Mercury Transit Reading

Your personal & professional life developments in next 3 months


Transit of Mercury in Scorpio for Virgo moon sign

The transit of Mercury in Scorpio is going to take place in the 3rd house of Virgo moon sign natives, from 5th December to 25th December 2019.

This will be the time to use your enhanced excitement, passion and zeal to deliver to desired results in both personal and professional lives.

The planet Mercury will bestow you with courage and creativity to sow the seeds of innovation which will give you fruitful outcomes in the times to come.

Virgo moon sign natives will move forward in your professional life, with a greater sense of confidence and achievement. But, you do need to keep a check on your hot-headedness.

Possibility of tiffs in personal life is also there for Virgo moon sign natives, in this transit period. Although, you will have the support of your family members.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your personal life

During this transit period, you will get the opportunities to make good connect with your siblings. Spending quality time with them and listening to their viewpoints will help broaden your horizon. However, you need to keep a check on your ego, as a false sense of superiority may engulf you and lead you into an argumentative zone with your siblings. Avoid such instances, for if you truly care for the bond you share with them.

  • Your spouse will earn name, fame and status in this transit period, turning your fortunes also, as a result.
  • You may take on short journeys or weekend trips with your siblings, spouse or family, which will prove beneficial for your relationship.
  • You will be helpful towards your younger siblings, and if you are the younger one, you will get the required support and guidance from your elder brothers or sisters.
  • You may meet a new person during this transit phase. However, the nature, intensity and extent of this association will be gauged by analyzing the position of Mercury in your natal chart.

Effects of Mercury’s transit in Scorpio on your professional life

The professional endeavors of Virgo moon sign natives will be duly supported by destiny, during the transit of Mercury in Scorpio. You will be at the helm of some significant changes in your professional life. It will be the matter of your rationality and intellect to utilize these alterations for your benefit.

  • You will have the support of your seniors and bosses to push through challenging times, during this transit period.
  • You may take up business trips so or work-related travel to nearby places, during this period. Relocation is also indicated but not ensured.
  • Your writing abilities will give you a new potential to explore. For some of you, who have a keen interest in this field, it can give you good amount of name and fame.
  • Patience and sanity is required in official communications – be it verbal or written.

Avoid any kind of arguments at workplace, during this transit of Mercury in Scorpio, as it could lead to job loss or career break for Virgo moon sign natives.