Saturn transit in Capricorn: How will it affect Virgo moon sign?

Saturn transit in Capricorn: How will it affect Virgo moon sign?


Saturn’s journey in any moon sign is not an easy ride. But it is a journey of evolution and self-reliance. It teaches you to work hard with determination to reach your goal. Whatever you learn from this experience will remain with you for very long, as Saturn being the slowest moving planet, leaves deep and long-lasting impressions on your life.

Saturn will transit in Capricorn on 25th January 2020, and will be there until 30th April 2022. During this period there will be some troubles related to wealth accumulation, business and marriage. Despite this, you will be able to generate good amount of income, thus, being able to stabilize your finances.

Which place will Saturn occupy in your birth chart, as it transits in Capricorn?

For Virgo ascendant:

  • It will be transiting through your 5th house
  • It will rule your 5th and 6th house
  • It will aspect 2nd, 7th and 11th house of your birth chart

Saturn’s placement in the 5th house of a Virgo ascendant will boost education prospects

During its transit in Capricorn, Saturn will transit through the 5th house and will also rule the 6th house in the birth chart of a native with Virgo moon sign. As it is Saturn’s own house, it will not give any major negative impact, however, it will test your conscience. For every opportunity there will be a corresponding challenge, which will assess your determination and diligence, for Saturn to reward you by the end of its stay in Capricorn.

The opportunities:

Saturn will rule over your creativity, innovation and ideation capabilities and will give you positive results in the areas of education, relationships and children.

  • If you are a student the transit of Saturn in Capricorn will offer you immense opportunities to quality education
  • Those looking for higher education prospects will find soon settle for a good option
  • Saturn will enhance your relationship with your children
  • Those who are looking to have a child, may be blessed with one this year

The challenges:

There could be few deterrents which Saturn will plot in your path, so you must proceed with precaution, never straying from the ethical path.

  • Take care of your health – avoid excessive consumption of sweets, stay away from alcohol and tray to eat a balanced diet
  • You may need to put in extra efforts to get through competitive exams
  • Spend more time with your children – to avoid any feeling of detachment that might creep in between you and them, during this transit phase

Saturn’s aspect on your 2nd house will increase your expenses

For Virgo moon sign, Saturn’s aspect on their 2nd house is not a very favorable indication. This house rules your wealth accumulation movements, your possession, material goods and your relationship with your siblings. Saturn’s evil spell on the 2nd house of your birth chart, devoid you of all these gains.

  • Virgo ascendant will lose out on their accumulated wealth as Saturn casts a spell on their 2nd house, during its transit to Capricorn
  • It will be an impediment to your future wealth accumulation prospects
  • You will find it difficult to gain access to any ancestral property. If there are already disputes going on for claim on inherited wealth, they will ascend further
  • Your expenditure will shoot up, unnecessarily
  • You will feel emotionally drained and disputes with siblings may further escalate your stress levels – so be careful about your health

Saturn’s aspect on your 7th house will pose a hurdle to your partnerships

Be it marriage or business partnerships, you will not be able to escape the malicious effect of Saturn on your 7th house. You will encounter disputes, ego clashes and frequent bouts of anger, during Saturn’s transit in Capricorn, which will hinder your love life, family peace and business productivity.

  • As your business partnerships will suffer, your productivity will take a hit, which will further lower your success rate and profitability
  • Your married life will face difficulties as there would be frequent quarrels and lack of affection towards your spouse
  • If you are looking for a suitable, the transit of Saturn in Capricorn will not favor you
  • If you are in a love relationship, chances of break-up are strong. Even if that doesn’t happen, you will still have a tough time keeping up with your partner, mostly because of your erratic behavior

Saturn’s aspect on your 11th house will give you money, but be careful of its source

If you are a Virgo ascendant, Saturn will grant you enormous income gains, as it will make its way into Capricorn. From its abode in the 5th house in the birth chart of a Virgo moon sign, it will aspect your 11th house of ‘Labha’ to offer you income prosperity through hard work or sudden gains. The complex part here is the source of this income – you can have it both ways, either by ethical means for by unethical means. The choice will be yours and basis the selection you make, Saturn will decide whether to reprimand you or reward you.

  • Income gains will improve your financial status, which was being held up by the negative influence of Saturn on your wealth accumulation prospects
  • Eyeing your ‘house of gains’ Saturn will open numerous doors to let you generate enough income
  • Chances of getting sudden profits are also there, during this transit period

Saturn’s influence will entice you to take the shortest route possible to make enough money, however you should be cautious of falling prey to any mean ways to earn income. It will prove more destructive than beneficial for you, in the long-term.

  • Your 11th house also rules your friendships and Saturn’s aspect on this house, during its transit is not very favorable for your friendly alliances.
  • There are chances of disputes with friends, too much of which can even cost you your friendship. It is thus, advised to watch out for what you speak and how you conduct yourself with your friends and colleagues.

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