Mercury Transit in Leo (1 Aug – 21 Aug 2022)

Mercury transits Leo on 1st-21st August 2022, making it a good time to take some concrete decisions in your professional arena for expansion & investments to ensure future gains. This transit will also affect every other area in your life. Read the article to learn more.

Mercury Transit in Leo (1 Aug – 21 Aug 2022)


Mercury will transit Leo on 1 August 2022, where it will linger till 21 August 2022.

Mercury possesses the unique feature of adapting the character of the planet with which it associates, so when Mercury transits Leo, it is the ideal time to improve your communication skills, observation power, promptness to make use of the opportunities, impressing others with your skills. It is a good time to take some concrete decisions in your professional arena for expansion and investments to ensure future gains. Application of good communication skills and shedding of personal ego will help in maintaining harmonious personal relationships.


Effects of the Transit on all Zodiac signs

  1. Aries

Mercury will transit Leo in the 5th house of creativity, love and children and will have lordship over the 3rd house of initiatives and 6th house of debt and disease. This would inspire you to give a few good shots at analytical observation for your success and gentle care for nurturing your feelings. The transit will bring beneficial results for professionals with promotion in job and profits in personal business. You will be able to get your work noticed by your superiors because of your skills and sound communication, which will also have a good impact on expanding your ventures.

There may be troubles in your love life as there may be misunderstanding due to communication gap with your partner. Try to interact and spend some time with each other to bridge any gap in your love bond.

Students will have success in any competitive exam as you will be very focused in your academics and passionate about your success.

  1. Taurus

Mercury will transit Leo in the 4th house of family, stability and happiness and will have lordship over the 2nd house of family and finance and 5th house of creativity, love and children. This indicates that you could portray a determined and strong attitude, but with a soft layer of communication, to ensure happiness for family and others around you. Overall, this transit brings happiness for you. Students will have a successful time in acquiring good learning skills that will require high intellect.

In matters of your personal relationships, you will share a warm bond with your partner, spending romantic moments with each other. Your time with family will be carefree and happy; and, in general, you will have a great equation with your loved ones.

Professionally, it will be a beneficial time for those who are working in sales, marketing or the education sector. The period will bring you promising professional prospects.

  1. Gemini

Mercury will transit Leo in the 3rd house of initiative, sibling and speech and have lordship over the 1st house of self, personality and nature and 4th house of family, stability and happiness. This will provide a sense of vibrancy to your existence and you will try out innovative ways to add diversity in your routine life. You will be active with alert mental and physical reflexes, which will make you action-oriented towards excelling in all avenues of life.

Professionally, you will receive recognition, promotion or transfer with an increment especially if you are in the creative fields, like writing. You will enjoy profits in business by expanding your horizon with clients, by forging positive relationships on your professional trips.

Your personal bonding with siblings will be warm and you will enjoy a romantic bond with your partner as you will make efforts to keep them happy by spending time with them, accompanying them to social parties or short travels, filled with gratifying conversations.

  1. Cancer

Mercury will transit Leo in the 2nd house of family and finance with lordship over the 3rd house of initiative, sibling and speech, and 12th house of expenditure, physical pleasures and loss. This will bring out loud expressions in the usual shy Cancer and you will be lavish with your expenses for pleasing others. Mercury will be posited in the house of wealth during this transit, which indicates there may be expenditures which could be immediate in nature to meet the demands of the family. You may also incur expenses related to providing luxuries for your loved ones. However, pay attention to the pattern in which you behave with your loved ones as it may bring clashes in your daily routine.

Professionally, it will be a period of progress for those in independent businesses as you will be able to make some good deals by influencing your clients. You will be well appreciated in your office as you will win the goodwill of your superiors through your performance.

  1. Leo

Mercury will transit Leo in the 1st house of self, personality and nature, with lordship over the 2nd house of family and finance and 11th house of income, gains and fulfillment of desires. Mercury will give a strong boost to the area in your life that impacts finances and will raise your status with swift intelligent actions. Professionally you will have profits and recognition at your workplace as your seniors will appreciate your daring attempts in your professional ventures, which are capable of yielding good profits and opportunities for future expansion. You will be able to convert your opportunities into accomplishments and make good contacts for future professional reference.

If you are single, this transit may bring good opportunities to take your love life to the next level. If you are in a relationship, you will have cordial relations with your partner through opportunities to spend good time with each other, attending social parties with lots of happy moments. Take care of your health. Proper rest after every hectic schedule, both in personal and professional life, is required.

  1. Virgo

Mercury will transit Leo in the 12th house of loss and expenditure, with lordship over the 1st house of self, personality and nature and 10th house of career and status. This will be an ideal time to capture good professional deals overseas and avoid wasteful expenses. Professionally this period will bring gains to independent entrepreneurs who can operate with a new approach in their dealing with clients. This will reward them with a strong reputation in customer satisfaction. Take care of your unnecessary expenses as it may take a toll on the balance between earning and expenditure.

Your personal arena will be blessed with a basket of warmth, affection and mutual understanding with your partner and loved ones. You can in fact club your professional trip with pleasure trip that will be beneficial for your progress in personal relationships. Overall, personal prosperity is clearly indicated with family, partner and friends during this transit.

Take care of your health by following a good diet and exercise regime.

