Saturn Transit in Capricorn: Impact on Capricorn Moon Sign

Saturn is the slowest moving planet and that is said to take about two and a half years to transit through a zodiac sign or moon sign. Therefore, the positive results or rewards of Saturn also take time to reflect on the life of the native. Saturn persuades us to work hard in our lives so that we can establish ourself worthy of the life we dream of. It is a tough task giver and strongly believes n discipline and strictness to be followed in life. It is because of its tough and authoritarian exterior; Saturn is considered as the most feared planet in Vedic astrology. But just in case it is placed well, it will bring longevity, prosperity, wealth, and good social stature for the native.

Saturn is known as the planet of Justice. It acts as a teacher or mentor and commends or rewards us for our mistakes and good deeds. It is the ruler of Capricorn and Aquarius moon sign.

Saturn will transit through Capricorn for Scorpio moon sign from January 25th, 2020, to April 30th, 2020.

When Saturn transits in Capricorn for the Capricorn moon sign, it is the second and the peak stage of Saturn’s Sade Saati period. During this period you will experience effects such as:

  • Your hard work will not give justified results
  • It will be a challenging period for you
  • You will need to stay calm and patient during this Transit of Saturn
  • You may also have disputes with your lover or spouse as a result of this Sade Saati period
  • It is imperative that you have good control over your aggression and anger
  • Try and refrain involving yourself in any kind of dispute or argument as it may not be good for you in any case

Impact of Saturn Transit on Various Houses

During the Saturn transit in Capricorn for Capricorn moon sign, Saturn is the Lord of the First House (House of Ascendant, Personality or Character) and the Second House (House of Wealth) and is posited in the First House. As Saturn is a slow-moving planet, it takes around two and a half years to transit through a moon sign.

Saturn is considered a malefic planet in Vedic astrology. But when this planet is placed or posited in a beneficial zodiac sign, he blesses the native with the gifts of wealth and fame in his or her life. Saturn has been called the significator of longevity. It is said that if Saturn favors you, he will give you the blessing of a good and healthy life.

When Saturn transits in Capricorn for the Capricorn moon sign, it is aspecting the Third House (House of Siblings, Gallantry and Travels), the Seventh House (House of Marriage and Business), and the Tenth House (House of Career).

Decision-Making Powers will go for a Toss with Saturn Transit: Influence on the First House

With this Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Capricorn moon sign, the decision-making ability of the Capricorn native may falter and you may have to deal with physical problems too during this period of time. Following are few of the effects of Saturn Transit in Capricorn for the Capricorn native:

  • Health will remain a matter of prime concern for you during this period. Try and maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid any health-related issues.
  • Mental disturbance and stress will become constant in your life. Try and practice meditation as it will help you keep a healthy mental balance.
  • Decision-making capabilities will remain bad. Therefore, try and think before you take a call in any matter that is important for you during this period of time
  • This period will give you confusion related to professional and personal. Keep a cool mind while handling any tough situations related to them
  • You will feel exhausted all the time. Try and stay positive as it will help you get through the toughest times during this period

Communication Skills will Suffer from Saturn Transit: Influence on the Third House

When Saturn transits in Capricorn for Capricorn moon sign, it has a bad influence on the third House of Siblings, Travels, and Communication. The communication, relationship with siblings and travel-related matters are adversely affected. Following are the few effects of the Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Capricorn moon sign:

  • You could have multiple disputes or arguments with your siblings even on futile things. Try and judge the situation first before taking an offense related to the matter
  • Communication skills won’t help you much. Hence, you really need to think before you speak in any situations at all
  • Try and refrain from going on trips and travels as it will bring nothing but will be a mere waste of time, energy, and resources at this point of time
  • You will be hesitant while taking important decisions in your life. Just take a deep breath and weigh all the pros and cons and if need be, consult someone for a piece of good advice before taking a call
  • You may feel a lack of motivation in life during this period. It is nothing but the effect of Sade Saati in your life. Just stay calm and let the time pass by

Conjugal Life and Business will experience a low tide with Saturn Transit: Effects on the Seventh House

When Saturn transits in Capricorn, this means that they are difficult times ahead for the Capricorn moon sign as their marriage and business may suffer at the hands of Sade Saati effects of the Saturn. Following are the effects of Saturn transit in Capricorn for Capricorn moon sign:

  • Business will not bring positive results and benefits. Therefore during this period, you need to be really careful while taking any important decision related to your business and source of income
  • Keep a calm and positive attitude toward work and your business partner as they are high chances of you getting into disputes or ugly argument with them during this period
  • Try and spend time with your life partner or lover as you could face stress or problems in your relationship with them. try and figure out mutual solutions for any problems you are facing together
  • Health-related problems or issues of your spouse or partner may surface. Therefore, this period will call for your extra attention in regard to his or her health
  • People dealing with import-export business may suffer losses. So, it is time for you to take a wise call while making any big or important decision for your business.

Slow Growth in Career with Saturn Transit in Capricorn: Effects on the Tenth House

The career of a Capricorn moon sign will suffer during the Saturn transit in Capricorn period. This is the effect of the peak Sade Saati period that he or she is going through. Following are the effects of Saturn transit in Capricorn for the Capricorn moon sign:

  • Progress in career will remain low or slow. Just be patient; your hard work will definitely pay off!
  • You may have disputes with your father. Try and judge the situation first before getting into a debate with him as he has more experience than you and will never advise you otherwise
  • People in authority and seniors at the workplace will be less supportive to you. Do remember that this is an effect of Sade Saati in your life and things will eventually work out. You just have to be patient in the given situation
  • Promotion at the workplace will be delayed. It does not mean that you do not deserve it; it simply means that you need to work harder and be patient
  • You may lose your social status. Again, it is the bad effect of Sade Saati in your life during this Saturn transit and once the period is over your social status will resume its lost glory. All you need to do is be patient with the whole scenario

To sum it up, we can say that the Saturn transit in Capricorn will bring the second and peak phase of Sade Saati for Capricorn moon sign and this may have various bad or negative effects on the life of the Capricorn native. But you do not need to lose hope as this is just a period and will eventually pass. On the other hand, you will learn about your inner strength and confidence that you have on you to get through difficult times.