relationships will be progressive especially in love and with children. The conjunction of Mercury and Sun can make you dominant in your relationships. Avoid being dominant in your relationships.

Your professional front will be marked by progress in all of your professional endeavors due to your effective communication and a practical approach, which will assist you in negotiating favorable deals with your clients on the job front. The independent entrepreneur will have the benefit of favorable financial conditions for investment in any new venture.

Your love life will be successful where you will have good mutual understanding with your partner and you both will have the chance to spend quality time with each other. Your family relations will be cordial with good bonding with your spouse or children.

Be flexible in your attitude towards others both on a personal and professional front as success can make you egoistic and loud in your expression due to conjunction of Mercury with Sun.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign indicates professional progress along with domestic peace and prosperity/cordial love relationships and enhancement domestic peace and prosperity. Conjunction of Mercury and Sun in the house of happiness indicates success but avoid being egoistic in your relationships.

With your personal efforts, your professional life will be successful on the job front as your efforts will be noticed by superiors who will interpret promotion or hike in salary for you. If you are involved in the real estate or property industries, you will benefit significantly financially.

As you spend quality time with your partner, your relationships will gain liveliness in your love life. On the other hand, you will have the good fortune to experience the same level of contentment with your parents and siblings as you will spend quality time with them.

You are likely to get egoistic in your relationships with others due to conjunction of Mercury and Sun, both on the personal and professional front due to consistent success but you will have to keep a check on your tone while communicating with others.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will give you positive professional results with enhancement in your personal/familial relationships. The conjunction of Mercury and Sun in the will have fruitful effect on your physic where you will work with clear perspectives and that will attract others towards your persona.

Your professional life will be synchronized with a new strength in your communication due to your intelligence and positive outlook that will move you toward professional success. People will be attracted to you because of your confidence, intelligence, patience, and your perfection in every task that may bring rewards like promotion on the job front and profits on the business front.

Your mind will be very clear in your thought process about maintaining the love and affection bond with everyone including your partner, loved ones especially your siblings with your gentle, caring attitude, which will enhance the personal arena with peace and harmony in relationships.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign indicates good professional life with enhanced wealth quotient from job/business front; personal relationships will be prosperous with enhanced mutual understanding. Conjunction of Mercury with Sun will be beneficial, caution over egoistic attitude is essential.

Leo professionals on the job front, particularly those in the media, legal, or sales fields, will enjoy favorable benefits. If you are into business, you will get profits and additional profits through other revenue sources like inheritance are possible where your net profits might assist you with clearing your debts.

Your personal and familial life will be honored with mutual understanding with your partner and family where all your familial and social relationships will survive on mutual understanding, love and affection. You will be able to spend quality time with your parents, which will bring family contentment to them.

Avoid any kind of ego involvement in your professional success and personal relationships which may be heightened during this transit due to Mercury /Sun conjunction.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will give good professional progress due to your individual intellect and working skills as the conjunction of Mercury and Sun will in the house of self. Personal relationships will be cordial as your partner will be charmed by your magnetic persona.

The professional front of Virgo will have a profitable professional period where your superiors will see the significance of your commitment and hard work. They will be amazed with the right timing of careful communication and action for your endeavors. Do not get involved in any dirty politics in the workplace as your rivals may create false issues to tarnish your professional image.

Your personal front will be blessed with love, affection and mutual understanding with your partner and family where you will spend quality time with your partner that will make your existing bond strong with good understanding with each other.

Try to stay balanced in your personal and professional relationships as you are likely to get dominant if your expectations are not met perfectly by others.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will have moderate progress for your professional prospects despite hard work and increased responsibilities. Mercury conjunction with Sun in the 12th house will bring good time with family but stress over extra expenditure is likely.

Your professional front will experience a slide of changes on the work front where you will have to work hard. Your workload will increase thereby increasing your stress to submit your work commitments on time. Pay attention to your intuitive feelings and push ahead with hard work and you finish every responsibility of yours on time.

You will enjoy spending time with your partner and family, but you should be careful about spending more money to make your family happy. You will need to control your routine expenses, and if you speak clearly with your partner, you will get their firm support for managing your expenditure.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will give progressive professional results with added income from different ventures, personal prospects will be cordial but vigilance over your behavior is essential due to Mercury conjunction with Sun that will make you rude and egoistic.

Professionally, this transition may be beneficial in terms of your progress but as an employee, you may expect recognition of your efforts and a favorable promotion or rise in salary. You will be happy because you may receive good financial gains from various sources. Caution is advised over money matters as speculations may not be beneficial for you.

Your personal prospects will be cordial with your partner /family, and you are likely to have lots of social outings and parties where consumption of high calorie food may affect your health, so it is essential to be moderate in your eating habits for good health. Your relationships will have mutual coordination and understanding at all levels so avoid any kind of dominance in the relationship for its smooth progress.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will be progressive for you with gains and good status on your professional front, personal relations will be cordial with your partner/family especially with your father.

You will benefit from the transit by progressing in your career and establishing a favorable reputation on your work front, you will succeed in your current position or change your job. This transit will be favorable to business entrepreneurs that will make a lot of money by their efforts and intelligence while working in cooperation and understanding with their professional partner.

Your relationships with your partner/family/father, with whom you will have a strong bond, will progress with cordial relations on your personal front. In times of need, your partner will show you unconditional love and support. Your financial situation will also be stable during this transit, so you can plan a long vacation with your partner or family.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign indicates that there will be professional progress with your efforts and support of luck from destiny. Your personal relationships will be cordial due to your efforts of taking care of your loved ones with care and responsibility.

You will experience sharpness in your intellect and an increased power of memory that, when combined with your usual nature of hard work, will help you advance in your career. Because luck will favor your hard work, you will make more money than you expected.

You have the natural talent of taking care of all the responsibilities of your loved ones with minute details, but now is the right time to confront and express your love and concern for your loved ones, particularly your partner.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will give gains from unexpected sources whereas the professional front indicates mixed trends on the work front. Personal relationships will have personal/domestic bliss but conflicts with father/elder member in the family is possible due to Mercury/ sun conjunction.

The professional front will experience sudden gains from reliable sources as a result of Mercury's transit, which will occur in the 8th house of Aquarius. As a result, you will be able to take daring steps and your luck will assist you in securing some favorable deals. Your success will attract attention at work, where your rivals will be dissatisfied and will try to tarnish your professional image.

Your personal front will be successful after initial conflicts with your partner/ family. Single natives will benefit from the conversion of friendship into commitment, but they will need to work hard to persuade their partner. if you are married, you must respect each other's privacy, to enjoy the intimacy of your marriage.


The transit of Mercury in Virgo sign will give moderate results on your personal and professional front; both will require mutual vigilance along with hard work. Avoid any change in your job/business front for professional success that will boost personal happiness in relationships.

You will benefit in your professional prospects by being well-organized and well-planned in your efforts based on the requirements of the situation with a cool mind and clear professional perspectives because the professional arena will not be progressive despite numerous efforts. Work with vigilance, effort, and hard work for consistent gains.

The personal front will not be cordial as disputes will arise without any reason, creating illusions in the marriage/familial relationships. Single natives should exercise caution when establishing new relationships for friendship/marriage as you and your partner will require more time and attention to fully understand one another.

Remedies for Mercury Transit in Virgo for All Zodiac Signs

  • Give any green clothing, lentils, or vegetables to orphanages, old people's homes, or the less fortunate.
  • Give the children books and stationery to read.
  • Give gifts to the female members of the family out of respect and your financial resources.
  • For luck, carry a green handkerchief in your pocket.