  1. Libra

Mercury will transit Leo in the 11th house of income, gains and fulfillment of desires, with lordship over the 9th house of luck, long travel and spirituality and 12th house of loss and expenditure. This indicates that restriction in self-behaviour is evident along with personal and professional progress. This transit will bring you luck for professional progress with profits in business. Those in the employment sector will reap monetary gains from their superiors with minimum efforts on the work front. New opportunities will come up for those working in the creative fields or government sector. Stay alert so you can utilize these opportunities with all your skills.

Your personal relationships will perform well in their respective zones with love and affection. You will make new friends with people who may come from different cultures. These relationships will be strong and beneficial in the long run, personally and professionally. You will have the unconditional love and support of your siblings, who will be the base for your achievements. Avoid being too self-centered in your personal relationships.

  1. Scorpio

Mercury will transit Leo in the 10th house of career and status, with lordship over the 8th house of uncertainties, sudden loss and gains and 11th house of income, gains and fulfillment of desires. Your impulsive nature has to be aligned with flexible attitude to overcome challenging tides during this transit. Your professional front will be marked with fluctuations, where you will be forced to make changes in your work strategies in the same work profile, or your desire for switching jobs will be fulfilled with the support of your friends. Avoid any kind of speculation in your professional ventures and money matters.

You will be overloaded with career obligations that will impact your personal relationships, marking them with conflicts - especially with your partner who may desire to share some quality time with you for better bonding and understanding.

Overall, this period will demand your attention in both personal and professional life.

  1. Sagittarius

Mercury will transit Leo in the 9th house of fortune with lordship over the 7th house of marriage and partnership and 10th house of career and gains.
You will find that your spiritual inclination and passion for work will be aligned to each other. Your spiritual inclination towards different cultures may initiate travel plans that will make you explore new realms of knowledge for a versatile spiritual experience. You will value your spiritual gains with heightened sensitivity. You will have the same work commitment as your spiritual inclination.

If you are in the service sector, you will coordinate well to meet your professional commitments, which will make you earn the support of your superiors. Those in the business sector will see good profits in professional ventures as a result of the mutual understanding with business partner. You may also earn well through any investment or property.

At a personal level, you will be in a romantic phase, with added spark in marital relations or for those who are engaged as you will take your relationship to the next level. If you are single, you may come across opportunities to find love.

  1. Capricorn

Mercury will transit Leo in the 8th house of uncertainties and hurdles, with lordship over the 6th house of debts, disease and rivals and 9th house of fortune, spiritual inclination and long travel. Caution with care will be your success mantra during this transit. Health will be the priority sector for you as you may face low immunity, physical fatigue due to general workload and unsystematic eating pattern may lead to digestive problems. Quick medical attention will be beneficial, if the need arises. Avoid any kind of travel.

The transit will make you work hard, in the professional front, for sustaining normal gains but your efforts will reap good results, though with delay. Your efforts will be reflected in your future professional prospects.

There may be conflicts in your personal relationships due to your professional commitments, so spending some quality time with your loved ones will help keep conflicts at bay.

Students will see a blessed time as they will be able to acquire the depth of their subject with ease and excel in their respective fields.

  1. Aquarius

Mercury will transit Leo in the 7th house of marriage and partnership, with lordship over the 5th house of love, speculation and children and 8th house of hurdles and uncertainties. This will be a favorable time but taming of your adventurous spirit will be necessary. Romantic relationships will flourish.
If you are hoping to get married, you will face delay, be it a love match or an arranged match. Your partner will be from a higher economic status than you. Children will give you happiness; but avoid speculating over money matters.

Your professional front will be prosperous; you will do well in all your ventures whether you are in the service or business sector. It will be a profitable phase for you, bringing you good reputation. Your superiors/associates will not only appreciate your efforts but will also reward you with good increment in job and profits in business prospects. Be open to the suggestion of others with a broad mind for progress in future.

  1. Pisces

Mercury will transit Leo in the 6th house of debts, disease and rivals, with lordship over the 4th house of stability, home, happiness, and comforts and 7th house of marriage and partnership. Avoid getting drawn into the politics posed by rivals and concentrate more on your priorities. Your professional front will be marked with office politics; hence, this is the time to focus more on your professional duties rather than encouraging your rivals to oppose you and create hurdles in your work. If you are in the legal or medical sector, it will be a favorable period for you.

Your personal arena will see misunderstandings with your partner; it is recommended that you make efforts to cool down the hot vibes of conflict with your partner. Your love/marital relationship will be sorted with a calm disposition in your mutual conversations.

Students will do well in academics and excel in competitive exams.
You are advised to follow a healthy diet and exercise regime for the good of your physical and mental health.


Remedies to mitigate challenges during the transit

Remedies are used as a tool in Vedic astrology to facilitate positive outcomes in an adverse situation, so that one can move forward with confidence and courage. The remedies listed below are beneficial for everyone irrespective of the Zodiac sign.

  • A good quality Emerald gemstone embedded in gold or silver in the little finger of your right hand will give you auspicious results.
  • Donation of green-colored clothes, bangles and green leafy vegetables to any female, especially on Wednesday, will be beneficial.
  • Green carnelian kept in the eastern direction of the room is very auspicious to boost progress.