Transit of Mercury in Libra for Gemini moon sign

Transit of Mercury in Libra for Gemini moon sign


The Mercury transit in Libra for Gemini moon sign will happen from 7th November 2019 to 5th December 2019. Apart from being the ruling planet of Gemini, Mercury also rules over your 4th house.

During its transit, Mercury is going to be in a retrogression state until 21st November 2019 and will be moving into the 5th house of Gemini moon sign natives.

It would be important for the Gemini ascendants to embrace positivity in their thoughts and actions to work on errors and plan ahead for this with better clarity, during the retrograde period of Mercury.

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This transit is particularly significant for Gemini moon sign natives, as it is going to influence their overall personality, since it is going to be connected with their ascendant house.

So, you will have the opportunity to review all your past deeds – whether good or bad and take the learnings of the good ones and redo or improvise on the bad ones to march ahead with better vision and clarity of thoughts.

On work front

The transit of Mercury in Libra will take place in the 5th house of creativity and intellect of Gemini moon sign. During this period, Mercury will also travel through Swati nakshatra, which represents compassion, politeness and professional talents. Reskilling and upskilling are going to help you in your career advancement and development initiatives.

  • Your creative abilities are going to be the key differentiator for you at workplace. Business professionals can use this power of innovation to stay ahead of competition and improve the viability of their trade.
  • Possibilities of recognition ant work and at job interviews can be increased by adding a flair of uniqueness to your eloquence, confidence and overall personality.
  • The presence of Sun during Mercury’s transit in Libra will enhance your creative abilities. But for that to shine, you need to stay focused and optimistic and avoid aby pessimistic thoughts to set in your mind.

On personal front

Mercury’s transit in Libra is going to get the Gemini moon sign natives mixed results on personal front. While you are likely to earn well during this period, you are also required to pay due attention to your family life, especially towards your children. Money is not going to be a problem, at this time, but you need to take in account other larger issues at home which connects to emotional connectivity for a harmonious family life.

  • Be helpful and humble when with your friends and family. Keep a check on your ego as it may ruin your personal relationships.
  • You need to be patient while taking any decisions concerning your love and marital life.
  • Avoid getting into trivial arguments with your mother, lover or spouse to maintain peace and sanity at home.