Mercury Turns Direct in Taurus

Mercury, the planet of wealth and intelligence will turn direct in Taurus-the strong and determinant sign. The transit will have positive results in terms of relationships and financial gains. Read ahead to learn what are the impacts on your Zodiac Sign.

Mercury Turns Direct in Taurus
Mercury the planet of communication, intelligence, speech, trade and commerce will end its retrogression on 3rd June 2022 and will become progressive in its tread; as it plays a significant role in Vedic Astrology.

Mercury in Vedic Astrology has the status of a very important planet among all the other planets-as this planet of wealth, wit and intelligence. It will be direct and progressive and will bestow good and beneficial results. Taurus is the sign of determination, strong will and morals and the transit of planet Mercury in its direct motion again in Taurus will bring good and meaningful results especially in terms of financial gains and security, job and romance for all zodiac signs. This is the good time to stand back and review all the opportunities and resources of your financial stability and start a planning and strategising for the overall progress for future.

The transit of planet Mercury in Taurus sign or we can say the transit of intelligence into the sign of strong will, determination and practical approach towards life will bring progress for all. Everyone will be able perceive, adapt and act with a clear mind in all the perspectives of life.

Mercury’s progressive transit to Taurus sign will impact all Zodiac Signs differently-


Mercury will turn progressive in the 2nd house of wealth, speech and family. This transit will be beneficial for Aries as compared to their impulsive and indecisive nature, you will be clearer in your thought process with determined action and focus on your goals. Professionally you will reap the good results of your hard work and efforts. Your personal relations will see you more dedicated and caring with your loved ones. Health wise you will feel good with result of following good diet and exercise regime.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 1st house of self and personality. When Mercury will enter your sign it will bless you with more warmth and dedication in your personal and professional life. You will maintain a positive work life balance that will generate profit in income and recognition of your hard work. You will experience happiness in your love relationships and familial bonds. Your health will be great in terms of strong immune system and vitality due to your personal attention.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 12th house of expenditure, loss, foreign settlement and salvation. The transit may bring some relief to your struggles as you will have the time to stand back and observe your setbacks and make some modifications in your professional abilities to balance your losses. Avoid any kind of unnecessary expenditures for wealth consistency. You will frame a balanced mind to avoid any kind of stress and indulge in yoga or meditation for mental and physical balance.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 11th house of income, gains, fulfilment of desires. Cancer natives will experience gains in their career with financial stability. You will reap the fruits of your hard work and efforts that will be beneficial for your progress. Personal relationships in romance will have the spark of love for each other but the marital relations will be swinging in the mood of contradiction. This transit will be good for your health.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 10th house of status, profession and career. Your professional life will be prosperous as you will gain progress due to your innovative ideas with full support of your superiors. Your finances will be stable but be careful with your investment. Your personal relations will also possess positive vibes with good mutual understanding as you will understand the importance of respect in mutual relation. This transit will be good for your health.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 9th house of spirituality, luck, fortune and foreign travel. This transit will bring good luck for all Virgo natives. You will work very hard with balanced consistency to achieve your goals and ambitions. Your personal life will need extra attention and stability in behaviour pattern for your personal and familial bonding. Respect your elders to maintain peace and harmony in your familial bonds. Take care of your health with a healthy diet and exercise regime.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 8th house of sudden gains/loss, inheritance and hurdles. Libra natives are known for their love for balance and stability but this transit will help to explore your spiritual realm. Your personal relations will have a good bonding and understanding but take good care of your finances. Avoid any kind of conflict or argument with your boss and colleagues without any solid reason. Take care of your mental health with meditation for few minutes everyday.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 7th house of relationship, spouse and partnership. Scorpio natives will have to work hard and toil their nails in the sand of personal relationships. Try to avoid any disagreement or argument with your partner or spouse. Financially you will prosper in terms of your career as you will have profits from multiple sources, but maintain the decorum of professional behaviour for its overall success. Take care of your health with good exercise and diet regime.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 6th house of debts, enemies and disease. This transit will be progressive for you in as you will perform well on the professional front; with your hard and disciplined work. But this period is not a good time to expand your business ventures. Your personal and family scene will be stable and rosy with good bondings, love and care. Keep a close watch on the health of your family along with personal health. Try to follow a good healthy diet and exercise regime for strong vitality and immunity.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 5th house of love, creativity and children. Capricorn natives are very dedicated to their professional life and this transit will give you the overall progress in your independent ventures. You are also bound to come across promotion in your job. Single Capricorn natives will have the opportunity to find their soulmates, whereas married individuals may express their feelings to their spouse with a good note of romance. Your health will be good , but try to follow a good healthy diet and exercise regime for consistent strong vitality and immunity.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 4th house of mother, domestic peace, stability and property. The transit of Mercury in Taurus indicates the demand of lot of caution and awareness for all Aquarius natives. Professionally this transit will be tough; but hard work and efforts will make your sailing smooth after initial trial and tribulations. Avoid having any kind of confrontation with your spouse/partner, and keep a good check on your kid’s progress. Your health will be good, but try to follow a good healthy diet and exercise regime for consistent strong vitality and immunity.


Mercury will turn progressive in the 3rd house of initiative, short travel and siblings. This transit in the Pisces sign will bring good financial gains after a struggle. In terms of romance and personal relations, things will prosper between you and your partner. Professionally, you will see a consistent financial graph from your professional gains and any long term investment will be fruitful. Your efforts will be fruitful and will be appreciated by your superiors.


Mercury will glide through the Taurus sign initiating all natives to use their analytical power that will make all natives work hard with vigilance for finding and using good opportunities for their overall progress.